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Choosing a non-Windows OS on Lenovo Secured-core PCs is trickier than it should be


Am I the only one here who thinks SecureBoot is actually a good thing?

The massive mistake was to hand over CA responsibilities to Microsoft, not SecureBoot itself.

Manufacturers screw up the non-Windows experience in many ways these days, it seems, but they really are not always to blame. Sometimes it's the whole industry that's screwed up...

Dell's rugged Latitude 5430 laptop is quick and pretty – but also bulky and heavy


Linux Performance

I'd have preferred to see actual Linux performance, compatibility and battery life here, not how well (or, in this case, badly) it performs in VMware Workstation or HyperV.

Depending on how/where it's going to be used, the device might never even boot Windows once...

All hands on Steam Deck: Fancy a handheld Linux PC that runs Windows apps, sports a custom AMD Zen APU and a touch screen?


Re: 'Abandonware' written all over it.

But who would want that?

Amazon Lumberyard is dead, long live the permissively licensed Open 3D Engine


License agreement?

Can Amazon actually release Lumberyard code under a free license?

I'm sure there's still some Crytek code left in it, wouldn't they get into trouble for publishing that?

Jackie 'You have no authority here' Weaver: We need more 50-somethings in UK tech


Re: Electronics sector is the polar opposite.

I'd blame this on "modern" technology making it too easy for kids to get something done. Instead of developing complex problem solving skills early on, they only ever learn to go for the low hanging fruit and are completely lost when they have to climb the tree.

Modern technology should make it easy to get the tedious stuff done quickly, so you can focus on solving the real problems.

The mod firing squad: Stack Exchange embroiled in 'he said, she said, they said' row


Re: Is this just an English thing ?

You are actually both wrong.

Japanese does have pronouns, and also gendered pronouns for persons. There are even some pronouns that are generally used for or by one gender, but may also be used to characterise a person (or oneself), independent of sex or gender. For example, a woman could use "boku" for "I" to explicitly express a less-ladylike demeanour, instead of the more common "atashi". If no such expression is desired, a gender-neutral pronoun like "watashi" can be used.

There's also a number of ways to address a person, both gender-neutral and gender-biased.

In contrast with English, where the address is usually gendered, Japanese also has the nice concept of referring to a person by their profession, rank or last name plus the gender-neutral "-san" suffix. This can be used almost universally and elegantly avoids situations where the correct address is difficult to determine.