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Roger Waters tells Facebook CEO to Zuck off after 'huge' song rights request

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Lizard OverLords

Are we sure Zuckerberg is trying to impersonate a human?

Seems like Facebook's deep-fake program would have flagged that.

Deluded medics fail to show Ohio lawmakers that COVID vaccines magnetise patients

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Re: Struck off?

Well, osteopaths can obtain doctorates from their 'medical schools' so they can use the title.

And they are now also commonly reimbursed for treatment - as are chiropracters - by medical insurance, including Medicare.

The rest of the world may have a more rational approach toward quackery.

FTC approves $61.7m settlement with Amazon for pocketing driver tips

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Den Of Thieves

Just where do they find the lowlifes that pull stunts like this? Is this really what companies consider executive material?

The server is down, money is not being made, and you want me to fix what?

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I had the same call. The arms of the desk's chair were on the keyboard. Just pulled out the chair.

The embarassment for the user was that the desk was in the front of a classroom full of students in our 'technical' training center. He was a good guy, but understandably under some pressure....

Help wanted, work from anywhere ... except if you're located in Colorado

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Re: My confusion knows no ceiling

I doubt the Supreme Court would hear it. There is no constitutional protection that I know of based on location.

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Re: First thing I have to always ask

I never did understand the reluctance of applicants to bring this up.

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Re: I want to know the salary range

Sometimes the people screening CVs aren't even people - especially for the first go around where the actual goal isn't to find a good match, but to throw out enough to get down to a reasonable number.

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Re: Ah, the good old days...

And I think the subject is coming up as people move out of the expensive Silicon Valley to work remotely from places with a cheaper cost of living.

In economics they taught us that prices rise freely but are 'sticky' coming down. I'm sure - or maybe just hope - that applies to labor also.

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Re: Ah, the good old days...

Probably when the job postings began targeting applicants in different countries/states with widely different costs of living and wage averages.

WeWork sues SoftBank over 'AWOL' $3bn shares purchase – which included millions lined up for ousted CEO Neumann

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...fully committed to the success of WeWork

Really? Just between us: Really?

Adtech's bogeymen are tracking everything - even your web visits to mental health charities, claim campaigners

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Re: Another reason to have nothing to do with charities...

In the US charities have gotten away from actually giving money to the original intended recipients. Now it goes to consultants to 'educate' the 'clients'.

Another favorite is for charities to donate money to each other, with about 10% ofeach contribution going for the office overhead. Do that often enough and you get to keep all the money while reporting that you only are keeping 10%.

British bank TSB says it will fix days-long transaction troubles tonight

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The Food Tastes Like Crap And The Portions Are Too Small

Given that this kind of thing seems to be a regular occurance, why bank with them?

Each time El Reg runs one of these articles, I'm mystified that anyone still has an account with them.

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The Food Tastes Like Crap And The Portions Are Too Small

This sort of thing seems to be a regular occurence with TSB.

Every time ElReg runs an article on the latest outage, I find myself mystified that anyone would still have an account with the bank. Twice would have done it for me.

That Salesforce outage: Global DNS downfall started by one engineer trying a quick fix

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Re: "We have taken action with that particular employee"

The scripting issue aside, the person demonstrated a willingness to bypass procedures put in place to avoid just that sort of thing. Who needs that?

Imhotep Silver badge

Re: "We have taken action with that particular employee"

I worked for a company that maintained a facility in the hinterlands of Mexico. People that incurred the CEOs displeasure were transferred there to think on their sins. Some came back, eventually.

Protip: If Joe Public reports that your kit is broken, maybe check that it is actually broken

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Re: "Either that, or they fib and say "of course I have, I'm not stupid"."

Just curious, as an American: Does 'gormless' have a 'gormful' counterpart for those full of gorm? And what exactly is a gorm?

Train operator phlunks phishing test by teasing employees with non-existent COVID bonus

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Re: I did something similar

There was a case here in the US where the scammers hooked the dean of a university and played him for multiple payments.

Yes, a Nigerian Prince kind of scheme and he kept paying hoping it would come true.

And one of my reports IT Manager, sold some cheap furniture on Craigs List here in Tennessee. He told me someone in California had bought it, accidentally send a cashiers check for acouple thousand - and he was just supposed to send back the extra cas after shipping.

He didn't think it odd that someone would buy cheap, used furniture, and pay more than it was worth to ship it. And he was convinced that a Cashier's check was guaranteed to be good.

Imhotep Silver badge

Re: But isn't this what (real) criminals would do?

My take is the same as yours. This is exactly the sort of enticement phishing can rely on to get people to click through. Getting them to click is the whole point.

