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antiX 23: Anarchic for sure, but 'design by committee' isn't always the best for Linux


Re: The sytemd-free ecology

Stuff the major retailers.... they will follow what custumers want.... when enough folks start asking for nix boxe's they will comply....

As mentioned else where in this thread dell will sell pre installed linux pc's.....

I'm supprised no one has mentioned starlight (i may be wrong), but they seem to me like a no brainer and highly configurable... the also have a fanless small factor machine which looks super capable for those lamenting intel retiring their nuc's

They use open-source firmware and disable the intel mangement engine, uses secure boot, suppply lvfs updates and comes with support, and there's more than enough top distros to choose from including mx


Ive been wanting one for over a year now.... :(

With version 117, Firefox finally speaks Chrome's translation language


Re: I use it everyday.

Yeah me too (on mint) ... ff with the usual extensions often times with several open browsers open at the same time with several tabs open, and open for days on end.... and with updates inbetween .... have not had a single issue in over 4 years and even then can't rule my kak handedness out....

Brave on andriod .... might update ff on the driod

Bodhi Linux 7 brings Enlightenment to Ubuntu


Re: Tell me that Linux is never going to be a mainsteam option without telling me....etc.

That is not my experiance at all .... i found it easier....there was a steepish curve to climb in the early days but that was actully more fun than ms round fuckery .... jesus i thought i was losing it when win 7 just became more bloated than a corpse in a gimp suit .... 8 was a hard no and 10 was was ... was ..just pain and horror....have been using nix at home exclusivly since 2018

Microsoft wants Activision so badly, it's handing streaming rights over to ... Ubisoft?


What ever they conciede or pay as apeasment to CMA will be a pitance to what the data they plan on shnuffling up is worth ...

And ubi are a black hole at best won't touch their online stuff again.....

Google says public data is fair game for training its AIs


Re: Is robots.txt still a thing?

yeah nicely said Maskedman.... i think an even fairer outcome would be that if it's scraped from public data then the source should be public too

Threads versus Twitter: Shouldn't we be happy the wheels are falling off antisocial social media?

Big Brother

Re: Freedom is an illusion

Why is it undesirable ?.... and If it's an illusion why are western "democrcies" always banging on about it ....

Think you're free try to do anything without money

We are the only species that pay to live on earth...

what i read from your statement is "dominion" is desirable" in large sociaties by a minority of people who enjoy the benifits of creating scarcity

Meta's data-hungry Threads skips over EU but lands in Britain

Big Brother

Also anyone know what "sensitive data'" is....

they should just come out and say we monitor and store every single thing a user does and sell that to anyone who pays .....ffs when will people understand that what they take from users is worth orders of magnatude more than what the "free" platform is worth....


Microsoft's Activision fight with FTC turned up a Blizzard of docs: Here's your summary


Re: Here's a novel idea

Thanks i thought i was in danger of becoming jaded and cynical ... (allthough some would say that happend a long time ago ).... or worse a HERITIC

"removing the exclusivity side of the equation, you'd force the industry into adopting compatible standards"

↑ this

And the other stuff in the previous post

I dont understand how people just accepted the egregious corporate greed

beer icon to you sir ....


Re: Sony

Sony are japanese and if you knew how they got fucked to stop the nasdek form imploding as in gone forever you would understand them better...

If you have a sony phone they give you the nfo to help you root it and the crypto to still use drm....

Try truly owning any thing the big five have released in the past 5 years....

Metaverses are flopping – hard – says Gartner


Re: Noooo! Reeeally? Who would've seen that coming.

The "additional value a virtual environment adds to this.".....

The value is not to the user it's to the venders and slurp brokers

Privacy Sandbox, Google's answer to third-party cookies, promised within months


Hicks telling marketer's (marketeers.. sounds like racateer?..to kill themselves

i hate these people ...you notice how everythig can be construed as some thing else to these cock wombles ..... "red is the new black" etc"

"If grocery outlets closed tje home bake isle forcing you to buy there bread " .... firstly why would they ?

And secondly bread i buy anywhere is not going to follow me as far as it can on the inter butts... aslo it's not going to profile me throigh whom i know and ascociate with and match all my devives and them sell that data to an underclass of bottom feeders

Open source AI makes modern PCs relevant, and subscriptions seem shabby


Re: costs

Snake ....

Stable diffusion works just fine ... way way better than mid journey and the dream scape onlinr subscription clones way beter

Localy i have a really old intel 3.4 GHZ chip... and while it took a while to work it did it well with a 2nd hand rtx3070 it runs batches of 10 to 15 images in about 3 mins @ 640x720....

