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Cisco's Duo Security suffers major authentication outage


Where are the juicy details from the engineers

The update from Cisco is really helpful:

"Updated to add at 2345 UTC

In a statement to The Register, a Cisco spokesperson told us, "Cisco’s top priority is the satisfaction and support of our customers."

This is 100% marketing BS, apparently it is OK to provide no actual info.

On top of that the issue "auto-resolved"

In what world are we living? Is this text AI generated? Or was the issue fixed by an AI? Or generated?

NASA's ice-hunting cubesat lunar mission is over, thanks to a stuck valve


Re: Seems to be a common problem

SpaceX problems? You mean from the time they were developing Falcon 1? Or are you referring to the payload SpaceX brought into orbit?


Cisco buys SamKnows to give ThousandEyes a look at millions of endpoints


″'I am glad that you are here with me,' said Fr.. Cisco

Cisco has build up quite a big Fellowship.

More seriously: Cisco is spending big bucks in this area. They are trying to copy RIPE Atlas (https://atlas.ripe.net/).

As everything moves to the cloud it becomes more and more important to measure the performance and (mis)routing of the Internet.

Biden lines up $42.5B for US broadband boost


Re: “Whether BEAD will be vulnerable to the same failures remains to be seen”

Well, there is this Internet provider that works from space.

Just tested an Oregon address on their site:


Campus Cir, Klamath Falls, OR 97601, USA

Starlink is currently available in your area!

No contracts. Try for 30 days and, if not satisfied, return the hardware for a full refund. Shipping times are currently estimated to be 1-2 weeks.

Costs $120/month, so cheaper and a lot faster. Just have to pay for the dish.

Elon Musk finally finds 'someone foolish enough to take the job' of Twitter CEO


Re: As usual, hire a female CEO when the company is collapsing

Ever heard of SpaceX?

Millions of mobile phones come pre-infected with malware, say researchers


What in heavens name is a Western device nowadays??

SpaceX's second attempt at orbital Starship launch ends in fireball


Grow up


Re: Today's SpaceX Success

How much money was spent before the first Saturn V flew and how much money was spent before Starship flew.

These are different design methods that can't be compared!

SpaceX tries to (and has) reduced costs of access to space.

Starship is the next big step in achieving cheap and reliable space flight.

I am happy!


Re: Complexity ≠ Reliability

Fortunately it worked for SpaceX, with 3 more engines than the N1


Re: Starship hasn't had the most successful history?

Landing will be important as well, also to become more cost efficient.

But SpaceX sets realistic target poles, achieves them and moves the poles again.

For the Booster launch I think the poles were reached and will be moved again for the next launch.

And on and on and on.


Re: Wrong

Are you trying to be funny or are your comments meant seriously, it is difficult to tell.

If you are serious, all upper stages of Starship went up, which is what all others can do as well. No one else can land anything bigger than a needle compared to Starship.

So respect what they are trying to achieve, and what they in the end will achieve.

Falcon is now flying twice per week and this is only possible because they made reusability happen.


Re: Starship hasn't had the most successful history?

Same goes for the reverse, it is actually even worse, being used to litres it is difficult to handle different gallons etc.

In the metric system a litre is a litre and a kilometer is a kilometer.

Twitter users can now trade stocks on the platform – sort of


Re: What a shame

Hi James, give an example please

First-known interstellar Solar System visitor 'Oumuamua a comet in disguise – research


Flight control computer

If Oumuamua is venting H2 all the time then I would expect it to be spinning like a headless chicken.

Or is there maybe a modern flight control computer installed to keep it nicely steady in flght?

SpaceX tries to de-orbit Amazon's request for a satellite broadband shortcut


Re: Good, very good!

If your price went up then you live in a "heavy use area, so move to a more rural place to get cheaper Starlink, see https://www.reddit.com/r/Starlink/comments/11abrra/reply_from_starlink_regarding_price_increase/

Musk: Tesla's doing great. I mean, have you seen my Twitter follower count?


