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We can bend the laws of physics for your super-yacht, but we can't break them


Re: ""Don't you know who I am?"

I've only encountered "don't you know who i am" once as well. From a county councillor, who turned out to really be an utter asshole, but he kept getting re-elected unfortunately. I actually complained about his behaviour but never heard any more of it.

Your software doesn't work when my PC is in 'O' mode

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Re: Saw that coming

Me too. I immediately thought IBM PS/2 Model 30. Sadly that does show my age

Indian giant Tata fluffs its lines as it takes on Amazon and Walmart


Re: No surprise

I was nearly TUPEd over to TCS several years back, as part of a "re-structure of IT". Thankfully I was able to find another job and avoided that, but my colleagues weren't so lucky. All bar one left soon after, and the one bloke who is left is there waiting to retire, and lets them get on with whatever they are doing.

Only TCS staff has Domain Admin accounts so there is no visibility of what they are doing from within the company. It has been a complete car crash, and most systems have been taken offline during working hours, sometimes for days. Projects are stupidly behind agreed timescales and, most infuriatingly for company staff, complaints to IT Senior Management are met with replies of "you need to take this up with our IT provider".

They are cheap because they employ under qualified staff, and that is apparent in everything they do.

You've stolen the antiglare shield on that monitor you've fixed – they say the screen is completely unreadable now


I found this out in my very early years in IT. As sole tech support for a small department, I used to carry a can of lighter fluid and cotton buds - 30 seconds with them and sticky balls/rollers weren't a problem any more. Security kept giving me cr*p for carrying the lighter fluid, but my boss backed me up...

Disgruntled bug-hunter drops Steam zero-day to get back at Valve for refusing him a bounty


No, that's water vapour. Steam is invisible (all according to the TV programme QI)


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