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Windows 8: At least it's better than ‘not very good’


Re: Oh yeah?

Try this:http://classicshell.sourceforge.net/ instead of Pokki. I went from this to startisback - I find startisback better but its a trialware.



Re: !!! - but it's only a click away

Apologies, what I meant by 'one click' away was that a free replacement start button/start menu is 'one click' away.

I would like to understand the more technical side that people are complaining about, other than the start button/start menu.

I agree MS should have given us the option but as with AVs pre W8, one had to download it. Now its a start menu replacement.


Re: personal experience

Will report back as soon as I am on my laptop. But here's something to look for: http://www.neowin.net/news/microsoft-has-slammed-the-door-on-the-windows-8-media-center-activation-flaw

Apparently another method exists.

As someone else pointed out, use one of the several free start menu apps and we don't even notice the 'metro' interface. I only go back to it because of the app store.


personal experience

And yes, I have used W8. I took the plunge due to the £14.99 offer. I was happy enough to update another laptop and my media centre using the WMC hack.



I don't get it, why do people dislike W8 so much! Yes MS should have given us the option of a start button but it's only a click away so why moan so much about it!

There are really good free options out there. And either way, once on the desktop, how often do you have to go back to the start screen!

I'd really like a valid argument as to why W8 is such a let down instead of the constant moan about the start button.

Lovefilm dumps Flash, BLINDS Linux fans with Silverlight

IT Angle

Silverlight for Linux

Moonlight? http://www.mono-project.com/Moonlight

Dixons renames itself Dixons



Phuck me!

How did they even manage an increase in sales, let alone a profit, is a total mystery!

I haven't bought anything from then for however many years.

I swear I can find anything else cheaper elsewhere...!

French courts tighten iPod tax loophole


Football propositions anyone...

Does it not remind us of the ruling they were trying to impose on football association within Europe!

Asus sexes up Eee line


Lost the plot!

If that really is going to be the price then its clear that Asus have officially lost the plot. The current SCC market is saturated in its present state. We need the next gen SCC.

Confirmed: HTC's big-screen Touch HD smartphone

Paris Hilton

More of the same, yet...

Its more of the same, yet we don't find as many complaining about Apple releasing the same object over and over again with only minor aesthetic differences. Its had the same shape/form factor for ever and has only ever gained/lost weight and size. For me its still the same cuboid with the same wheel stuck in the middle.

For me its Paris because even she must be worried about the economy.

Nokia E66 smartphone


Missing a QWERTY keypad

says who? Its a business phone without a QWERTY keypad, not missing one though.

Nokia N96 to land in August



Get the P1i!! very nice handset with impressive battery life.

HP's Linux sub-notebook spied on web


Anthony Green

Try ctrl + + and you might just notice a difference.

I do agree that the fonts are poor!

Carphone slated over iPhone porkies claim


Tim C-I have never met a dud Carphone employee

When you work in B n Q u r expected to know abt yr department, when you work in IT you are paid however much to be the football manager of the national side, the pressure comes with the job...

Same as when you work at CPW, the least you can expect is for the sales rep to know about the blooming phone and the blooming tariff.

or is that not realy part of their job description???

HTC intros satnav enabled Touch Cruise


Orbit 2?Really?

I read somewhere that the Orbit 2 was actually the HTC Touch!


Orbit 2? Really?

I read somewhere that the Orbit 2 was actually the HTC Touch!

Nokia releases 8GB N95 smartphone


Symbian just looks silly & Apple & UIs

Ever tried UIQ? A family of Symbian! Give it a try! Somehow I find it a whole lot easier than the various Symbian phones that I have had!

uhh...what is so wrong about WM anyway?

Now, if you are strictly into Java handsets, please stick to it!

Jobs hits London to announce O2 iPhone deal



£269+monthly contract fee for a mobile phone!!!!

not a chance!

And what a tariff...200min/200text/18mths for £35!!!!

Having dropped the NGNs. thereby losing a lot of its followers, I hope O2 now lose further credibility. What a rip off!

I suppose people will still purchase it though!

Sony rolls out roll-along music player


How much??

£173 for a 1GB 'mp3' player?? You are having a laugh!!

And I thought the iPod was overpriced!!!

O2 starts charging for calls to non-places



This is being discussed over here:


Am not here to advertise HUKD but people affected by this change would benefit a great deal by checking the above website.

Also, the Simplicity deal is potentially a tie-in to the remainder of the contract < I know what am talking about folks. I assumed it was a 30 day contract as well but that does not seem to be the case.