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Raid yields 2800 'illegal' DS games copying kits

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So, if I have a knife in my house, or some blank DVD's, or some fireworks in my cupboard, i am going to stab someone, make illegal DVD's and blow people's houses up?

Is it now illegal for possession of CD-R's aswell?

I personally have a vast amount (several hundred) of CD's DVD's and BluRay discs in my house which I use to distribute open-source and free software to people I know.

I'm not violating any laws, I'm just downloading material on my high-speed connection and distribute it to people i know who otherwise would struggle to download it.

I await the blues and twos outside my house telling me that I am in possession of Blank Media with the intent of hacking the pentagon mainframe.

If they have evidence he was using them, or selling them with intent for piracy, crunch him.

Batman sues Batman over Batman

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what's better than free advertising?

companies "paying" YOU for the free advertising!

also, think about this as a publicity stunt

Mine's the one with the ultrasonic-transmitting phone in the pocket

Windows 7 early promise: Passes the Vista test

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I Swear that those images are just some modded vista install, and also, it has GOT TO be vista, as i can't remember the last time i had to "Search Control Panel"... They're right, i can't read 30-ish icons without getting lost, oh, wait... that's the "Classic View"

I think it's time for Microsoft to splice apart the computing world: there's your school-age chav, and then there's the kid with the thick glasses...

Microsoft needs to add an option for two different styles of chrome...

-The dumbed down version, for people who wonder what C:\Users could be

-An NT-like version, where everything is just in a Hierarchy, and we can find it, on our own, and install things without being asked if we would like a cookie... but with the art museum stuff

Airport baggage screener charged with stealing passengers' stuff

Joe Harrison

The Twelve

days of border patrol..

On the fist day of thieving my husband stole for me...

Organized crime tampers with European card swipe devices

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Simple Protection?


So the standard Chip and Pin unit cannot perform a firmware and hardware check on itself before being allowed in to shops?

I swear that even the Xbox 360 checks it's hardware and firmware whenever it wants to connect to xbox live, so why don't the chip and pin units do this with bank servers, displaying a simple message on-screen?

If microsoft can do this, why can't people who make ultra-secure money-handling devices secure?

Google launching its own navy?

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Global Warming

All these environmentalists going on about the ice caps melting... well, what about s fleet of heat-pumping ocean-cooled data centres in the middle of the ocean?

Yahoo! shares! hit! five! year! low!

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If® We® Had® Microhoo™ They® Would® Do® This® Instead®

Houston, we have a virus

Joe Harrison

What Would It Do With The Stolen Password?

What could the virus/worm/space infestation actually done, well, apart from accidentally shutting down life support.

Anyways, surely they would have even the most basic virus checker?

I'll wait for the RIAA to file a lawsuit with NASA, for astronauts downloading music.

Mine's the one with worm food in the pockets...

Apple faithful snared in phishing scam targeting Mac.com users

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Why Mac's Don't NEED Viruses

Remember Apple's big advertising campaign about how mac's don't get viruses?

Well, we know the reason now.

Instead of using a virus/spyware to steal their information, Apple's users now give it away freely, why make spyware when you can copy and paste a website?

I hear a helicopter, i've exposed apple's secrets

Motorola accidentally makes a profit

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Whats wrong with motorola?

The only reason they are hated is because they refuse to make easily-scratched music-centralised phones.

After all, a phone should be a phone, not a device to keep your nsfw videos and pics on

Paris, because she can't use a phone, unless it vibrates

Calls to ban hoodie-busting sonic weapon

Joe Harrison

They should be gone

I'm 15, and i spend most of my time doing what i'm doing now... sitting on my computer getting absolutely no excersise.

We have a few mozzies around in our village, one outside the local shop, one outside the local chippy and one by a few benches. So the general jist of things seems to be that we are not allowed to buy Milk and Bread, we are not allowed to enjoy some Fish and Chips, and we are also not allowed to sit down in our own village.

Personally, i want to get rid of them. These mozzies are useless... a little annoying sound.

Scenario... there is a gold bar sat i the middle of the road in a glass box. Nobody is around but there is a little speaker next to the gold bar which is emitting a high-pitched sound which gets on your nerves. What do you do? Take the gold bar and ignore the sound or do you run away because the sound annoyed you?

Why should i have to listen to that irritating sound because the police and the community can't be ar*ed to pull their finger out and do their duty

US demands air passengers ask its permission to fly

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If i wanted to blow up the United States, i'd just make a last minute booking under a false identity. System fooled :P

Not even The Americans can get things right

Apple unveils larger nanos

Joe Harrison

A "Forward" Step?

Like The PS3, how can it be a "forward" step to make something BIGGER???

Also, what is the point in paying for an iPhone ringtone when someone will crack the system within 30 days? Apple knows it will fail but apple stives on the "not so bright" people who will pay for things that should be free!