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Aviation regulator outlines fixes that will get the 737 MAX flying again


Re: $19bn

What survivors??

Brave, Google, Microsoft, Mozilla gather together to talk web privacy... and why we all shouldn't get too much of it


Try using the Dissenter browser instead of what you might presently use. I find it eliminates most of the unwanted crap that appears in other browsers when accessing the Internet.

Conspiracy loons claim victory in Brighton and Hove as council rejects plans to build 5G masts


Rebroad might be right.

For readers of The Register, a varied assortment of people who should be technically competent in at least understanding the basic difference between pulsed versus non-pulsed microwave radiation, most of the comments have shown little understanding of what those against 5G are trying to warn the public of. Calling people loons does nothing when all they have done is try to educate the misinformed. The Sun does radiate Earth but that radiation is not pulsed billions of times a second. Man is responsible for creating unnatural pulsed microwave radiation . Granted, the transmitters are mostly visible but the invisible radiation is not. Pulsed microwaves can only be measured by instruments designed to detect it. It is unlikely that "aluminium foil hats and undies" would do anything other than show what an idiot you are. Hollywood movies such as "The Terminator" show what could possibly happen when AI systems eventually become SkyNet and humans are no longer required. With recent advances in neural control and current plans to beam 5G down from more than 20,000 satellites above IMHO it is time to seriously reconsider where current technology is taking us. Also, If you still use a cell phone to damage your brain unknowingly, read about "Phonegate". Maybe the wireless industry cellphone radiation testing methods were correct in assuming all users had plastic heads. That would explain why so many out there still refuse to accept what the so called "loons" already know as they try to educate as many as possible..


Re: Definitely not loons

Oh, by the way, research has also discovered that damaging biological effects can occur at all levels of power, mainly due to the frequency and pulse. There really is NO SAFE EXPOSURE LEVEL from the man made pulsed electrosmog. Nature provides the Schumann resonance, which is non pulsed and non damaging. Did you ever suspect that perhaps the Liily wave behaviour control technology is being used on you? Best do more research before assuming you actually know what is going on.


Re: Definitely not loons

Surprising you have so much trouble using a search engine, but to make things easy for you here is a link to Dr. Pall's findings:


You should be able to find lots more valid information before resorting to your childish "bullshit" response, but that's entirely up to you..


Definitely not loons

Scientific experts have studied the biological effects of wireless pulsed microwave exposure for decades. Negative effects were noticed in the 1940's, and have been confirmed ever since. The wireless industry wishes to ignore the science in order to profit from the ignorance of so many. Current Exposure Standards supposedly protective to human health are based on avoidance of over heating of tissue, nothing else. The damaging biological effects, such as DNA damage (root cause of cancer) are seldom mentioned in the main stream media. The push to 5G will not end well. Anyone in doubt of why wireless technology is unhealthy to life should investigate the findings of Dr. Rory Glazer (US Navy researcher over 50 years ago) or read the findings of Dr. Martin Pall and other non-industry researchers. Even children in school have shown that exposure of cress seeds to wireless radiation will kill them. Never mind all the industry hype about how great 5G will be. It will use parts of the electromagnetic spectrum the military already use for Active Denial (painful crowd control) Systems. We are all being dumbed down however possible to think wireless is wonderful (cell phones, smart meters, laptops etc.). As electrical beings now experiencing rapidly increasing rates of leukemia, autism, rare brain cancers and so on it should be fairly easy to conclude something is not quite right letting our cells be bombarded billions of times per second by pulsed microwaves. Male sperm quality is now half of what it previously once was, and some researchers already state human extinction is only a few generations away unless the insanity of the 1930's Technocrat's Dream is brought to a rapid halt. Do your own research instead of assuming those trying to educate you are just another bunch of "Conspiracy Loons".

MAMR Mia! Western Digital's 18TB and 20TB microwave-energy hard drives out soon


Feeling Old

In the good old days I recall spending $2,000 CAD for a "gigantic 2MB" external hard drive for use with my AppleII. Lots of fun peeking and poking on that machine, with 64K RAM expanded to 512K on cards I built to bank switch the top 16K. Another card with Zilog Z80 to run real CP/M properly, rather than the crap Microsoft tried to flog. Things have sure changed since the 1970's, and looking back I would love to return to the days of Peace and Love (the 1960's) before our world became so divided and turning into the Total Surveillance and control dream of the Technocrats.

