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Bank of America demands thumbprint from armless bloke

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why couldn't the give him a hand?

This underscores that disabled people might need a leg up in this world.


Apple shares plunge after Jobs 'heart attack'

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Silicon Valley Insider Trading

Just another wonderful example of our free press at work. Under the imprimatur of CNN I guess anyone can print anything. Accountability, ethics or common sense mean nothing to CNN because the people posting on the board are 'citizens' - so they must be right after all.

CNN cannot possibly be responsible because every citizen deserves to be heard, right?

When companies are run by people with the responsibility of 8 year olds why not just replace the executives with real 8 year old children? The children will at least learn from their mistakes.

Hammer Films has risen from the grave

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Vampires and good old UK cleavage

All the vampire films bring back...uh exciting - memories. Horror movies today lack style but I suppose that makes me old.

FoxNews commentator Bill O'Reilly's website hacked

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@Michael G - situational ethicists need not apply

Why are people attacking the victims? Can it be justified in any ethical sense? The private information of 200+ people was posted to the public. To dissemble because one does not like the website owner brings the attendant implication that people who subscribe to the site are less worthy of protection. Where does the concept of 'less worthy of protection' enter into any liberal minded thought?

The 200+ people whose information was released are far from 'elite'. Your argument lacks any reason or rationality. Explain how any of the subscribers were part of the 'elite' or be forever branded a fool. For you to tie an argument of class shows you to lack any thoughtfulness. You are probably more 'elite' than any one of the subscribers who mistakenly had faith in the security of the website.

Why are people attacking supporters of universal privacy? Can it be because the attackers dislike a person and are willing to subvert principles for temporal emotional release? There is no litmus test sir - privacy is for everyone or it will only fall into the hands of the elite. Those are liberal thoughts and ones which will hold me in good stead over the people who chortle over the misery of others.

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el Reg is el stupido

Hacking and posting innocent names/addresses is OK as long as you don't like 'em seems to be the order of the day. Ethics can be supplanted by temporal feelings of dislike or tit for tat outrage. The arguments from posters here seem to be that it is OK to hack and post someone else's name, email and password because:

1) they hate Bill O'Reilly

2) the subscribers are 'dumb'

3) the security is 'weak'

4) any combination of above.

I think it shameful that Dan Goodin can link to the site and it permanantly colors any conversation he might have about citizen privacy which USED to be an issue championed by this website. Nowadays privacy is just a fashionable term for the chattering class and only supported when it suits their whims..

Feds search Palin hack suspect's flat

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Can some reporter set the record straight here...

In regards to Sarah Palin's email, there is no crime on her part. Innuendo seems the rule of the day across the web. She is not charged and no one with any IQ is making a charge. Until she is charged there is no crime. The knuckleheads on the web love pointing out a quote from her spokesperson [saying to someone else that they should use the yahoo! account] and that is all the knucklehead needs to say that a crime happened. There is nothing in the emails of any significance and no one with any legal jurisdiction has indicated to the contrary.

The greatest indicator that there is nothing to the email that would implicate Sarah Palin is that if there were red meat, MSNBC and the NYT would be all over this story. Until either launches into hyperbole I remain convinced the AP is leaving the clarification unsettled to keep a fishy stink to the story - an act typical of the AP when they don't like someone.

Whoever did the hack is the known criminal. Whether Sarah Palin did anything is not known and she should be given the benefit of the doubt.

Senate approves FISA makeover and telco wiretap immunity

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Is everyone here on medication?

Why is anyone blaming GWB when this bill was shepherded by Democrats? At anytime it could have been tabled or placed in committee hell if Democrats were so inclined. Democrats are now the majority in both legislative branches, after all.

There is currently a fuel bill that the Republican minority wish to pass committee. It seeks to allow drilling in the continental US. The bill is held up in committee by the Democrat chair and won't be released for a full vote because Democrats don't like drilling in the US. That is the power of one party being in control of the legislature.

Does anyone teach civics classes anymore? One can dislike GWB for a variety of reasons but the passage of this bill into law lies firmly in the hands of Democrats.

Is SproutCore worth the Flash and Java iPhone snub?

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Seems like a platform that has room to grow...

Seems like platform with potential. Accent on 'potential'. I have nothing more interesting to say except does anyone think developers outside of Apple would be interested?

US Army loads up on Apples for 'better security'

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not new, but food for thought

Forgive me but this is a old news. I suppose it is mentioned because Apple news always causes traffic and MWSF is upcoming.

The three little piggies defense is ill-considered. Right now, with most XP installs, the big bad wolf has a key. In fact the wolf moonlights as a locksmith.

I do not know if an Apple computer will eventually have comparable security to a locked down Vista machine but I'd like to think that the added competition will make both Apple computers and Windows computers more secure.

I have more faith that competition will provide a significant incentive to create secure processes.

New Jersey scraps death penalty

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@Dave Harris, Colin Jackson, et. al

If Colin would look at Dave Harris he might reconsider his comment about whose side is "strident" and "angry".

By the way, where did I comment about my position on this matter? Talk about knee-jerk - so many of you define the term.

I merely wrote that New Jersey, the state where something called "Megan's Law" originated had reversed the death penalty by legislative fiat and not by the will of the people. It will in all probability be reinstated in one or two legislative cycles. It will definitely be a campaign issue for the next campaign for state governor.

Jon Teda

The death penalty will come back to this state.

This is just a confluence of Corzine and of gerrymandering in New Jersey. The majority of people in New Jersey want the death penalty but due to gerrymandering the Democrats were able to create this law. Everyone should not be surprise when, in about 4-6 years that the death penalty comes back. People in the UK can tut-tut and frown and make all the appropriate noises at that time.

And by the way, is this site turning into The Guardian? Where is the IT angle?

Tim Burton to shoot 3-D Alice in Wonderland

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Post Modern Poser

Dear Tim,

Whoever art directs your movies is wonderful. If it is you then perhaps you can stay in the field of art direction.

I Still Want My Money Back From Planet Of The Apes.

Buffy mastermind returns with new TV series

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again derivative of japanese anime

Now he is being influenced from only five year old japanese anime - as opposed to 10 year old anime. Look at Gunslinger Girl for some insight.

Air chief: UK should have RAF astronaut

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re; amanfromMars

Did you take some time to also read some Ted Kascynski?

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Whatever it takes..

I think it would have a salutory effect on British citizens to have a space program. Governments spend a lot of money on less savory things and a space program, while having little perceived value, can bring positive unanticipated consequences. Imagine what the English vesion of Tang would taste like? A bad joke but merely to point out that a strong commitment can create research which is valuable in other fields.

Ruling allows US tech firms to dodge an immigration bullet

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This story should be inverted...

What this report should be saying is that labor and special interest groups are styming the legitimate attempts to prevent identity theft and subversion of government services and funds.

What is wrong here - apart the from the writer's desire to form information into an outcome he desires - is another story of govenment inefficiency and outside special interest groups taking advantage of the system to profit over the needs of the nations citizens.

Apple unveils larger nanos

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The writer of this article needs anti-depressants.

You would think that a reporter in a town with so many bars would be in a better mood.