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The Q7: Audi’s big SUV goes from tosspot to tip-top


Re: Deep Joy

I used to think that when passing our local private school... people making some difficult financial sacrifices to send their children to private school.

Then someone pointed out to me that actually those are just the nannies who have the smaller, older cars dropping off.

Newsnight goes sour on Tech City miracle



All the examples she gave of so called success involved a small British company being bought by a big American one. Not exactly a great long term plan for the country when the VC culture is all about selling it on rather than building a self contained, long term business that actually adds some proper value.

Rackspace catches up to Amazon... four years later: Say hi again to auto-scale


"allows new resources to be allocated to live virtualized servers in real-time in response to demand, and without the need for a shutdown"

AWS auto scaling allows additional instances to be launched based on various triggers - it does not, as the article suggests, allow individual instances to have additional compute (CPU or RAM) added.

Would be a great feature if available, but certainly it is not offered by Amazon.

You can relaunch an image as a different size, but this does need a reboot.

Fifty, fired and fretful: Three chaps stare down CAREER MORTALITY


Re: "get serious about retirement savings plans"

Surely that can't be right?

Assuming age 60 at retirement, better to just take £25k each year from the £1m for 40 years instead of buying an annuity? The growth in the remaining pot over the next 40 years should be enough to bring in a few more years should you live past 100, and to increase in line with RPI.

If that is the rate of annuities over the next 20 years count me out!

Apple MacBook Air 13in late 2010



"With the key dimming function keys now absent, Apple has the far right function key performing the power on duties."

Think you may find that this has actually taken the place of the now pointless eject button...

Facebook serves '23% of all US display ads'



By my maths those percentage figures add up to 52.1%....

Something fairly significant has been missed out, or there are an awful lot of < 0.5% ad share players out there?

Someone searching for a "Facebook lords of Google" headline perchance.... "How can we make the numbers fit this?"

MS dual-screen tablet to arrive next year?



Will give rise to a whole new "blue pad of death" in meetings. "Sorry, could you say that again please, my pad is just rebooting...".

Great video though, if only it could actually work like that.

Apple massages iPhone code

Dead Vulture


Stay tuned for next week's "Watching Windows Update in Action", and a full dissection of the stages paint goes through whilst drying.

Having said that though, probably against policy to write an article about the iPhone which is less than two paragraphs, like this should have been. "Apple releases minor update, nothing much to see here".

Droid sub goes under Antarctic ice on 5000 D-cells


Re: raise sea levels

If all the ice was floating it would be different, but as much of the polar ice is on land the good old archimedes effect doesn't apply here. Also, think that archimedes effect would already counteract the difference in volume, its the weight that matters.

IT departments VAT-whacked


Flat Rate VAT

Not true that most are losing out by 2.5% when on the flat rate scheme - new figures have been published with guidance to the new rates, which mainly seem to reflect the 2.5% reduction as well, although as usual IT Contractors get screwed over as their allowance is only going from 13% to 11.5% so will be worse off.

You honestly couldn't make this stuff up as to what a poorly thought out "solution" this is.

Darling's budget targets small business

Thumb Down

Flat Rate VAT

Just another wee thing going against IT contractors - they are only reducing the flat rate VAT amount from 13% to 11.5% against the Computing & IT Consultants category, we will effectively lose out on 1/2% that we previous were able to take advantage of. Most other categories are down the full 2% so more victimisation?

The iPhone 2.0 update - don't do it, kids


Took about 45 minutes

Of lots of clicking to get iTunes to connect and return control of my phone to me, but now its up all works swimmingly.

iPhone apps hit the racks at the iTunes store


Getting out of bed

I hope you had a long lie - I wandered over to the o2 store in town and there was a queue of over 50 - had started at 1am apparently. I arrived at 8am, so no chance.

While really wanting to get my mitts on the 3G, a lot of people want it more!

When is this firmware update coming out then?

Navy sonar dolphin 'massacre' - the facts


From Newsbiscuit...

"A dolphin terrorist plot was uncovered yesterday when an abortive attack upon humans in Cornwall went badly wrong. The marine mammals found themselves unable to make it more than a few yards on dry land to attack their targets and the dolphin terrorists were found dead on the beaches. But now there are fears that these martyrs will only encourage further suicide attacks on mankind from this sinister cell of fundamentalist dolphins."

True motives revealed I fear. 42 days detention may be helped in this case.


Apple rings in changes with iPod Touch


3G to Wifi

Now if I could run something on my HTC Tytn to allow it to bridge the 3G connection to a private wifi hotspot that the touch could connect to, who then needs to give a crap about the iPhone?

Anyone come across a hack for WM6 to let that happen?