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Samsung shows 'designed for humans' handset


Quite excited myself.

I like the idea of wireless charging, NFC, and eye tracking. It's not much physically bigger than the S2 which is an excellent thing for me and my tiny girly hands.

It's gadgety, but that's awesome. Bring it on. 'Designed by humans' is a rubbish slogan, it's true. Is any worse than the average marketing spin put out by any Apple or HTC, for instance?

Google, PayPal protest against Brits' pay-by-bonk threesome


Nothing against Google per se

I'm aware big companies will never be 100% safe/confidential. I don't care if it's Next or Sainsbury's or Google, someone will be misusing my data somewhere.

However as others have said, this sounds like a hypocritical whinge on Google and Paypal's part. If I want eBay items, I pretty much *have to* pay wth Paypal. I was also under the impression that Google Wallet/Checkout were rare beasts in the wild, most people sticking to the Paypal or Amazon that they know.

I really hope the UK Telcos stick it to them.

Samsung S III to enter Galaxy next month


Re: Out of curiousity...

It's a gadgety thing more than a genuine use (nefarious or not!)

I wouldn't need inductive charging either but it's cool. From a genuine usefulness point of view, I'm getting concerned there's rumours of a 4.8" screen, which for my girly hands is way too cumbersome.

We'll see. If the S3 can do something like distance charging, it would hopefully mean others follow suit.

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I'm interested in the rumour that the S3 will come equipped with inductive charging and NFC. It will ship with ICS I'm assuming, but then my other half's S2 *still* hasn't had his ICS upgrade.

Definitely worth trading up from a Lumia 800 though.

UK retailers start taking Nokia Lumia 900 orders

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Re: I've said it before, I'll say it again...

I agree with the maps thing - I've not actually tried it yet, but we're off to Norway in a month so hopefully it comes in handy! Anything that doesn't sap data is a bonus considering the 'live tiles' and everything else can drink the stuff like water.


Oh, I don't know...

I have a Lumia 800 that I got given for free. It was a gift, and you don't look gift horses in the mouth. So, I stuck a new microsim in and gave it a whirl.

It's okay. It's got some cool embedded features like music search or the quite swish QR code scanner from the 'vision search'. I thought the live tiles would be irritating but for messaging and email, they're fairly cute.

I can understand why people find the keyboard irritating, as it quite small. However, being a woman with fairly small hands, I find it a ton easier than the Android keyboard. I got used to it immediately, instead of struggling with the one on my other half's Galaxy S2.

It's not worth the 'upgrade' to the 900, but it's a nice alternative to an older Android. If you can get it free on a cheap contract, it would be fine for a non-Android user. But what do I know? I'm interested in the Asus Padfone!

Greenpeace slams Apple Nintendo over eco-credentials


Are they slamming Nintendo for headlines?

Or was that just the iPhone? Whinging hippy gits. I'm all for tolerating other people's views, but some organisations really ram it down your throat.

Nintendo to fire Wii Zapper into Europe for Xmas



I'm so very excited! £20 is a really decent price, though I must admit, the Link's Crossbow Training is what really excites me.

Red Arrows to fly at Olympics, Sun announces



Don't say that! I love the Arrows, their displays are really amazing!

I'm sure it can be worked around. I hope so, anyway.

T-Mobile UK slides out latest Sidekick


I can't believe it.

I've found my ideal phone. Well, until the next one comes along anyway.

Anyone know what T-Mobile are like as a network?

Virgin Mary pebble provokes holy online bidding war


What she looks like?

I presume she wouldn't look like a frumpy faceless collection of squiggles. Just throwing the idea out there.

Beeb confirms Davison-Tennant Who hook-up


But, Supermeetkat,

you miss the point. He's cute.



I love Mr. Moffat's stuff. It's going to be a riot, and worth watching, unlike the rest of Children In Need, which is usually dull as ditchwater.

Schoolkid chipping trial 'a success'



the kids can just remove their blazers, stick them in their locker/hide them in the school somewhere and roam free? What's the betting the kids just rip the blazer stitching, remove the tag and carry on regardless?

Also, in my experience, a good portion of kids are just criminals in training. (Ooh, controversial.)

Women's panties threaten Burmese Junta



For those wanting to join in...


A list of all the Burmese (Sorry, 'Myanmar') embassies' addresses.

