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British Library pushes the cloud button, says legacy IT estate cause of hefty rebuild

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Re: Legacy is here to stay... Live with it...

I bear you no il my friend. :)

And btw this pigeon's name's not Shirley...

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Re: Legacy is here to stay... Live with it...


A Gartner researcher I once knew cheerfully reminded people that projects currently in delivery are 'legacy' by definition. He followed that up by saying "Another definition of legacy software: the programmer is dead or should be".

Because of 'agendas', Manglement conveniently forget the 'ilities' - usability, security, scalability, availability/reliability, manageability/maintainability, recoverability, and so on. All significant parts of total cost of ownership - ignore at your peril.

Tiny Core Linux 15 stuffs modern computing in a nutshell

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TC in use

There don't seem to be many actual _users_ here, so here's my experience...

Wanting to host a few network applications back in 2021 (lockdowns, eurgh), I obtained a cheap thin client from eBay, and researched the small Linux distros. Very impressed with TC, although it took a while to get my head round how it manages everything - so different from mainstream distros. But the web info is tremendous - hat-tip here to https://www.parkytowers.me.uk/thin/Linux/ who shares a fantastic amount of useful info to help with both hardware and OSs.

So for the past 3 years, this kit has run 24/7 (minus hols) hosting a DNS proxy server that sinks dodgy web addresses, and vTuner to re-enable my Denon internet radio:

- HP T520: 1.2GHz 2-core, 4GB RAM, 16GB Flash storage (6 Watts, less than my router)

- tinycoreplus 12.0

- dnsmasq 2.55

- Python 3.6 with small custom scripts (~37MB)

- tinyX (~28MB, for initial setup)

...which together use - wait for it - 180KB ram and 2.9GB free disk. No swap space needed with such small memory requirements.

But I'd agree with the commentards above - TC is for niche use. If you want to use "conventional" mainstream applications like web browsing, watch videos, do CAD, write snazzy documents, etc, use a fatter box (T620?) and a "conventional" distro. Wonder how it goes on a 13th gen PC?

'The computer was sitting in a puddle of mud, with water up to the motherboard'

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Re: Once upon a time...

Ah yes, that's the other sort of backup.

Creating a single AI-generated image needs as much power as charging your smartphone

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£2.58 ?

Must be getting old. I read your sub-headline as "Microsoft to invest £2.58 in UK datacenters to power AI". Yay! I thought, common sense prevails...

But no...

Orford Ness: Military secrets and unique wildlife on the remote Suffolk coast

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Re: One Christmas when I was a lad

Sounds like 'Saucers over the Moor' by Malcolm Saville, but that action starts in Rye in Sussex before moving to Dartmoor.