But I do understand why the employees who fell for it would be less than thrilled.

NASA ups price of a private stay aboard the ISS to reflect true expense of keeping tourists alive in space

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Re: Axiom space?

It does seem an incredibly short time to manufacture the needed modules, lift them in to space and then assemble them.

Is this at all feasible at this time?

Facebook: Nice iOS app of ours you have there, would be a shame if you had to pay for it

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You Can Check Out But You Can Never Leave

Here in the US some providers and phone makers have been reported as preinstalling the Facebook app on their Android phones, with no provision for uninstalling it. The app/apps can be disabled. Users reported that even without logging in to the app - or even having a Facebook account - the phone was still transmitting data to Facebook.

I wonder if that is still the state of affairs on the Android side?

Google will make you use two-step verification to login

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Re: Share my phone number?

Google is the primary security risk that I encounter. Give them my mobile number? I don't think so.

I moved to a paid email account several years ago. The 'dead' gmail account only receives spam.

Telcos crammed 8.5m fake comments against net neutrality into FCC's inbox

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Re: Or, ya know, just issue people a government digital ID?

No, it doesn't mean that at all. A driver license was just provided as one example of the 'other' types of IDs issued at the state level.

Imhotep Silver badge

Re: Or, ya know, just issue people a government digital ID?

Social Security cards aren't supposed to used as ID cards. But, of course, they are.

Other cards used for identification, such as driver licenses, are generally issued by the individual states.

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$ 4.2 million for 8.5 million bogus comments versus one college student with 7.5 million.

One more student would have turned it around.

If you're the 1% and have 10 mins to spare this July, bid for a place on first Blue Origin space tourism launch

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Re: Just drop me here

The Shooting Star package does not include a return ticket but offers a hell of a view. For the observers on the ground.

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Re: Timing

SpaceX is aiming to take tourist in to orbit later this year in a CrewDragon capsule.

Basecamp CEO issues apology after 'no political discussions at work' edict blows up in his face

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Re: Sex, Religion and Politics

I would have considered that loss of the 30% an additional bonus of the policy.

Appeals court nixes online blueprint sharing ban on 3D-printed 'ghost guns'

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Not That Hard

Firearms have been created for hundreds of years with only the most rudimentary technology.

They may not have been particularly accurate in aim, but they certainly got the job done.

On the American frontier, in primitive conditions, they managed to turn out some pretty accurate rifles.

I turn musical unstruments as a hobby, but I imagine with my lathe and gundrills I could turn out a pretty effective firearm.

And you could probably make a pretty effective mortar using a potato gun. For those unfamiliar, it's basically a piece of plumbing pipe and hairspray propellant that can shoot a potato a good long distance.

Don't cross the team tasked with policing the surfing habits of California's teens

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Re: High-level manglement can be just as much a nuisance as unions

Towards the beginning of my career, our small department had two secretaries who did our typing from dictatapes.

There was also a steno pool, a huge room filled with typists, all typing from hand written sheets.

When I left less than ten years later, the steno pool was gone.

I'm afraid I helped put them out of a job with some programs I had written: quantities keyed in on a pc generated detailed, multi-paged equipment bids that were sent directly to a printer.

Previously each item had been written down on a yellow tablet, the individual price entered and the amounts totaled with the help of an adding machine. Steno pool no longer needed for that.

We admire your MOXIE, Earthlings: Perseverance rover gizmo produces oxygen for first time on Mars

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Of course there was the possibility that it might not work. There is always that possibility, which is why you actually test it.

Imhotep Silver badge

Re: impressive

It says the device was 3D printed, presumably as proof of concept for a device that can be created onsite. Can aerogels also be created and applied in such an environment?

Foxconn's showcase Wisconsin LCD factory becomes aspirational 'manufacturing ecosystem'

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Re: Six years of tax incentives ...

This administration is not the same one involved in the original deal. So, different bums, different party.

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Re: Ecosystem

Depending on how suitable the building is, perhaps some basic infrastructure is in place to give someone a headstart on building a chip fabrication facility?

I know they wouldn't suffer from a lack of water in that location.

'There was no one driving that vehicle': Texas cops suspect Autopilot involved after two men killed in Tesla crash

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If copies of the logs are being downloaded and stored at Tesla, going through Tesla may be the only option when the car is destroyed.

I'm curious as to how the deputy can be 100% sure there was no one at the wheel. I'm puzzled as to what that can be based on? The only thing I can come up with is he was told that by the men's wives or there was a witness to the crash.

It disappointing, but not surprising, that it never occured to one of the reporters present to ask that deputy that question.

Imhotep Silver badge

Fueled By Ethanol?

