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'Transformation' at Capita: Profits? Down. Revenue? Down. Order book? You guessed it


For as long as Gov continues being a big fumbling incompetent mess mixed with clique club membership nepotism and corruption for how they do business and pick contractors.

After all, if you can take the money, stuff half outright into your pocket, and at the year's end when the company tanks walk away unscathed - and richer - then why won't you?

In a dictatorship any company that fleece gov and flees have their executives drawn and quartered. Now of course I'm not saying the west should turn into China or DPRK, heavens forbid, but while we shouldn't execute people for fraud maybe it is time to start jailing and repossessing ill-gained capital from those whom the law deems responsible for the corporate mishandling.


I don't think it's an issue of compartmentalization rather of operational efficacy. It makes no business sense to license multiple different technologies thus having to deal with multiple different suppliers at varying costs (and lesser bargaining power) and train your employees on differing helpdesk systems (in addition to the actual client's systems they'd need to learn). Segregating the helpdesk systems as to prevent data leaks is relatively easy and separate issue. But why not use the same helpdesk tech for each one?


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