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It's happened: AWS signs Memorandum of Understanding for fluffy white services with UK.gov


Re: The cloud server locations will be in the EU to meet GDPR, right?

Does it even matter if it's located in EU or UK? As a US service, I'm sure the US intermigence services will still hoover up the data with ease and retrospective FISA orders.

Just let us have Huawei and get on with 5G, UK mobe networks tell MPs


Telco-speak translation

> "Britain should hold its nose on the thorny Huawei security issue and instead concentrate on the large number of varying (but invariably positive) economic growth predictions for countries with mature 5G deployments."

Translation: Huawei are cheaper which will allow telcos to ream customers even more than currently, while not caring one iota about how that cheapness is achieved.

> "the "small" size of the British 5G market meant the UK would have limited ability to "counter adversarial dominance in global standard setting bodies and fora". This, it claimed, would see British telcos being left "unable, or unwilling, to refuse deployment in UK markets and infrastructure" of equipment that doesn’t meet British security standards."

But adding one more multi-national, dominant company to the mix will somehow make all the difference and everything will suddenly be unicorns and rainbows for the telcos...


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