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Sony posts PS3 DivX firmware update

Paris Hilton


PS3 owners will now be able to play all of their "specialist" ;) videos on their super-duper HDTV via their overpriced black brick, therefore going some way to try and justify the wedge of cash they parted with for it in the first place....

Paris Icon used as she is probably in that collection somewhere (probably not in HD, sadly).

Old Sony console outsold PS3 in US last month


not feeling hated at all :)

<QUOTE>How many of those 360s were replacements for broken consoles?

I don't actually know a single 360 gamer who only owns/has owned 1 360.

Not hating, just curious.</QUOTE>

... well, for one.... me. :)

Own a MK1 360 Premium, never had the ring of death, never had a PSU blow up in my face, and the thing pretty much gets hammered by a bunch of mates regularly.

However, lodger has just bought a 60Gb PS3 (wouldnt let him buy the 40Gb sh1te one - no point crippling a console!).

£379 with Smackdown, Fall of man and RR7 - but NO HD lead WTF??? I know its a loss leader but throw in a £5 HDMI cable for pete's sake!

Firefox version 3 makes beta


Looks like Firefox 2.5 to me...

Just installed this on a test rig (I happened to have one running... Im not THAT much of a fanboy ;-) ) and it got to say that apart from a star at the end of the address bar there is SOD ALL difference in the GUI.

So if there if no difference to the front end, and its all bug fixes / security updates then surely its just a point release? (note - not necessarily a bad thing)

Mozilla - Dont go down the IE route of throwing in the kitchen sink for the hell of it.

3 expands payment options


Appropriate Actually

Once you get an overage bill from them for Data, an Airline company may just be enough to pay it off....

Paris Hilton exits missionary position to save Universe


Surely its..

Paris Hilton drops everything to leave twinkle in Jap's eye...

Prince's anti-YouTube crusade halted by American mommy



Exactly what damages has the woman suffered here in her counter-filing?

Whilst Prince has definately gone OTT with regards to the takedown notice, the counter-filing is good old American greed :(

Sky's ITV stake anti-competitive, says regulator


About Bloody Time

Skys purchase of ITVs stake was so obvious and out of the blue, they might have well stuck up a big sign that said "WE HAVE SOUR GRAPES ABOUT VIRGIN".

The last thing they want is an actual competitor in the marketplace, forcing them to have a customer service department that ISNT full of commission-hungry sales monkeys....

F1 secrets left on the web


This should be retitled

"El Reg spoils fun of F1 fans"

Seriously, how often do we get a chance to see what the megalomaniac team principals are REALLY thinking / doing? :(

Kazaa tech chief joins BBC future technology team


Multi-platform player?

"Rose will be in charge of the next generation iPlayer group, which will include ex-Microsoft man Jon Billings. Rose in turn will report to the Corporation's digital media controller Erik Huggers, who joined the Beeb from Microsoft in May."

The BBC, Pro-Microsoft?...... Noooo, not at all.....

Acronis grabs virtual servers by their backups


Ad Verbatim.....

Is the Author that desperate for a column on a quiet news day that he goes out and seemingly copies an Acronis' PR release word for word?

Either that or all those free lunches at the Storage Expo's must be tiring him out.... ;-)

Firefox hits 400m download milestone


Dont sit on your laurels Mozilla.....

Version 2.0 had a bit of a bumpy ride... remember FireFox dev guys, we liked it because it was FAST, RELIABLE and WORKED. (unlike IE - but nowhere near as much as people liked to admit)

v2.5 / 3.0 better keep up this trend and avoid bloatware and crap features no one wants/needs (thats what plug-ins are for - I dislike the default option to install Google search but I can live with that), otherwise youll begin to see just how "loyal" people are....


IBM signs-in to OpenOffice.org


Finally, a way to get OpenOffice approved by the management over MSOffice ...

... just mention "Its an IBM product".

OK, its not STRICTLY true, but they wont care about that ;-)

PS - I refuse to use the $ sign in MS, I passed Age 14 a long time ago.

O2 XDA Denim unzipped on web



Take a good, long look Sony Ericsson... this is what the P990i SHOULD have been like :(

(goes off to ebay off my P990 and revert to the good old P910... especially now 02 have lowered my contract to £15/mth till may)