Also i can make some primirive geometry in blender,

and run it

US plans to open up government-funded science research papers to all

Big Brother

Re: Rembering Aaron

Who the fuck voted this down .....you sad dispicable loathsome little turd


Re: Rembering Aaron

Agreed.... the mask slipped of the face of the establishment around that time ... the way some people who showed it up with the new fangled interwebs, were treated ... the guys from lolsec, napster and ross ulbricht ... was bad..

... examples made etc...

But the way they handeled the Aron Swartz situation was disgusting.... what a fucken waste

The first real robot war is coming: Machine versus lawyer


Re: LLMs work like a general-purpose fandom

Howard .... it would be great if it was all black n white for your assumtion to be held and found out in a court .....buuuttt

" They are commercial programs into which copyrighted works have been knowingly fed, in the full knowledge that they will form some part of the output"...

The output is as grey as a rain cloud, part of learning is reading ....is learning the output?... is reading/ training the output?

Is language the output?... also if an automated program can scrape these "works" from the web, which were there for all to read, how does that imply infringment..... how does asking a LLM what moby dick is about differ from asking a teacher, coworker or loved one differ even if they wanted some form of currencey for telling you. You could read this about all major "works" be it film tv or litriture on wikipedia.

Copyright is just that ... a right to stop a copy being made and sold outside of the originators license.

If gpt is going to output the whole book sure unless there have been royalties paid, its clear case, but the rest of it ....nah dought it.... try copyright a language or conversation


Re: LLM. All your works belong to us.

It's to late for that.... when was the last time you saw an original idea for a work of fiction that wasn't a pile of wank ....

Our only hope now is that LLM's can scoop all the best bits and stich them into a newer paradime...

Think the best bit's of pulp fiction re imagined in the jungle book or frozen...

.....or raging bull but re told and mixed with the sound of music....

Sure they would suck, but it might be fun for shits n giggles..... can't be any more lame than the utter shit that most of what makes it to screen these days

UK watchdog blocks Microsoft's Activision Blizzard acquisition


Re: "the decision appears to reflect a flawed understanding of this market"

yeh my sentiments exactly m$ can do one...and activision as well ...

Baudwalk steam os is free the sdk is free... and there is a healthy comunity of indiependent game makers also it runs on prrety much anyrhing..

More ads in Windows 11 Start Menu could be last straw for some


Re: lots of possibilities


You've obviously never read m$ full Eula terms and conditionsi (have only read Vista and xp2000's)

... it's basicaly a "get out of jail free card"

They bear no resposibility or liability for an insatillation that has not been vetted by an aproved reaseller.... no liability for "mission critical" applications, there was a whole paragraph about not been fit to be used in nuclear fasilities, missile silos or power plants etc...

There Is a famous quote by gates saying "if Detriot motors had innovated as fast as the pc industry then we'd all be driving cars that would do 1000m/g" to which the then Co of GM replied " yeah but would you want your car to crash twice a day"

You can read how the lore has expanded since

Here https://onewedge.com/2020/06/25/general-motors-replies-to-bill-gates/

Mines the one with the cRash helmet in the pocket

Elon Musk actually sits down and talks to 'government-funded media' the BBC


Aye prandeamus....

I've noticed this weired thing with radio station news how they seem to lack conviction about what narrative they are following ... it takes the teeth out of a story about A and followes it about story B which implicates another race, gender identity,political or religious group.

For example a muslim refugee gets robed or beaten or wronged and wins a law suit and following story is about how a asian man is court for raping a white woman.

Several police are brought up on all sorts of corruption and ot battery following story is about a suspected terriorist caught with bomb making stuff...

Like the over simplification of "not biased" skews and creates a non verbal "leane" in a right thinking

narrative.... newspeak?

Euro privacy regulators sniff Italy's ChatGPT ban, consider a pizza the action


Re: Italy, you are badly wrong

Plest you're wrong....

LLM gets opened to the world, with the proviso that it's early days and not the full whack, and to be treated as such.... que indignant knee jerk histeria,..

over what exactly?...

When asked about data collection, tools such as chatgpt and stable diffusion, the bot was actually fairly saliant on it's responses.... that it was a language model, that humans should decide how and what worked for them ... and that it had no opinion, and regurgited pros and cons from both sides of the coin.

The fact that there seems to be a large agenda to lock it up reminds me very much of the whole gene sequinceing debates.... which by and large is orders of magnitude a bigger deal, and what is said about it now? But the dozzie is that pushing it behind closed doors will be the same outcome as what the bio-engineering issue's are.... that only the wealthy will have acces, that authoritarian regemes will use it for greater overeach and dominion..... same as it ever was....