We will hack back if you tamper with our shiz, NATO declares to world's black hats


Re: I'm intrigued...

As you probably realize, the US government does lie to suit their objectives, such as trying to justify engaging in unapproved wars in the Middle East. The misery and destruction brought upon the citizens of Iraq, Libya, Syria and others was never approved by Congress or the UN Security Council. When you think about it, the US is responsible for the refugee crisis in Europe, death of millions of innocent civilians as they try to survive in war torn areas and eventually die as they try to escape the carnage they never deserved. By keeping the fear of terrorism high in the minds of the American people, the illegal invasion of sovereign countries is not really questioned by the brainwashed. There is evidence the CIA were with Osama bin Laden (their agent Tim Osman) at his death from kidney failure in 2001, but covered this up so as to keep Americans in increasing fear of terrorist attack masterminded by Osama bin Laden. Many fake videos were made supposedly of bin Laden over the years following his real death, but closer inspection easily shows actors with facial characteristics different from that of the real Osama bin Laden. The propaganda machine keeps people distracted enough through the mass media so "if they see it on TV it must be true". Anyway, here are some links to indicate the Seal Team 6 raid and sea burial of Osama was no doubt just another fantasy:











The official story of Osama bin Laden's death is extremely questionable, much like the official JFK story or the official 9/11 story. Sooner or later the real truths will come out, but unfortunately the psychopaths responsible for those lies will probably be 6 feet under by then.

Electric cars can't cut UK carbon emissions while only the wealthy can afford to own one


CO2 is not the problem

All the hysteria and ridiculous waste of money attempting to reduce atmospheric CO2 concentrations seems rather pointless when one educates themselves as to the actual facts. Based on ice core analysis, atmospheric CO2 levels have been in the thousands of ppm in the past and yet life flourished. None of the predictions of Al Gore or the UN's IPCC have happened, yet politicians love the idea of imposing carbon tax on the populace, most of who never question what is really going on -- just another scheme to redistribute wealth from the poor to the rich. The real science, not the pseudoscience based on fudged data and fear mongering, shows that past atmospheric CO2 increases lag behind worldly temperature increases, often by hundreds of years. The realities are that Earth's climate is always changing, mankind's activities have had an insignificant effect on climate compared to that of the Sun, and considering we all live in an Interglacial period we should be more concerned about freezing than overheating as Earth heads toward the next Ice Age.

Relax, satellite hacking is unlikely to lead to Earth-blinding Kessler effect – at least not yet


Re: Not Promising

WAKE UP people, climate change is a natural process and nothing to fear:


Apollo 11 @ 50: The long shadow of the flag


Just look at the footprint

The Smithsonian Institute has on display what is claimed to be the actual spacesuit worn by Neil Armstrong while he supposedly walked on the Moon., and is said to be complete in every detail including the boots he wore. I still remain puzzled as to how a smooth soled boot (at the Smithsonian) managed to leave a ribbed sole boot imprint on the Moon.

Hell hath no fury like a radar engineer scorned


Re: Can this inform the 5G debate?

This may help you to become a shepherd instead of one of the brainwashed sheep you make reference to:


Bonkers British MPs rant: 5G signals cause cancer


Re: Carcinogenic?

Wow, another ignorant idiot. Such people as you really should learn some real facts before making such ignorant comments.

Why don't you learn that fracking requires many chemicals plus sand and water to work? By high pressure injection of sand and chemicals diluted with water into shale formations, the shale is ruptured creating new interstices allowing the sand particles to enter these gaps, holding them open and allowing natural gases to be released. Side effects can include mini earthquakes and unwanted environmental pollution of once clean water. As sand normally constitutes about 5% of the fracking fluid mix, you should be aware that the "carcinogenic chemicals" are NOT THE SAND as you think, but the addition of hundreds of chemicals many of which ARE VERY TOXIC and have proven harmful to the environment. Most of the companies doing the fracking will not disclose the toxic chemicals they use.


