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UK.gov threatens to make adults give credit card details for access to Facebook or TikTok


About time

Parents who let their children on line without supervision should be treated as neglecting their children's welfare...

One upon a time in the UK the used to be a moral compass, these days none whatsoever

Linux distros haunted by Polkit-geist for 12+ years: Bug grants root access to any user


Re: Eyes

This says it all. Open source does NOT equate to better, more secure code. As long as people are coding things, there will be bugs

All change at JetBrains: Remote development now, new IDE previewed


I really do like the Jetbrains IDEs over VSCode, but as a private individual making no money from developing software, I find the JB pricing too steep for me when I can get most of the functionality from VSCode for free.

Good luck to them, but I think they've got a problem trying to sell something that is ostensibly free...

It started at Pixar. Now it's the Apple-backed 3D file format viewed as HTML of metaverse


Re: The metaverse can kiss my balls*

Thank you - my sentiments exactly. All the people dying in the world because of hunger, but at least we can sleep safely in out beds knowing that USD and Metaverse is the current "thing"....

BMA and Royal College of GPs refuse to endorse NHS Digital's data grab from surgeries in England


So glad I left NHS Digital

I worked in NHSDigital for quite a number of years and over that time it changed from being patient-focused. These days they appear to be out of control, doing what they like under the guise of "patient care".

Really, no-one in senior management had the intelligence to think "Hang-on, 6 weeks isn't long enough to inform millions of people about this"?

Extreme arrogance indeed.

Apple to Epic: Sue me? No, sue you, pal!


Epic have been happy to abide by the contract all these years and now they suddenly throw their toys out of the pram and want to rip up the contract??

I'm no Apple fanboy but I hope Epic get a pasting....

Photostopped: Adobe Cloud evaporates in mass outage. Hope none of you are on a deadline, eh?


Re: Affinity

Yup me too - bought Affinity Designer half price which included some free extras too, and now use it whenever I want and am delighted with it. Good job Serif!

Could it be? Really? The Year of Linux on the Desktop is almost here, and it's... Windows-shaped?


The year of the Linux desktop? Dreamers..... I've lost track of how many years this is trumpeted and yet, still not able to cohesively break windows dominance.

Hate speech row: Fine or jail anyone who calls people boffins, geeks or eggheads, psychology nerd demands


Oh bless Dr Falck, life must be so difficult for some people to cope with...

Den Automation raised millions to 'reinvent' the light switch. Now it's lights out for startup


I have 10 items to flip switches and they were all free. The fact that they are permanently attached to the ends of my arms and can be used while I'm out and about is an extra benefit. I've never lost one, nor had to worry about connectivity...

Power to the users? Admins be warned: Microsoft set to introduce 'self-service purchase' in Office 365


Re: Just no

Just incoherent...

Choc-a-block: AWS sues sales exec for legging it to Google Cloud. Yup, another bitter battle over non-compete clauses


Seems he signed the agreement

and now wants to ignore that? Sounds like Amazon are fully within their rights. What's the story here?

Observation: Slow-burn space HAL 'em up fires adventure game genre into the exosphere


Re: Thanks for the gaming update...

"rape you "

Seriously, you equate Google analysing your data to being raped? You twat.