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Apple: We respect your privacy so much we've revealed a little about what we can track when you use Maps


Re: If this worries you...


Assange lawyer: Trump offered WikiLeaker a pardon in exchange for denying Russia hacked Democrats' email



How do you pardon somebody who hasn't been found guilty, or has that been pre-decided?

25 years of Delphi and no Oracle in sight: Not a Visual Basic killer but hard to kill


I used Delphi from version 1 and thought it was the greatest thing, then I found C# and it was better in every way. People complain about bloat, but given the dramatic fall in hardware prices, it hardly seems important these day.

Looming US immigration crackdown aims to weed out pre-crime of poverty. And that may be bad news for techie families


Re: This is nothing new

In the mid to late 90s, a law was passed that non-citizens would not be eligible for social security payments (retirement income) even though those people were still paying taxes;

That's strange, I worked in the US for 5.5 years in the late nineties and the early noughties firstly on an L1B visa and then a Green Card for the last year. I now get a US pension even though I no longer live there. It's not a fortune, but it helps.

An Army Watchkeeper drone tried to land. Then meatbags took over from the computers


Re: Army culture vs Air Force culture

The Air Force will not buy a drone which does not require a pilot to fly it.

Hardly surprising given that most decision makers in the Airforce are ex-aircrew and are naturally biased toward they own kind

In the Air Force, flying is done by Flying Officers

Of course you may remember that many Battle of Britain pilots were sergeants as were many Lancaster pilots, their performance wasn't any different to the commissioned ones.

emphasis on Officer

You have more confidence in the officer class than I do having worked with the forces rather than in them. I did a technical course once while contracting to the Navy, the first 3 places in the results went to the civilians, then an Able Seaman, followed by a Petty Offices with the 3 Officers bringing up the rear by a long way. That's not to say all Officers are dumb, but there is no reason to assume that they are better at things than the NCOs.

Probably the answer to situations like this is regular simulator training, just like the Airforce and civilian aircrew and drone operators do.

Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen's personal MiG-29 fighter jet goes under the hammer



Note the cockpit.


It's a shame that the Flying Heritage is being broken up. It contains many rare aircraft mostly in flying condition and there aren't too many places where you can see a manned V1 or an ME163 although, for obvious reasons those two aren't in working condition.