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Industry reps told the UK taxman everything wrong with extending IR35. What happened next will astound you


Matthew Taylor has a good speech about the 'privileged' and the 'precarious'. This can't be a process of 'contractor bashing' as some comments have made out. Not all contractors are sitting on £1000k plus per day (while some are)... they do not deserve the wrath of anti capitalists.

The industry needs to grow up for sure, contractors with it. A contractor can't be in a backfilled run the business role for years, be in the structure chart, with business cards and attend training and social events and be surprised that someone considers them as a disguised employee. Dave Chaplin from Contractor Calculator (https://www.linkedin.com/in/dave-chaplin-63113/) has some great advice on this as well.

Are companies worried about their engagements with Accenture, Deloitte, PWC, IBM, Cognizant, Wipro etc... being caught inside IR35? No. That's because what they do is packaged as a service. Genuine contractors who offer a service, deliver via the same type of statement of work, who have payments linked to milestones and put some fees at risk could be considered as genuinely arms length contractors... and not off payroll workers (on contract instead of off payroll).

Companies need the think about how they create a 'compliant' channel to cater for individual Limited Companies and single person directorships. To do this they need to know what they are doing, now they are doing it, and create an internal attestation process where 'hiring managers' stop treating contractors like their own staff.

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Re: Can someone clarify something please?

Length of time is not the primary concern. The contractor used to decide if they are in or our of the legislation. Now the payer has to make the decision. HSBC, Barclays, RBS, Lloyds, TSB etc... alone would have well over 50k contractors collectively. They will get penalties / back tax if they make the wrong categorisation so now it is up to them to decide in the face of a very ambiguous CEST tool, and case law that has gone either way.


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