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JavaFX preview highlights critical weaknesses


Pretty much agree

Indeed, a few other points:

- JavaFX support for Linux (and Solaris for that matter) sucks in many ways, those who tried different 3D/translucency/whatever demos know what I mean.

- The preview SDK is without video codecs - geee.. Video support is probably the only reason I would use JavaFX and it's not there after a year and a half of development.

- When it comes to Java on the desktop, Sun (historically) only creates decent releases for windows, the other platforms get a few bones not to starve, so among the "lots of features" that Sun praises it should never forget to put a sticker "implemented for windows only so far", or "works well on windows only".

- Sun is trying to compete in all imaginable fields (desktops, servers, mobiles, robotics, you name it) and since it can't manage to do this all it took/takes years to develop stuff (like JavaFX). This is clearly a sign of management problems, in other words it spells (I learned it btw from a Sun employee) "Don't bite off more than you can chew".

Novell fills Microsoft Silverlight hole



Are you sure _you_'re grown up?

M$ is the fat pig who can't really compete and thus comes up with "me-like" technologies and trends: OOXML, .NET, Silverlight, SharedSource, do I have to continue?

And oh.. they do this to "help their customers realize their full potential" :)