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Ubuntu goes 3-D


my mails are not openning


I've been trying to open my emailzz for sometimes now but they not opening.I can log in on it but the problem start when I want to read it I SELECT on it but it wont open up,Itry to delete but it's can not delete this thing it's frustrate me so much and I'm using UBUNTU 6.0.6 LTS

Any one please help me

Apple slashes iPhone prices



Sorry to everyone who bought the dam iPhone with the amount $599.I guess is not to late to bring it back to the shop so you can $200.This is money we talking about.The owner he very wrong how can sell something without think about how much you will sell it coz it's seems he did not how much he would charge it.

Before you buy something think twice.This is totally ripped off

Finally, a Xeon MP with four cores and modern blueprint



I agree with you