Re: How brainwashed have the majority of you become??

Your knowledge obviously requires an immediate upgrade. ALL human cells interact by way of small electrical signals between them. Read this link:


Of course there are many other sources you may read which negate your very false assumption.. Referring to such knowledge as "bullshit" just indicates how ignorant you really are.


Re: "concerns that have long since been put to bed" ??

One of the problems trying to educate people like you is that you fail to understand that natural light bears no resemblance to the pulsed microwaves emitted by wireless technology. Same with all the idiots ranting on about global warming and climate change -- the Earth's climate has always changed and has nothing at all to do with CO2 levels. Data from ice core sample analysis has always shown temperature increase always happens before CO2 increase. Understandable as the ocean's release more CO2 as they warm, and take in more as they cool. If the people worried about Earth's natural processes had a clue they will discover the planetary ice sheets have been expanding, not shrinking, and the UN's reports on climate change to date are politically based, and not based on any real science but just computer models that so far have never agreed with real temperature data. Same thing with carbon tax, just another unjustified method of making you poorer.


How brainwashed have the majority of you become??

It amazes me that so many commenters on this forum still have no idea as to what the actual scientific research has discovered about the effects of exposure to non-ionising radiation. Ignore the flashy ads trying to sell you the latest wireless wonder, and instead investigate what the real facts are.

Every cell in our body communicates by small electrical signals, so why is it so difficult to understand that continuous bombardment billions of times a second from ever increasing levels of pulsed microwaves would not affect you? The damage may happen slowly but is cumulative. Dark field microscopy easily shows cell clumping and damage after just 10 minutes of using a cell phone beside your head. If you read the manufacturer's safety information supplied with your cell phone, but hidden away so most users never even find it to read, it explains that the cell phone should never be in contact with any parr of your body otherwise the supposedly "safe" SAR will be exceeded. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were knowledgeable enough to keep their children away from wireless devices. All wireless technology would be banned for public use if the true facts were known. Some of the most recent studies now show increasing rates of depression, autism, blood-brain barrier leakage and once rare brain cancers as being directly related to the invisible electro-smog environment we live in. A small percentage of the population are now so affected by EHS they can no longer enjoy a normal life.

Before everyone gets excited over how great 5G wireless technology is, or for that matter any other type of wireless technology, people should be made aware of the real fact that such technology has very serious long term damaging health effects.  Read the research of Dr. Martin Pall or any of the other experts if you have any doubt of this fact.

I live in Canada and have learned that Health Canada's Safety Code 6 ignores the proven DNA damaging effects of non-ionizing radiation on all life.  It only provides protection from unwanted thermal (heating) effects.  The wireless industry removes funding from any researcher finding health damage due to wireless radiation exposure and daring to publish such information.  Wireless industry promoters, much like those in the past promoting pesticides, tobacco, asbestos and other toxic products, do everything possible to downplay any real facts becoming common knowledge.  Current Safety Code 6 exposure limits are still based on what industry developed in 1996 to ensure damaging health effects are ignored.  Calling for more studies while ignoring what is already known just delays the inevitable truth that we are all being slowly killed by the unnatural and invisible pulsed microwaves emitted by all wireless devices.  Most of our government and health authorities still remain ignorant of the actual research first done by the military and proving wireless radiation does damage health, and at levels far below those of Safety Code 6.  This information has been known for almost 80 years, yet the wireless industry does not want you to know the real facts as they continue to inundate humanity with cell phones, smart meters and other devices.  Even though their profits are in the trillions of dollars, the health risk is so great that no insurance company will provide health damage coverage for any of them.  Do a bit more research before parroting how protective Health Canada's Safety Code 6 and similar standards are.  Understand the propaganda and brainwashing being done in the world today to make sure you keep buying more wireless devices.  Then you might wake up like many others have done to realize the insanity of continuing to use any type of wireless technology.  So far, there is no proof of any "safe" exposure limit, but lots of proof the wireless technology is health damaging and cumulative.


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