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Just cough into your phone, please... MIT lab thinks it can diagnose COVID-19 from the way you expectorate


Cystic Fibrosis

Rather fascinating. I'm going to try to look at this objectively.

My fiance' had Cystic Fibrosis. You can "generally" tell by by how they cough that they have CF.

I know this is anecdotal and baseless from a data standpoint, but, the more we know, and the different approaches to knowing and understanding, hopefully help.

Massive news, literally: Three super-boffins awarded Nobel Prize in physics for their black-hole breakthroughs


I need less gluons in my diet.

Huawei set to exit server, storage, networking business in the UK


Is this true?

"In November 2018, New Zealand’s intelligence agency barred its largest telecommunications carrier, Sparc, from using Huawei equipment. Likewise, in December 2018, Japan excluded Huawei from its domestic communications infrastructure. Additionally, in August 2019, the Australian government announced a ban on Huawei equipment. We also note that communications service providers in other countries, including BT, Orange, and Deutsche Telekom, are acting to keep Huawei equipment out of their 5G networks."

-US Govt ppl

What price security? Well, for the US ban on Huawei/ZTE kit it's around $1.8bn, and you're going to pay most of it


Blame it on Pai

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is to blame. He's just... dumb (allegedly).

$31bn spent on cloudy infrastructure in Q1 on back of employees' mass migration to home working


Dude, where's my (car)dware?

Microsoft totally undercut my company's Azure subscription. The fact that CSPs "have" your data adds an element of suckiness when they don't provide you with the physical hardware SKUs you need to run your biz critical apps. One of the reasons I liked having my datacenter on-prem was the fact that I had an inventory of cold-standby physical servers that I could turn up and use faster than waiting for Microsoft to source more gear from whoever they buy from. Real eye opener for me to stay on-prem with capital I can depreciate than throwing (wasted) money at a problem I can't solve independent of the cloud.

Europe calls for single app to track coronavirus. Meanwhile America pretends it isn’t trying to build one at all


"I smoked pot with Johnny Hopkins."


Short of tech talent to deal with novel coronavirus surge? Let us help – with free job ads on The Register



So kind, indeed! Thank you, El Reg!

Iowa has already won the worst IT rollout award of 2020: Rap for crap caucus app chaps in vote zap flap


There's some weird sh*t about the app.

1. It had to be side-loaded onto the phones.

2. Pete Buttigieg (the highest polling candidate) contributed a shit-ton of money to the main investment company (ACRONYM) of Shadow Inc.

3. Shadow is a horrible name for a company that electronically tallies votes for the USA's Republic and democracy.

HPE goes on the warpath, attacks AWS over vendor lock-in


It's called the Hotel California...

Cos it's inexpensive to get your data in (ingress costs), and very expensive to get your data out (egress).

AWS, Azure, etc., give you so, so, so many tools to get your data (unstructured, semi-structured, structured) IN but only a few to get your data OUT.

HPE is just crying along with every other vendor because they are losing business to traditional CapEx revenue to the new norm of IT, OpEx. That's why we're seeing these vendors either attempt to beat 'em (better have a lot of cash on hand), or join 'em (because, eh, now that we're in the new Rome...).

Internet Society's Vint 'father of the 'net' Cerf dodges dot-org sell-off during public Q&A



John Postel was the real Father of the Internet. Vinton is just the face (and businessman) of the Internet. I think Vint is nothing but a crook these days.

PSA: You are now in the timeline where Facebook and pals are torn a new one by, er, Borat star Sacha Baron Cohen


Fear not...

AI will fix all of this and save humanity.

Gospel according to HPE: And lo, on the 32,768th hour did thy SSD give up the ghost


The good news

Thank goodness that the HPE 3PAR frame is not affected by this. It has enough issues to deal with.

Pentagon beams down $10bn JEDI contract to Microsoft: Windows giant beats off Bezos


"The base period for the contract is two years and just a $1m guarantee..."

Just enough coin to drop anchor with Azure infrastructure tied into Office 365.

Nothing's certain except death and patches – so that 'final' Windows 10 19H2 build isn't really



I installed 18363.418 update since I'm in the "insider ring" or whatever you want to call it. After the install, a couple important apps stopped functioning (VMware Workstation fully borked, and Hyper-V isn't able to boot some of my VMs). I found the specific KB to fix it but I can't uninstall it unless I uninstall a whole dependency chain of KBs). Long story short, I rolled back to my last known "good".

Steve Bannon-backed flick attempts to expose evil lurking at heart of Huawei *cough* Huaxing


Not newsworthy

I read enough USA news -- never came across this until now. Bannon's perpetually drunk and bored, so this "masterpiece" makes perfect sense. I'd bet one of the late show hosts will take this to the air. Betting on Stephen Colbert. The trailer made me shi*t my pants in hilarity.

Incoming... Trump! Notebook makers ramp production to avoid next tidal wave of US trade tariffs



A rush to build electronics. Oy vey, I'm not buying anything new from China. I'd imagine there will be more corner-cutting and less quality assurance.

And economically, consumer confidence is going to take a nose dive in the USA.

Trump is a scallywag.


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