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Bristol's bus stops can run Chrome and Internet Explorer, but no, Windows and public transport do not mix well


You have to love this, an almost entire operating system complete with task bar and applications, to display a bus timetable.

*everything* is wrong about this, *everything* - FFS, a tiny embedded Linux OS running on virtually no power, could do *exactly* the same job, probably using about 1mb of onboard storage. FFS, an Arduino could do it.

This is classic Sledgehammer to crack a peanut solution.

Labour: Free British broadband for country if we win general election


There's a much simpler way to do this...

Just make all providers 'not for profit' (within reason).

Also, don't make it free - just make it a fair price.

What that would mean in practice, is that shareholders don't call the shots, that rank profiteering can't happen and that the proceeds of success are shared by all employees of a company offering services.

The incentives to expand and rollout services would still be there - the C'team in a company and the upper management would still enjoy profits, but at a more reasonable rate. Profits would also be shared by all employees.

The market would still be a free market - competition still very much possible - there just would be no more fat cats reaping in billions by speculating.

You could argue it is these shareholders that are financing operations, if it weren't for the fact that they are raking in so much money.

No more bonuses in the millions to top execs - just a reasonable reward based on experience, responsibility and input.

Surely that is a far better way to operate than, I have to say, a crackpot scheme. I dislike Johnson massively, but he is correct on this one - it is a bonkers idea that is quite simply doomed.

Like a BAT outta hell, Brave browser hits 1.0 with crypto-coin rewards for your fave websites


I've been using it on and off since release.

I find it sometimes locks up - in fact, quite often it locks up on some sites.

I now only use it when a site I'm visiting blocks my ad blocker.

It just isn't reliable enough.

Nominet continues milking .uk registry cash cow with 4 per cent price rise for... what exactly?

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We're all doooooomed: Gloomy Brit workforce really isn't coping well with impending Brexit

Black Helicopters

Cheer up people! Cheer up!

After all, if Brexit continues to be the omnishambles it currently is - very likely - we have climate change to look forward to.

Just think how cool it's going to be to plan and implement a series of 'bug out' sites and a secret bunker in the far north of Scotland!

All that interesting logistical planning on how to actually get there if society breaks down and then, if you do, how long you can make your food last and what you could possibly grow as you eek out a subsistence level existence in the face of marauding hordes of migrating humans!

Lets face it, most of us geeky gamer types have spent many hours training for this, in various gaming scenarios. Sandbox survival games are such a close match to reality, we can rebuild civilisation in just a few weeks. All you need is an axe to start with and soon you'll be generating your own renewable geothermal energy.

So much to look forward to.

Two years ago, 123-Reg and NamesCo decided to register millions of .uk domains for customers without asking them. They just got the renewal reminders...


Just emptied my cart

Total scumbags, Nominet and 123reg.

Just logged into my 123reg account to find .uk domains in my basket I never added.

I will NEVER again do business with 123reg and will never register another uk domain.

Remember the Nominet £100m dot-uk windfall it claims doesn't exist? Well, it's already begun


Why is anyone surprised?

The top brass at nominet knew the golden egg laying goose had a limited life span, so had a last big winner spin while the going was good, to fund diversifying into other areas.

There was a time when registries figured that numerous gtld's entering the market would make a pretty penny, until reality kicked in, that it was really only them who thought .horse, .vodka or .movie was a must have suffix - most people just didn't give a fuck.

So, what better ploy than to effectively hold .co.uk registrants to ransom in an attempt to force their hand at owning the 'new shorter smarter bollocks statement domain'?

Fail to register and you could lose your rights!

Such was the outcry over this, that 5 years was given to allow registrants to take up their new shorter suffix - an entire 3 characters.

Yep, this is business and in the grand scheme of things, whatever - you knew it was coming, did you REALLY think nominet cared for anything other than money? Surely not, they care a lot about all sorts of positive 'for the public good' stuff. Honest they do. Just ask the former Nominet Trust....


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