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Microsoft dropped Vista hardware spec to raise Intel profits


One word


Vista sets 2007 land-speed record for copying and deleting


I was with Microsoft for a while...

Recently, I started evaluating Linux distros. I liked what I saw. You can be part of a Microsoft domain, have Office products that look like and function like MS Office and get a much better performance. OpenSuse is my favorite and it is free. Since I do not play computer games I really do not need Vista and I do not support the arrogant manner Microsoft is pushing their weight around (Steve Balmer). In the beginning there was no big Microsoft but a lot of consultants that made Microsoft what it is today. But gratitude is not a Microsoft feature anymore, rather than a monopoly of the arrogance that bakes political strategies into the product (DRM) instead of focusing a relational file system. They still think they can get away with it. Until they come to their senses, I use Linux.

Apple slashes iPhone prices


You better believe it

Surprise! Steve Jobs is like any other person in the business for the money and for himself. The touch of power works like a love potion, I have been told. With so many things he pulled, I watch carefully. I got myself a T-Wing with a touch screen. Yes I can dial from the display and yes it may not look so stylishly rounded, clean and polished, but it works great. The i-mania goes back to hype not new technologies, but Jobs cashes in.