Re: Hyper Truck

Let's wait and see

ChatGPT talks its way through Wharton MBA, medical exams


Well, a simple add subtract multiply divide test can be passed by any machine so there would be no need to test for math anymore?

SpaceX tells astronomers: Fine, we'll try to stop Starlink spoiling stargazing sessions


Re: Only during dusk and dawn

A lot has already been done for the Gen1 satellites, Gen2s haven't been launched yet, they are being painted now.

For more info: https://www.starlink.com/resources

Search for "brightness"


Re: This is a worldwide issue

Well, me thinks that if the satellites are made less reflective and use the proper frequency bands in the US they will do the same in the rest of the world (most likely).

Also Starlink has always been cooperative in solving this whole problem in the first place, the satellites are already much less visible than at the start.In that sense the headline is a little bit childish, there was already an agreement from 2019 and it has been updates as the Starlink Gen 2 satellites have more technology onboard, lasers for example.

And for other countries, yes it would be better to have a world wide space/science organisation handling this. For now: if you have any questions or requirements contact SpaceX.


Re: other uses

Upvoted because there was no need for a downvote.

Why would Starlink for Ukraine not be OK?

Samsung slaps processing-in-memory chips onto GPUs for first-of-its-kind supercomputer


AMD rebrands to mad

typo, I know, just to help other readers ;)

Why did Microsoft just buy fiber optic cable company Lumenisity?


Or is it getting better fast....

From the article https://www.southampton.ac.uk/news/2020/11/hollow-core-fibre.page:

"Their first fibres had attenuations of 5 decibels (dB), i.e. only 30% of light transmission, for every metre of fibre. New physical understanding with contributions from the worldwide community, and substantial development in fabrication technology led by the Southampton team, have now led one of the fibres reported in this study to improve this by a factor of 10,000 by achieving an attenuation of only 5 dB every 10 kilometres."

So that is 0,,5 dB /km, getting close to normal SMF already, and they think they can beat SMF in the long run, interesting to see how that evolves.

The one question I have is how are you going to splice such a cable without blocking the core.

Lumen to double size of US network with six million extra miles of fiber


Lumen's European network is going to be Colt

Missed by thereg, but Lumen is leaving Europe (if the deal is not blocked by the regulators), and that money is invested in the US by the looks of it.


Norway has a month left until sun sets on its copper phone lines


Re: Arwen

Yep, your phone is in "constant" contact. Your phone is registered to a certain tower and connectivity info is exchanged. For example to do a handover to another tower.

Neuralink's AI brain chip could be in humans within six months claims Elon Musk


Re: Marketing fail

I think that is correct, but I also think there are a lot of people that can benefit greatly from a version 1, like people that lost control of an arm.

Then v2 is for people with a spinal cord injury, hearin loss etc. v3 for vision, v4 for people with some sort of brain malfunction/disorder and then at some point v14 will bring us some simple form of AGI.

Most will want to wait for version 69.


Re: Hard core

Then some years later all of a sudden they all drive to Boca Chica, enter Starship, all completely voluntarily of course and voila, Mars is populated!

Bright light from black holes found to be caused by particle shock waves


It's empty in space

I mean this space. No shockwave of comments.

Reverse DNS queries may reveal too much, computer scientists argue


DNS or rDNS and PTR records

If you know the hostname you want to track then it is much easier to use DNS.

myprecious.somedomain will always show the IP address of myprecious whenever it still has a valid lease.

So this is as much a DNS as an rDNS risk.

rDNS is just one way to find valid hostnames, but any (brute force) DNS query of a domain would give a more complete overview.

And if rDNS is considered a greater risk than DNS then disabling the creation of PTR records for DHCP leases solves that problem.

Update your Tesla now before the windows put your fingers in a pinch



Reading the article and the comments I have only one question:

Does no one see the beauty and ingenuity of this?

With a software update a window safety system can be fixed.

The same was done in the past with brakes on the Model 3.

