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Deadly 737 Max jets no longer a Boeing concern – for now: Production suspended after biz runs out of parking space


"... anti-stall – sorry, plane pedants hate it when we call it that..."

When you say that MCAS is there to prevent stalls, it kind of implies that it was put in as a safety feature. However, it wasn't.

It's there to make the MAX handle similar enough to previous 737 models that pilots wouldn't have to get a separate type rating for the MAX, but could fly it with the 737 type rating they already might have.

It's all about saving money.

Bad news: Earth is not going to be walloped by asteroid 2006 QV89. Good news: Boffins have lost sight of it, so all hope is not yet lost


Torino Scale

The object is currently a 0 on the Torino Scale, so no need to worry about it at all.


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