AI egghead: Human-robot humping, marriage by 2050



androids on the same level as Chobits are nigh on impossible. I wouldn't mind a realistically animated RealDoll or something, but she'd still be very simple-minded. Sad but true.

I think talk of marriage is a long way off, especially considering the nearest we have to humanoid robots at the minute are the ASIMO and QRIO. Very, um... sexy.

.Asia domains are go

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http://www.play-asia.com/ can have a nicer domain name. I never liked hyphens.

McDonald's goes McWireless

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@Evil Fairy

I'm grateful, I live in a small market town, and the McDonalds here is pretty chav-free, save the odd overweight mother of six swearing her counterfeit Playboy scrunchie off. I dread to think what may happen in, say, the dodgier areas of Mitcham, London.

Dead Vulture

Just checking,

But we won't have to buy anything, right? I'll happily take advantage of the wifi, but I really don't want to eat their burgers. Yuck.

MIT touts new mind-to-machine algorithm



OMG!!1 Liek u r so rite... except you aren't. Stop being so reactionary. They wouldn't let nukes go off accidentally now, let alone if the computers were controlled by thought instead of button-pushing.

I'd be happy to try out wired 'mind to machine' links, if they ever need test subjects. Mmm, USB goodness.

Official: James Blunt is a w*nker



This has improved my Monday afternoon by a hundred times. Thankyou.

Apple reminds customers who's boss



Good to hear from the 'rabid fanboy' point of view. Now improve your spelling, punctuation and grammar, and someone might listen to you. Come on, kid. "Microsoft 'runned'"?

Judge parks 172mph Porsche driver for 10 weeks


IT angle?

Have I missed something? Or is the IT bit just the radar gun used by the copper?

Oh yes, and 170mph+. @_@ I think I'd throw up and ruin the car at that speed.

Chinese bloke games himself to death


Re: Cafe

A lot of Internet Cafes in Japan are not only open 24/7, but also have beds in them. Scary, huh?


I'm a 19-year-old female,

of short stature (five foot two) and am an average-shaped size 14.

I suggest a challenge. I turn on my Wii, stick in Zelda and try to game, nonstop, for three days.

If I die, you can all officially mock me on Youtube.


Apple coughs up G4 refunds to dissatisfied Danes



No need to insult him so harshly, E. Just because he paid for a warranty from Apple doesn't make him an idiot - he was playing by Apple's entirely unfair rules. It may be ridiculous to pay so much for a warrantee, but if you've just purchased a £700 laptop (or more), you want to be sure it's safe. And if they only way it's going be safe is by shelling out money, then it has to be done.

I'm not agreeing with Apple's policies, and if anything, you're right, it should be free. But there's no need to flame.

Aussie politicos in a froth over naval boob jobs


Re: The British Army Goes Further

I think that's awesome and very open-minded of the Army. Good on them. :)

iPhone unlocking for pleasure and profit


@Glenn Gilbert

It probably will be in the next software update, but my question is: how will they word it? "We saw you naughty children messing with your toys. BAD KIDDIES! No more freedom for you! Do as Auntie Apple says!"

Palm, Vodafone launch slinky Treo 500v


So cute!

I hope it's a PAYG one, or at least, it will be in the not too distant future.

Firefox hits 400m download milestone


I hope Firefox beats IE...

If only because it has a prettier logo. *Girlygirl*

US outfit whips out mp3 vibrator



I had a go at listening to the French Boy one... I don't understand French, but he sounded wooden as hell. Let's... just not get started on the "Kinky Nurse" one. I'm a girly girl and French accents can make me weak in the knees, but just, just no.

$99? I'd rather get a £10 rabbit, and use the SitePal free demo to get a sample French accent.

Apple rings in changes with iPod Touch


I don't understand...

Why hasn't Apple put some expandable memory into these new iPods? So when you outgrow four, six, eight, whatever gig, you can put some more in?

Oh yeah, the whole 'No, you've got to buy a new one' thing...

Facebook to show profiles to search engines


I think it's a great idea.

Having said that, I'm currently trying to register with a couple of social networking sites under my roleplay character's name. Just because I'm on there, doesn't mean I am who I say I am.

Master crim leaves vital clue at scene of burglary



Just sometimes, I wish they'd bring back public humiliation as a form of punishment. Stick the fools in the stocks for people to laugh at. Anyone feel like starting a petition?