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Everything OK with Microsoft? Windows giant admits it was 'on the wrong side of history' with regard to open source


This is about not having to fight with the US government about sales to China.

IBM fires up the big iron, Facebook hands out masks, Cisco splashes cash, and CDC gets an Azure-powered bot


Microsoft bot always brings to mind "clippy".

Time to svn commit like it's the year 2000: Apache celebrates 20 years of Subversion


SVN has been a very good repository tool for us. Most of the people I administer for have at least the concept of folders and I can assign R/W access per user to keep them off each others toes. We do not need real co-development, just post occasionally from different machines. If you look at what most non-tech people are using out there it is things like "dropbox" : two users do file access simultaneously and the last post wins, file post has a random delay, file locks happen and files disappear when users run programs. SVN has saved me a lot of trouble by replacing the use of simple file sharing tools.

The version control is an added benefit that I use as a programmer for hardware and software development. There are a lot of non-text files that must be managed and SVN is very good for saving things.

Finally, the use of HTTP for SVN under Apache2 gives my users a simple way to access the data, most use Tortoisesvn.

Trump: Huawei ban will be lifted!
US Commerce Dept.: Yeah, about that…


Re: im confused

Oh yes, Tappy the Robot. That seems to be the only thing people can point to and they do repeatedly. It is not IP that goes in a product and it is pretty obvious.


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