100% sure no one was driving the vehicle? Deputy Herman told the Wall Street Journal "We're almost 99.9 percent sure."

I admire the precision of the statement and the fact that that niggling 1/10th % has been eliminated.

But I'm curious: did alcohol play a role here? With two couples together on a weekend and the men deciding to take a spin late at night as the wives watch them drive off, it would seem to be a probable factor.

Huawei could have snooped on the Dutch prime minister's phone calls thanks to KPN network core access

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I don't believe there have been any allegations of misdoing, excep for KPN granting access that appears to be problematic. But there is no allegation in the article that that access was misused. Of course, it appears to be Huawei, as the system admin, that they would rely on to verify that.

Irish privacy watchdog sticks GDPR probe into Facebook after that online giveaway of 533 million profiles

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Purchased Data

Facebook also buys information on you from other sources, so odds are they know if you own a home, your income and other info.

And this information is not covered by any of their Facebook wording, since it was not obtained through Facebook, but through outside sources.

Chrome and Chromium updated after yet another exploit is found in browser's V8 JavaScript engine

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Re: This is why a monoculture is bad

Doh! Point taken.

But I am still happy with Brave, and it's approach to user privacy,

Imhotep Silver badge

Re: This is why a monoculture is bad

I've been using Brave and am pretty happy with it.

Oracle pumps $1.2bn into Nashville campus as search for southern comfort goes on

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Good Move

It's refreshing to see Oracle paying infrastructures costs upfront. What we usually hear are demands for government money and tax breaks before they'll build.

I moved to Nashville nine years ago for work. Anyone relocating here will find a reasonable cost of living, a much more cosmopolitan city than they probably expect, an airport that is a joy compared to most, beautiful scenery and some great food.

And, of course, I'm here to give the area some culture.

After years of dragging its feet, FCC finally starts tackling America's robocall scourge

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Re: People Still Answer Their Phones?

The scam calls coming to my phones now outnumber legitimate calls.

The phone companies probably consider them a separate profit center, and have little incentive to cut them off. The tools they offer are useless in that they still deliver the call, thus still requiring you to check the phone each time.

FBI deletes web shells from hundreds of compromised Microsoft Exchange servers before alerting admins

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This is the first time I've ever heard of this type of action by the federal government. I'm not sure why this was done secretly, not even notifying at least the website owners ahead of time.

It would be interesting to hear more on why the FBI thought the action justified: the article seems to imply that it might be under national security purposes?

Stuxnet sibling theory surges after Iran says nuke facility shut down by electrical fault

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Re: intelligence sources - Timing

Or the timing was to take the facility down as soon as it came on line.

Facebook job ads algorithm still discriminates on gender, LinkedIn not so much

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Re: Eh

Is that what happened though? In the past sex and race were two of the criteria that advertisers were allowed by Facebook to specify for their target audience.

Showing real estate ads to users based on race got them in to trouble previously because it was a clear violation of civil rights laws.

Have they now removed those criteria? Were they used in these cases?

That, to me, would seem to be the burning question here.

Imhotep Silver badge

Re: Eh?

The article is addressing ads that appear to target hiring based on sex. That is against the law in the US.

Facebook was previously caught allowing clients to target/exclude specific races for real estate ads. That is also against the law.

Imhotep Silver badge

And continuing to do, despite breaking US Civil Rights laws, being caught, and promising not to do it again.

Rather than a token fine - and even fines in the millions of dollars are not a deterrent for Facebook - I would love the punishment next time to be a prohibition on selling advertising.

A floppy filled with software worth thousands of francs: Techie can't take it, customs won't keep it. What to do?

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A Cunning Plan

I'd never heard of Minitel, so that was an interesting rabbit hole to follow. Who knew? Well, the French, obviously, but...

Absolutely fab: As TSMC invests $100bn to address chip shortage, where does that leave the rest of the industry?

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Re: Formosa

The US military has run scenarios over and over of the Chinese attacking Taiwan and the US loses every time. The US military thinks that they will invade in the "near" future.

I'm sure the Chinese read the same articles I do, and I imagine they see the new administration as a window of opportunity.

Do you think the US will commit their forces to what they see as a doomed endeavor? I don't.

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Re: Formosa

The mainland Chinese say Taiwan is part of China.

If they invaded, there would be no US response other than handwringing.

Amazon’s critical Alabama warehouse workers union vote has started … and may be some time

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The New Robber Barons

It will be interesting to see how this turns out. If unionization succeeds in Alabama, I imagine it will just be the first domino that topples the rest of the Amazon locations.

I'm not a big fan of unions as they operate in the US - I've belonged to the Teamsters and the CWA - but then, I never worked for Amazon either.



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