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Server buyers ask Lenovo for made-in-Mexico models instead of Chinese kit


The PLA has data of all the low cost GPS devices which we use - these use subsidiary of Baidu and PM Modi is busy banning Chinese app in India instead of doing something about this. The man is a genius.

Call-center scammer loses $9m appeal in stunning moment of poetic justice


Giving Indians a bad name, so good riddance

It is good to know that Viraj Patel has been made to repay his debt to society in full measure.

From the Indian point of view, it was these scammy call centers which would grow fast, offer unnaturally high salaries, splurge on weekend office parties and otherwise unlevel the playing field with their ill gotten gains such that it became difficult for honest businesses to compete and remain honest.

Everyone was in the know or at least suspected that these call centers were involved with scammy activities. Their partners and vendors knew, the hundreds of employes who were making phone calls to the USA / UK certainly knew what they were doing, the quasi-governmental industry associations knew and the politicians / ministers were in the know because it was they who would tell the cops to look the other way when reports of cybercrimes from the USA / UK would reach the police in India. Yet no one did anything except applaud the supernatural growth and profits of these scamsters and their businesses.

The bubble burst when a few big call centers were raided by the police and shut down. The smaller scamsters got the message and quietly changed their business model. The owners of the big call centers were arrested, got bail and will walk free eventually because the conviction rate in India is unbeleivably low for such crimes. Their partners in crime - the employees who made the phone calls, people in quasi-governmental industry associations who give them awards and accolades willy nilly, the politicians / ministers who graced their events and told the cops to look the other way and the cops themselves have been allowed to get away scot-free. There has been no investigation and no charges filed against any of these people.

That the owners of the scammy call centers in India were prosecuted - albeit unsuccessfully - was in itself an achievement which would have been impossible had the top software publisher in the world, in whose name the scams were carried out and whose users were getting scammed, not insisted upon it.

So it is good to see someone, somewhere getting his just desserts.


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