And for the most part the great unwashed don't give a monkeys about considering the type of world they want to live in ... locking it up ain't going change that

Terran 1, world's first (mostly) 3D printed rocket, lifts off ... and fails to reach orbit


Re: While I applaud their achievement...

"Just tell us it fucked up and they will study what went wrong and fix it. Be honest."

Yeah like Boeing do....


Re: Space is Hard

l dont have exact figures but the difference is the time it takes and the design options..

On one of the prototype engines they stopped the printer to change a design mid print and then continued were they stopped. The print was completed in a week.

Also there are shapes that can be printed that are impossible to machine or would take an inordinate amount of time, think pleniums and manafolds, traditional turning and milling would need many operations of the part beeing moved and rotated with each opp needing a sucsession if fixtures and vices to hold the forming shape.

GE held a design compition some years ago for a new jet engine the 10 winning entries were mixed and iterated over several times, they cut there development times from 3 years to 6 months

Video game players sue to frag Microsoft-Activision merger

Big Brother

"higher prices, less innovation, less creativity, less consumer choice..."

Sounds like m$ on the whole for the last 20 years

There ftfy

FTC wants to pause Microsoft's Activision Blizzard mega-takeover


"CoD and nothing but CoD, and I respect that but it just sounds like brand loyalty to me."

Yes and only on PS....

So if it's only x-box then no ... I'm done with m$..

They are too big woefully inefficient and complete and utter whores for profit.

It's brand loyalty and very much not m$ ... never again... in a perfect world their relavancy would have disappeared by now ...

Strong support for Snap and Ubuntu Core as Canonical meet IRL


Re: Snap is an infection

Liam's right.... the more the more merry...

Thats the beauty of open source use what ever floats your boat and let others do the same... It's annoying when people bitch about choice but then complain about vender lock in....

Big Brother

Re: @VoiceOfTruth - Snap is an infection

Oh get stuffed .....

"Instead of making one package system to rule them all, "

Thanks but the reason i use linux is because there is choice... what distro what package manager what desktop etc

You spound like a poty ring disciple ...

Ive used flatpack (dogshit slow) pip (could be risky)

I prefer appimage from sources i trust and snap works if you need a quik fix ..

If you want 1 ring use microsoft ... learn to compile from source or write a distro agnostic package installer/updater and make it open!

Don't believe the hype: HP CEO says 3D printing hasn't met early hopes


Re: "HP CEO says 3D printing hasn't met early hopes"

Rather lengthy post futher down...

They lacked the vision basically said how can we use our printers to jump in ... fair play but thier business model is in ink and 3d materials are orders of magnitude above that ... from using am to create new polymers and alloys that will then be used fir am production to new enzimes for biological processes..... check out some others below


All depends what your use case is ..

When hp teased thier kit they claimed they would be faster than anything that was available... voxel technology they said .. and when they mean customer they mean paying guinea pig...(oh the stories i could tell about thier large format stuff).

Maybe they thought they could just rent out thier IP..and for all i know they might of ..but most of the really interesting stuff is coming from engineers and having some real world problem , not a blanket far fetched kool aid view of "every home will have one you pay a small sum for a file and hey presto life size robot."

When you look at some of the real benifits of am in general and some solutions the smart companys have achieved,there's no way hp could compete.

It's hard theres the material science, the machinery, the software>>by comparision ink has been around for centuries paper even longer and printers have been developing since the 1500's

Icon printed a rocket engine in a week and changed the design spec 3 days in to the print ...undergoing nasa certification 3months ago

Metalio built a printer inside a Hass milling machine..edm'd a portion of a cracked helicopter blade out and then printed in the repair ...certified airworthy about a week later

My absolute favourite Mazak have a 6 axis lathe that will swop it's tool head to a metal print head seemlessly, print what ever dodad then swop back to a cutting tool and mill turn or finish dodad...

Most grades of stainless alloys have now been certified as have most aluminium alloys, titianium, inconel as have most engineering platstics, military and aviation.

Hp'$ kit uses deskjet technology to spray a binder to (mostly plastic) which is ok if you want to print key rings and marketing crap ... but you could do that with any decent desktop 3d rig (crealityA6 with tasty mods and a smoothie board for shenanigans)

Desktop metal and others also use a binder but the part then gets aneiled in an oven,,, the part will shrink and thus has to printed 20% bigger, hp goning to start selling ovens?...

