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Pentagon: Chinese military hacked us


Red Dragon intrusions

Time and again, red China had been probing for weaknesses on US government systems' security. Their cyberwarfare units have already amassed a significant amount of information about our security vulnerabilities. Hey, it's like them knowing where you left your undies at home when you can't find it! Hacking in China is serious business. Their large pool of bored and talented techies in search of short-term glory doing all those intrusions and probes are essentially being encouraged by their government. The roughly 2,500 physical and "logical" ports of your PCs are never safe from these determined mercenaries. Chinese hackers have also developed a hacking tool that can initiate a scan and present a multiple scenario of suggested intrusions (cyber attacks) based success probability (in percentages) and estimated time of interception by the security systems (in number of hours / minutes). Developed using OpenSource initially and tested in a Beijing gov't tech lab, but the guys are now busy porting this application to "increase it's potency" as applied to the more sophisticated networks being targeted by Red China. In the next 6 months or so, the US can expect bolder intrusions from Red China hackers (both gov't sanctioned and independent). You can all laugh for now, but just wait until your machines start crashing one after another. Their new tool, Dragon Sword, is now under final testing at an undisclosed lab in Beijing. This tool is meant to remotely re-program your CPU and initiate a power overload on your PC or servers and thus burning the units. Not science fiction anymore, folks. It had been done in the lab... soon, you'll more of it in US computer labs... computers / servers getting "burned" even under temperature controlled facilities.


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