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Database maestro Antirez says arrivederci to Redis: Seems he wants an unstructured life writing code, not a structured one managing software


Re: "the underground programming world"

it's those queer commie witches

There's a reason there is no "comment" or "contact us" page on


Linux will soon offer switchable x86-32 binary support


Not trolling but hasn't MacOS had support for 32 and 64 bit apps from the start? But they removed it in 12.15.

RIP Bram Moolenaar: Coding world mourns Vim creator


Re: Bill Joy

There's one place where vi will always be used, on remote boxes beyond your control where emacs doesn't exist.


Help aid Uganda, buy and hold Bitcoin.

Microsoft's GitHub under fire for DDoSing crucial open source project website


There's 100 different computer architectures in active use? Wow

Rocky Linux claims to have found 'path forward' from CentOS source purge


Will gpl ever be tested in court? This seems like a good test of it

A brand new Linux DRM display driver – for a 1992 computer


Can't believe we are adding digital rights management to a f***ing piece of sh*t hw like this!

Haiku beta 4: BeOS rebuild / almost ready for release / A thing of beauty


Even better, give all computer systems a battery backup built in like most RAID cards have. Let everything finish writing, and shut down gracefully.

Redox OS version 0.8 is both strange and very familiar


"striking a happy compromise between a familiar user experience, a modern underlying design, and cutting-edge development tools."

Haiku does this today. And it supports rust, but it will not be rewritten in Rust.

There's a list of all the os projects written in Rust here:



Re: Graphical

Wouldn't it be nice if a home PC was as reliable as a vms system? A gui makes a system more crash prone, but in the case of vms, a gui crash would not bring down the system.

I have only seen BeOS crash rarely. Any futuristic system needs to be responsive to the user and a great system to program for, which is why Haiku is so exciting.

For a good overview of modern OS research, TUNES' wiki has a good page on this:


I've been following the CapROS project for a few years too. It followed up on EROS, the Extremely Reliable Operating System


Re: Graphical

The good thing about Rust is that it makes programmers more productive, afaict.


Re: Not impressed by pace, reserving judgement on anything else

MS Mail has never supported talking to another email system, unless you purchased other software.


Re: List of operating systems written in Rust

Interesting because chrome os used to do that too.

*execute legacy components in a WASM sandboxed environment*


List of operating systems written in Rust

There's a list of operating systems written in Rust and quoted below:

There are several open source operating systems written in Rust. Most of them are proofs of concepts. The only system that goes a step further is redox. It comes with a window manager as well as basic applications like an editor and a file manager. Theseus is approaching maturity with the ability to execute legacy components in a WASM sandboxed environment.

redox (repository / homepage)

Theseus OS (repository / homepage)

Tock (repository / homepage)

intermezzOS (repository / homepage)

reenix (repository)

rustboot (repository)

RustOS (repository)

QuiltOS (repository)

Tifflin (rust_os) (repository)

bkernel (repository)

Quasar (repository)

SOS (repository)


Some are for embedded use or other research projects.

The point of this is to show that Rust can build show a solid, stable, secure system. The future of computers gets brighter all the time.

By order of Canonical: Official Ubuntu flavors must stop including Flatpak by default


If they are portable images, then they won't conflict with anything!

ChromeOS now runs on top of Linux and, er, Zephyr ...


Re: Who knows? Maybe we'll see a RISC-V-powered Chromebook

Because then we can put a better.performing os on it (haiku os).

Craig Wright's crypto wallet claim against Bitcoin SV devs back before judges


Re: Forked money

This is how the silk road hacker was busted. He tried to cash in his bsv offshore so that he could buy more Bitcoin.

Doesn't this lawsuit also prove that bsv is fake? If he truly believed that bsv it's the better currency, CSW should want stolen bsv, not stolen Bitcoin.

Microsoft upgrades Defender to lock down Linux gear for its own good


Re: Not our friend

Nadella should go into making vaccines instead

helloSystem 0.8: A friendly, all-graphical FreeBSD


Re: ...Meanwhile, the Linux world has a profusion of rival distros, desktops, and packaging formats

Haiku has a minimal menu in the upper right corner, and it can be themed to look like amigaos or windows 2000.

Haiku is based on BeOS which is based on nextstep and openstep metaphors.


Re: Wherefore art thou Unix?

I'm sure that that is there.

Microsoft locks door to default guest authentication in Windows Pro


But then what would smb://live.sysinternals.com use? Samba.

Intel ships crypto-mining ASIC at the worst possible time


This is the vapid reporting that the register is not known for.

It will launch when it's ready and the money will come from miners with huge amounts of cash and are not over leveraged.

The next deep magic Linux program to change the world? Io_uring



BSD had BPF since December 19, 1992; 29 years ago.

There's nothing AI and automation can't solve – except bias and inequality in the workplace, says report


Re: AI isn't, ML doesn't

Keyword stuffing works, but don't do it too much

GNU means GNU's Not U: Stallman insists he's still Chief GNUisance while 18 maintainers want him out as leader


Re: empowering users?

How obsequious. Gnu empowers users in a way that helps them make changes and improve the software.