The OH's cannon died a few months back so the perfectly usable 12 year old deskjet came out, the replacement inks came to a £ more than a new desktop printer filled with all the DRM and bloat you could ask for... i admit i hesitated but bought the inks and had to screw around to get the open source driver (thiers) to work... as they deamed it obsolete.. funny how similar vintage machines drivers worked, scans as well.

Point is a b2b ink reseller was never ever going to make a splash in this arena... it"s moving way to fast in so many directions that avarice is a limitation...what was thier intended use what problem were they trying to solve what inovation could they bring to the greater am industry?? That they made half of what they did almost seems impresive to me ... considering in the time that they anouced they were going 3d,other companys have developed printers on mobile cranes and can print a medium size house in a few days, and no propritey 'voxel" ip in any of it.

Apologies for the length of this post but this shits important to me and it would be remis of me if i didn't give it the fuller perspective.

Children should have separate sections in social media sites, says UK coroner

Big Brother

Re: Why is age verification an invasion of privacy ?

Pascal if you cant understand why the proposals for age veriffication and the required data retention of this proposal, are an afront to privacey then you lack the intellect to comment here and to have an opinion that counts.

If you want to buy alcohol, you need to adult.

If you want to enter a night club, you need to be adult.

If you want to drive a car, you need to be adult....

But they let any arshole be a perent

Perhaps they should instate a law that one has to pass a certain level of perenting skill before having children ?...any less of an invasion of human rights?

I'm not unsympathetic to the young woman and her familly who are mentioned in the article, and i think if they have been coerced into putting their names on this bill, then it's just as bad as the algorythems that they claim "pushed" the younster down that path... but i fail to see how creating in effect a stassie is going to stop kids getting online viewing porn, and stealing cars, getting high buying booze and cigerttes etc...

The best way this could work is if perents had to click the agreement that They take full responabilty for the outcomes of their kids online lives just like they are legally obliged to as a duty of care for the other parts.

I'm slightly miffed i can't downvote your conformist knee jerk comment more than once

Oracle VirtualBox 7.0 is here – just watch out for the proprietary Extension Pack


Re: my beef

Yeah that ...Virt manager with kvm and qemu....

Whay less fuss... define a machine that passes usb

And you're done ...all in one gui

Managed to push the vm's network connection through usb to a pi zero ,,, bit of a fuss bit worked well enough.

Plop. That's the sound of a boot manager booting PCs off media they can't start from


My experience of qemu is with vert manager and kvm......in linux os ....

And yes you can boot straight fron a usb ....

You define a machine that has usb (shared from host)... there are a few distros included ..and you can also save vm's after they have been installed and removed if you have them saved.

The setup has a slightly wierd flow by which you are promted to point to install medium which it returns "cant find medium" you then select generic and then select the guest resources, if usb is checked you can then boot from there in the next step ...

My gues is plop is used for instaling quake on electronic pregnency devices and "smart" fridges, and the like..

You thought you bought software – all you bought was a lie


Re: "You own, at most, a serial number"

Yes and no Alvar..... if one looks past the dumbfuckery of it's mainstream hype...NFTS are more than a unique hash and key pair of a JPEG...

thats actually more how contempory art is "not" consumed as well funny enough... while bought for investments and by private colectors it hardly ever leaves a bonded store (that's fire safe, has humidity and temoreture controls etc)

The flip side of what nft's are is more for creators, if you create comic art or digital art as a single one off, it can be programaticly encripted ... ie if the piece is sold a percentage goes to the creator...if a copy is made it get's watermarked (sure you could screen grab it but the aspect ratio changes ...so far im not sure if this can be watermarked but can be called out as a copy)

It's a way of taking the DRM from the big licencers and Hopefully giving some control back to the creators..... yes im naïve i know ...

Nadine Dorries promotes 'Brexit rewards' of proposed UK data protection law


Double speak

Fuck ...really this is the best that they can come up with.... if as i suspect this is just an attempt to sell UK data to the highest bidders... how does the mad cow think she can explain "privacey" when the advocates explain we now have less privacy, hows that going to get spun ... 2nd unelected pm from a ever dwindeling cabal of incompotents

Excel @ mentions approach general availability on the desktop


Re: Forecast is 100% chance of @storm

what if the pet is a cat .... and use libreoffice/python...

would that be OK..? even if ff is used or shoud brave be the only browser

Asking for a friend

Theres also a gold fish ...he' really old so could go of natural causes

GitHub courts controversy by suspending Tornado Cash developers and reneging on cookie commitments


Re: re: call into question its commitment to free speech

Really does'nt have anything to do with "free speach, freedom of expression or any free whatever"

M$ tender for goverment contracts the world over and will do as they are told to do as paid pipers ...As evidenced by the reneg'ing on the tracking and cookie bull.... paying tune caller, paying the whore piper

China's 7nm chip surprise reveals more than Beijing might like


Re: Ours

Very much to do with greed ... offshore all fabrication and enviromental concerns for way less than home grown .... also making local fab and inovation a losing hand.... shareholders and silicon monopolies win. ... It's also apathetic and lazy

Considering the talent and heratige that past larels were rested on... if greed had Not been a factor we would not be in the predicament now, european and western production would be a major commpetitor and probibly way more enviromentaly safer...