And many many more things have been improved on Tesla's without any effort/involvement from the owner.

There is a BIG IT angle to all this and its completely ignored by everyone.

Underwater datacenter will open for business this year



Depends on the speed of the heat dissipating from our planet.

If you heat the air it is easier dissipated than heating an ocean.

I don't know whether this is easily measurable though

One man's battle to get patent rights for AI inventors in America may be over



I see that a lot of people believe "AI belongs to us". Maybe I am mistaken but weren't the experts afraid that AI might take over in the future.

AGI is a little bit scary, but if we get there then those systems will learn faster than any human collective can do.

Another argument used above: AI needs input from humans. Where would the humans be if they did not get input from other humans (this starts before you are born).

AI needs input as well, this will be given by humans for the time being but books (paper or digital) and other sources of information (the key word here, one other example of information is the Internet) are already and will only be more available.

If the AGI experts are right once we get to AGI systems most progress will be made by AI systems, not humans. It will be made by using all the information the system(s) has, whether this information comes from humans, books, other AI systems, sheep or anything else.

Tesla Full Self-Driving 'fails' to notice child-sized objects in testing


Re: Full Self Driving (FSD) was not even engaged!

Thanks for the update, it is probably the best update I have ever seen.

FSD is not easy and only time can tell how we will get there.

For the time being extreme caution is needed when using these features.

NASA's Space Launch System rocket is on track for August 29 liftoff


Re: robotic missions

I think you took the estimated costs, not the real costs.

Currently the costs are at <quote from article> " $23 billion and $2 billion per launch"

So that would be 25 billion after launch.

Presuming the $500M is correct that would give us 50 missions, again excluding the bulf discount.

Broadcom challenges Nvidia's Spectrum-4 with 51.2T switch silicon


Explain the math please

"Every two years we've been doubling the bandwidth of the silicon," Pete Del Vecchio, Product Line Manager, told The Register. "Since 2010, we now have an 8x increase as far as the bandwidth

Speed doubles every 2 years, so 12 years gives 6 doublings, so 2 to the 6th = a 64x speed increase.

Intel, Amazon, and SpaceX asked to tuck into DARPA's Space-BACN


Interesting, let's hope that combining forces and some help from the biggest competitor is actually going to result in actual services being delivered and some competition for Starlink (the biggest competitor).


Can you explain why OneWeb is going to happen?

Don't hate on cryptomining, hate the power stations, say Bitcoin super-fans


Re: Wow

This has got to be the most incomprehensible bombastic bob post.

What does the barge solve exactly?

Departing Space Force chief architect likens Pentagon's tech acquisition to a BSoD


Re: It can't...

I think in Ukrain they are using the try/fail/learn/try again method very well against a stronger opponent.

China details relocation plan for up to five million datacenter racks


Re: I'd be amazed if they intend to power them with coal.

Please explain better what you are trying to say here! 100Mwh in 1 hour and 15 minutes means 80Mwh per hour means 1.9 Gwh per day (but the battery is not big enough for that of course),

The Hornsdale Power Reserve (phase 1 only) can (is contracted to) deliver 100Mw, for 10 minutes, then throttle on with 30Mw for 3 hours minus the 10 minutes,, a bit more than 0.96 Mwh/day:

16.6 + 84.9 = 101,5 Mwh/day

With the extra 50% of phase 2 that becomes about 50% more probably.

Microsoft pushes ahead adapting Azure for 5G telecoms after swallowing AT&T's Network Cloud



Let's hope that AT&T is the only provider moving to Azure, if more move over and Azure has an outage again it gets pretty dark out there!

Google fixes bug that stopped some Pixel phones from making 911 calls


Re: They don't test very well

I for one have never received a missed call.

Scottish cops dangle £6m for help understanding 160TB treasure trove of structured and unstructured data


Geheime StaatsPolizei


Neuroscientist used brainhack. It's super effective! Oh, and disturbingly easy


Re: ECGs from 200m

Weird Al must be a messenger from the future!