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Apple calls BS on FBI, AG: We're totally not dragging our feet in murder probe iPhone decryption. PS: No backdoors



Regardless of Apple's inability to break into their phones or whatever, the fact still remains that they will bow to the Chinese by taking down an app in the Apple store which may or may not have been used by the protesters in Hong Kong, strictly because the Chinese government demanded it. But when the United States government asks for assistance, Apple refuses to help. Then all you tinfoil hat wearing "privacy warriors" applaud them for "sticking the finger to the big bad US government".

So it seems you're happy with Apple doing China's bidding where human rights are constantly being trashed... just so long as uncle Tim Crook is still stickin' it to the man, and you can complain about your insecure fears over the public WiFi while you drink your Starbucks in peace. I salute you!

Queue baa, Libra: People will buy what Facebook's selling. They shouldn't, but they will


Miley? HA!

Devo's version is MUCH better.


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