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If tsoHost is lecturing us on sleep hygiene, Brit outfit really does have hosting back to front



Still being blocked by Microsoft. And now by GMX


still not working

It is unbelievable that emails are still being blocked.

Like GazCBG, I was originally with Daily. I do not know what the Daily help desk was like, as had very little reason to use it.

tsoHost seem uninterested in their 'legacy' customers. They keep suggesting that I could change to one of their other non-legacy packages. Problem - they do not offer email only hosting. I will look at Zoho. Already moved one domain to another register a while ago when tso couldn't sort out a problem with email forwarding because it was on the legacy Daily system (I forget the details now).

With hindsight, I should have move all domains immediately on the take over (or at first renewal).

TSO Host no closer to solving customers' email issues as Brit firm pops up on more blacklists


recurring - again and again

Anyone else having problems with TSO's inability to get de-listed from Microsoft's blacklists? Seems that it takes weeks for TSO to get the problem sorted, then a few days alter, bouncing again!

August - problems

September - OK

October - problems

November - problems

Is this TSO's way to get ride of unwanted customers on legacy Daily email systems?

TSOhost - we know hosting backwards - or just backward?


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