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For the record: You just ordered me to cause a very expensive outage

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Re: Electrical Engineer?

Then do you take the 200 up front and tell them it's a mechanical problem?

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Well they're Waeling now...

Julian Assange to go free in guilty plea deal with US

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Re: Why now?

So that Trump couldn't win votes by promising to free him. Because that was happenning.

Interesting to see if Ross Ulbricht gets the same treatment.

We need a volunteer to literally crawl over broken glass to fix this network

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Yes, the name is Gordon.

The other big 90s role of the actor who delivered the quote "If I gave the order those guys would crawl on their bellies across broken glass with their flies unzipped."

I hereby conclude that the regomizer was born in the late 70s

Europe gives TikTok 24 hours to explain 'addictive and toxic' new app

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Re: True, but...

Envision are doing a better job at things like that because they're making it their central focus.

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Re: True, but...

My blind friend has just enough vision to see her smartphone 30cm in front of her which she uses to watch for obstacles further away using the camera.

Official: EU users can swerve App Store and download iOS apps from the web

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Re: Not a bad start

The company producing the app. They have a web portal for some of their services but not all, let me download it from there after logging in.

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Not a bad start

Now if you didn't need a google account to install android apps in a virtual android machine that would be great.

Yes, I know about f-droid but I want the company producing them to verify they're real. Things involving money.

MIT breakthrough means there's no material too weird for 3D printing

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Re: I'm somewhat disappointed...

What do they use?

(To be clear I know you can 3d print soap moulds, I want to skip that bit)

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Re: I'm somewhat disappointed...

I want to 3d print soap.

Tough luck, bosses, AI is coming for your job, too

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An inflexible uncaring and results-obsessed manager without BO? It's a victory of sorts...

BBC exterminates AI experiments used to promote Doctor Who

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R2D2 appears to have the annedroid's hair. Meanwhile the starfleet doctor seems to be a mash-up of Capaldi and Tennant with Christopher Eccleston's ears.

Yes, I did just crash that critical app. And you should thank me for having done so

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This reminds me of wondering aloud what would happen on my father's old telephone switchboard if somebody set multiple phones to redirect in a loop and called one of them from another phone.

Boringly the answer was that if a phone diverted to a phone that the call had already diverted from then it rang instead of diverting.

Updates are plenty but fans are few in Windows 11 land

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Here's an idea

how about no unnecessary features whatsoever?

Things which require windows features to run can request to enable them. If I want to spend three hours bashing my head against the wall trying to get something I never asked for to stop fucking up in the most idiotic way possible then insert joke about taking to $family_member here.

Work for you? Again? After you lied about the job and stole my stuff? No thanks

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Re: I regret ....

I gave him mine for you.

Reported $60M Reddit deal signed to train AI models with user data

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Re: Citogenisis

Yes, that's what they're doing.

Raspberry Pi Pico cracks BitLocker in under a minute

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Re: Hmm ...

It was the stated reason at the time, but it sounded like an excuse even then. For whatever reason I think that some of the original TrueCrypt devs wanted out.

Cory Doctorow has a plan to wipe away the enshittification of tech

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The soccerer's apprentice?

COVID-19 infection surge detected in wastewater, signals potential new wave

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Had it

The notable thing in this wave is everyone I know who got it got pretty bad brain fog. So if coworkers are being particularly stupid you now have a medical reason to shun them.

Meta's ad-free scheme dares you to buy your privacy back, one euro at a time

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Re: How will tracking be stopped?

"And if you visit a pharmacy website we'll totally tell all your friends that someone around them was shopping for pile cream."

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Nice data you've got here, shame if somebody was to slurp it?

Boffins find AI stumbles when quizzed on the tough stuff

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Re: the example

I'm thinking that the answer is 400ml for a scientist and 600ml for an engineer?

BOFH: Adventures in overenthusiastic automation

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Re: Absolutely hilarious episode

I had assumed it was the dog turd command, but you might be right.

Twitter, aka X, tops charts for misinformation, EU official says

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Narrowly beating out the Canadian parliament at this rate...

UK Online Safety Bill to become law – and encryption busting clause is still there

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Re: Blighty seems determined to cut itself off from the rest of the world

Just to clarify, does calling the new law an unworkable mess violate the new law? What about calling ofcom underfunded?

It sounds a lot like this law is intended to impose hefty prison sentences for claiming to have seen the emperor's hairy arse cheeks.

Scientists suggest possible solution to space-induced bone loss

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Now they've managed to make it 'cool' by giving it a space flight angle, maybe someone will get around to it at last.

Last rites for the UK's Online Safety Bill, an idea too stupid to notice it's dead

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Re: faulty by design

Or else it's all just rich men west of lambeth who want to have total control.

MIT boffins build battery alternative out of cement, carbon black, water

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Re: Perhaps I missed something

Those were the days.

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Re: Perhaps I missed something

It's in the MIT link.

