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Mozilla Firefox to begin slow rollout of DNS-over-HTTPS by default at the end of the month


Re: Please explain?

I was under the impression DNS queries were their own separate protocol. I think someone just got their alphabet soup mixed up or assumed anything using SSL/TLS encryption must be HTTP bases.

Apple is a filthy AWS, Azure, Google reseller, gripe punters: iPhone giant accused of hiding iCloud's real backend


Didn't they have launch a transition Chinese app store etc to servers in China cause of national cyber security laws requiring local storage. If that is the case you can bet the Chinese government has unfettered access to that data.

Got room for another probe up there, Google? Jobs sites ask EU antitrust tsar to look at how search giant ranks them


More traffic and better matches, at least anecdotally, and as far as I can tell free with the exception of some formatting requirements ...what's the issue, some competitors jumped on it and get better placement for their listings? That's not anticompetitive, it using all the resources at your disposal.

Tor pedos torpedoed again, this time Feds torpedo four Tor pedos – and keep how they unmasked dark-web scumbags under wraps


Re: Ban Tor

That doesn't fix anything, mean while pedos find other places to share. We've seen plenty of times that banning a service doesn't fix problems that manifest there. For example, the attorneys general in the U.S bullied Craigs List to shutdown it's personals and actually shutdown Backpage (without the help of FOSTA btw). While the grand standing AGs (including presidential candidate Kamila Harris) declared it a victory over sex trafficking ,local police complained they'd lost valuable tools to tracking down sex traffickers. As bad as TOR is at least authorities know where to look and when they bust a site like Child's Play, running it themselves for several months can net hundreds of arrests including people who actual make child porn.


Poor opsec if I had to guess

The name of the site eludes me, but I remember reading another TOR pedo site's user a got busted cause their forum avatars where hosted on Gravitar and many weren't particularly careful when they set them or where else they used them.


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