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What's that you got there, AMD? More Ryzen chips? Yeah, OK, we could do with some of those


Re: Am I the only one who is confused ...

Thank you for that. Have a pint.

Some of it I sort of knew, but I haven't seen it laid out that clearly before.

Google Mail outage: Did you see that error message last night? Why the 'account does not exist' response is a worry


I question the given timings.

The article says the outage started at 21:30 UTC, I received a number of rejections from known good accounts at 20:40.

Mandatory electronic prescriptions was the easy bit in NHS paperless plans


EPS went live in 2005 not 2009

Its funny because there were several Doctors that wanted to issue the first electronic prescription. For the NHS team at the time they really had to find someone else because the poor guy that was most keen was the spitting image of one Harold Shipman. Not a good advert for new ways to get your drugs.

The surgery that issued the first electronic prescription was in the same building as the pharmacy - yet the patient took it somewhere else.

The idea of tokens was all built in to that system, as was the concept of pre-authorised repeats allowing 1 token to cover up to 6 months of repeats.

I find it hard to believe that so much of what we built in has yet to be implemented nearly 15 years later.

Loose tongues and oily seamen: Lost in machine translation yet again

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Re: Prior art


The first thing I ever typed in to Google translate


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