The material is then soaked in a standard electrolyte material, such as potassium chloride, a kind of salt, which provides the charged particles that accumulate on the carbon structures. Two electrodes made of this material, separated by a thin space or an insulating layer, form a very powerful supercapacitor, the researchers found.

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Re: Perhaps I missed something

As I understand it, each concrete block's carbon is one electrode, with huge surface area because it spreads through the concrete in tiny rivulets as it's formed. Then they place the two concrete blocks into some sort of container with electrolyte and an insulator.

The breakthrough here is the huge surface area, because capacitance is a function of electrode surface area.

Aliens crash landed on Earth – and Uncle Sam is covering it up, this guy tells Congress

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Almost like it's a distraction.

Is there a Hunter Biden story people need distracting from or something?

Amazon, Bing, Wikipedia make EU's list of 'Very Large' platforms

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Re: A challenge?

Amazon Terms and Conditions, by ChatGPT*

  • You owe us your soul,
  • your daughter and son,
  • we'll send you tat late.

(Wasn't intending it to come out as a haiku, but why not?)

*not really

Nobody does DR tests to survive lightning striking twice

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In the future all lightning must be cloud based.

Elon Musk's Twitter moves were 'reaffirming' says Reddit boss amid API changes

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Dirty Protest

Just to warn people, a lot of subreddits have been forced to re-open and have opted for a minimal moderation approach, citing a lack of third party moderation tools.

If a subreddit is now tagged NSFW and wasn't before then you'll probably see something you don't want to if you look in there.

Just figured people should know.

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Elon's own tweet said that the goal was:

1. Do lots of dumb stuff

2. Keep what works

3. Profit.

Reddit does indeed seem to have some confusion about what point 2 was.

EU tells Twitter 'you can run but you can't hide' from disinformation policy

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Re: Disinformation vs difference of opinion

But if you post that Boris Johnson is not only not the Messiah, but that he is in fact a Very Naughty Boy that will now be automatic disinformation punishable by a mandatory five hundred nuyen fine and corrective bdsm session with the last politician you voted against.

Perseverance rover shows up Curiosity with discovery of Martian water park

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Re: Doctor?

Doesn't "postdoctoral" mean she's earned her doctorate and is entitle to use the title "Doctor"?

Postdoctoral researcher, or postdoc for short, is a job. Usually the person doing that job has a PhD but there are exceptions, I know someone whose thesis defence kept getting delayed and he ended up doing a postdoc while waiting to be allowed to complete his PhD.

4chan and other web sewers scraped up into Google's mega-library for training ML

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Post-Sun sun readers?

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Is Mumsnet in the library?

That's what would really worry me. Place make 4chan look like fortran.

Wrong time to weaken encryption, UK IT chartered institute tells government

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Re: Shut the back door!

Is 27 years long enough to admit that they do understand that they're helping the bad guys?

It sounds like we have bad guys in politics.

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They know what the problem is. Your mistake is in thinking the goal is to protect children.

Trust, not tech, is holding back a safer internet

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If we could make scanning and email take as long and be as detectable as opening and reading a letter then the postal service comparison would be relevant.

The lack of trust for government content moderation stems in part from the acknowledged fact that government content moderators protected Jimmy Savile in the 1970s. That's a lot of trust to regain.

FOSS could be an unintended victim of EU crusade to make software more secure

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Re: Call me a Conspiracy Theorist

That's crazy talk. Surely there are no easily bribed...

... sorry bear with me, I'm getting a call from Qatar.

McDonald's pulls plug on Wi-Fi, starts playing classical music to soothe yobs

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Re: print car number plates on takeaway bags to discourage customers from littering

I just don't understand the mentality.

Nutritional Influences on Antisocial Behavior

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in the past at least they had the decency to pretend otherwise...

Unfortunately that pretending usually involved banning things just to pretend they weren't using the same things at home. Some of us would prefer they'd just admitted they liked some of the same things we do.

I mean the pig's head was a bit over the top, but they didn't even try to ban that.

If your Start menu or apps are freezing up on Windows, Microsoft has a suggestion

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Re: It Took One Hour To Solve A Similar Problem....

To be fair, installing Windows doesn't mean you need to let it touch metal. Modern VM software is more than capable of keeping it ensconced in a dreamworld with all the imaginary goodies it's black heart desires while you freeze it and go back to doing real work.

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Microsoft seems to prefer that you would only use Microsoft apps.

Didn't they get in trouble for that a long time ago?

UK Online Safety law threatens Big Tech bosses with jail

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Re: Are they still using "harmful but legal" content as a measure

They're even counting saying nice things about channel migrants as harmful. (But only in video form, for now at least)

Guardian link

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Re: Boo hoo

The telling thing is that American law enforcement basically had the run of Twitter in recent years and chose not to take down the child porn.

I don't see how anyone can seriously make a think of the children defence after that.