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Top server host OVH warns of 'multi-stage' hacking attack

Pete Foster

OVH install 'maintenance' ssh keys on their default builds.

See here:


So, your keys may not have been compromised, but the OVH ones have.

Hey fanboi, is that an EXPLODING BATTERY in your MacBook Pro?

Pete Foster

Not MacBook Pros, not Apple batteries.

I'm not one to defend Apple, but these are not Apple batteries and they are for MacBooks (not Pros).

The iWatch is coming! The iWatch is coming!

Pete Foster

Re: Someone doesn't care about network infrastructure?

Remind me to show you my MetaWatch next time I'm in your neck of the woods.

I got one simply because I liked the idea of a watch that I could develop custom code for. Like you, I din't really see a need for such a device. However, it does serve a useful function. It might be because I'm not permanently tied to my phone like the yoof of today. Glancing at a watch is much more convenient than digging my phone out of a bag.

Mall lurk man: Apple smashes Microsoft in Black Friday fondle wars

Pete Foster

Not a balanced survey.

To quote TUAW:

"Second, while Munster's crew spent eight hours counting heads and sales in the Apple store, they only spent two hours counting heads and sales in the Microsoft store – hardly a balanced survey."

Pong creator turns nose up at Nintendo Wii U

Pete Foster


Remind me, where's Atari now?

Flying Dutchman creates dead cat quadcopter

Pete Foster

Sustained Flight?

It IS ready for sustained flight:


iPhone con man knifed to death in knock-off mobile brawl

Pete Foster

Re: New Products Still Under Wraps?


Then you need an iPad.


Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards

Pete Foster
Thumb Up


Ken sent me.

Scott me up, Beamie.

Christmas headaches? We prescribe a year long course of BOFH

Pete Foster


I'm with you there!

It's not so much the push down, it's the slide back up when you're halfway through reading an article.


Apple's founding contracts sold for $1.59 MILLION

Pete Foster

He doesn't care

Read Ron Wayne's book. He's one of the most humble people you will encounter.

He really doesn't care about the money.

GiffGaff blames O2 gaffe for mobile outage

Pete Foster

Has giffgaff upset you in some way, Bill?

Every part of your story was critical of giffgaff. I have been with them since day one and have had few problems. Those that have happened have been acknowledged and dealt with openly, which is far more than other networks manage.

Add in truly unlimited data, low cost calling and they offer a very attractive package.

Never lose that .uk again: Decade-long renewals OK'd

Pete Foster

Unintended consequences

I think this might cause more domains to lapse and be lost to squatters.

In business, a lot can happen in 10 years. Like the person responsible for renewals not being around anymore.

Currys, PC World websites slated by punters

Pete Foster

"B&Q rated worse as places to buy electronics online"

Because B&Q is the first place I go to when buying electronics.

David Cameron wants to push all of Blighty online

Pete Foster


I think you missed the point of my comment.

I was alluding to the fact that in an attempt to help people get online, PCs are available to order online. Bit of a Catch 22 there, methinks.

It might be fun to bash Cameron bashers, but at least find someone who bashed Cameron. ;o)

Pete Foster

Let me get this right

Cameron wants to get people online. To do this they can order a new (overpriced, refurbished) PC via the Remploy website.

That's forward thinking for you!

T-Mobile UK starts shifting iPhones on the quiet

Pete Foster
Jobs Halo


I've recently noticed that the iPhone ads on TV sometimes don't have the previously seen "Only on O2" banner at the end of them.

Is this Apple giving an indication of future deals?

El Reg to launch space paper plane

Pete Foster

Vulture is too obvious!

I suggest "Aegypius".

Go, Brown, go!

Pete Foster

What about this one?


€25k for an old Nokia handset?

Pete Foster


A quick search of eBay.de doesn't seem to indicate that Nokia 1100s are selling at all, never mind for silly money.

Wikimedia becomes latest to ban Phorm

Pete Foster

A title is required

Details for stopping Phorm can be found here:


I think the bit about using robots.txt is interesting. They are essentially saying, "If we can't spider, then nor can anybody else."

Red Dwarf finally returns to Earth

Pete Foster
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Smoke me a kipper, skipper. I'll be back for more cash.

I really really hope that the cast have done this because they wanted to, and not just because they needed the cash. Let's hope that Naylor and Dave can do it properly.

Speaking clock gets Disneyfied

Pete Foster


Now that the speaking clock is sponsored, does that mean the 30p cost will be reduced?

Didn't think so...

Copyright nagware accord reaches 30

Pete Foster

Pain in the @ss "don't copy me"

This YouTube just about sums it up:


O2 starts charging for calls to non-places

Pete Foster

Carphone Warehouse

Just been on the phone to Carphone Warehouse in contract cancellations. They are playing hardball. According to Stacey, I cannot cancel my contract as the terms have not been changed to my "significant disadvantage".

The relavent clause reads:

8.5 You may end this agreement at any time by writing to CPW at the above address to give notice if:


8.5.3 we increase any of the Charges for the elements of the Service you are using or change this Agreement to your significant disadvantage, provided you give us a minimum of 30 days written notice (and provided you notify us within one month of our telling you about the changes). In this situation clause 8.4 will not apply.

So, according to their own contract, they say I can cancel if charges are increased OR the agreement is changed to my significant disadvantage. Needless to say, this will be going down in writing to CPW.


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