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And they said IoT was trash: Sheffield 'smart' bins to start screaming when they haven't been emptied for a fortnight


Re: How is that going to work?

Colin has you covered https://youtu.be/nUpzC1QP8z4?t=85

Are you as handy with privacy certs as you are with a screwdriver? Ikea has the perfect vacancy



I'd love to apply, but I am in the middle of a study of the tribes formed by previously lost Ikea shoppers and I have credible evidence that the shelving department have advanced as far as the development of Slood*. They should get to GDPR some time around the middle of next Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest, at which point there may be several promising candidates.

*Slood for the uneducated: https://wiki.lspace.org/mediawiki/Slood

Right-click opens up terrifying vistas of reality and Windows 95 user's frightful position therein


Down-vote for the 'mercan. The reason I have to sense check my css for color...

Oops: Rockets lighting their tails is a good thing – but not three-plus hours before lift-off


It's no rapid unscheduled disassembly