I paid for it, that makes it mine. Doesn’t it? No – and it never did


Re: re: streaming services and content

Haha ..my dear mum won a big prize and i was given my first blue ray player(great big sony it was ) ... but there was a few live music dvd's that i had that would not play on it ..

After taking it in and complaning ... i was informed that i could not play disks from the us ...

And they proved it by going into the firmware and changing the region setting (first id heard of it) and the disk played ...they also wrote down the code sequince and timings, so i could play my disks when i wanted to.

Haven 't thought about in decades ... so icon cheers for the memory brought a smile to my chops

Scientists use dead spider as gripper for robot arm, label it a 'Necrobot'


require all sorts of tedious fabrication and design efforts


How is this ever going to have a practical use

creepy af ..... and how will the patent work

I've been fired, says engineer who claimed Google chatbot was sentient


Yes we really need amanfromars to weigh in on this to get more perspective...

Yocto Project gets big backer and second LTS release – but what is it?


Mile stone what

I remember earlier versions being used for print farms(3d) ... you could use to administer print shedules and notifications and remote access.

I've seen it sqeezed into a pi zero to be used for single printers and wih a remote video link... a seperate build tool called octo print ... pretty sure it is the same family

Chinese boffins suggest launching nuclear Neptune orbiter in 2030


In 10 years time there should be a fission reactor on the moon ... if that becomes the case build it there ... launch it from the darkside

Researchers claim quantum device performs 9,000-year calculation in microseconds


@ 60 fps

so still can't run crysis then?...

Linus Torvalds debuts 'boring old plain' Linux kernel 5.18


Re: boring old plain 5.18

Yeah i seem to recall that nvidea did somthing similar where they sold a nobbeled gpu for less than the same gpu un nobbeled....


lets hope arm and smaller indie fabs will start taking advantage of RISK based architectures, or at least keep intel legit... wishfull thinking yes ..the same intel that for years sold silicon with an undocumented "ring 0" stashed away in the architecture....

The sad state of Linux desktop diversity: 21 environments, just 2 designs


Re: The curse of overchoice

Is this whole shabang just trollbait? ...

It's not really hard

Not sure what distro to use try a whole bunch

Don't like any contribute to one add a request ... fork it make it one you do like or build it from scratch and make it your own .... or or just stick with windows and leave it at that....

Iv'e run a nginx server and a mongo db on a pi zero over wi-fi no window manager just a cmd line and it worked... and i don't work as an IT professional.

The flip side is you can play games on ms ... aint that why consoles exist...

I have never managed to do anything meaningfull with ms products and won't even consider it ever again. If all you are after is a fancey desktop buy a mac ... ffs whats the issue here really ...

People bitch about the duopely then bitch about being spoilt for choice...wtf

And if you can't install a live thumb drive and preview a distro become a gardener ... really ?

Mind you that explains why alot of IT is so bad (some of .gov has been in beta for over 3 years and is being used as product)

This article is so anal it should come with rubber beads and an anorack

Study: How Amazon uses Echo smart speaker conversations to target ads

Big Brother

Re: Get a grip

Having a store clerk suggest an umberela at checkout is not the same as wholsale data commerce full fekken stop... the clerk does not have your purchase history your aggregated spend on any particular platform and ain't going to rally a whole bunch of wetwearher gear sallers around for quik bid for info relating to a potential sale. And there are more than just weather related sales people bidding for the data too...

They will plug your data and whole nations data into a blackbox and then resell that data on to much higher bidders, and that there is where the problem starts and gets darker from there on in.

Theres a reason that the tenants of privacy and a right to self determiation are baked into democratic ideals ... if you can't see why you are either profitting from it or some jesuit sheep shagger

Intel energizes decades-old real-time Linux kernel project


Most ubuntu derivitives can run a low latencey version of themselves and is used in ubuntu studio for sound recording etc , however whats not clear to me is that the few os's that i used this for on embeded systems pi's, beagleboards are not real time systems ... more pre-emtive os's or device tree overlays and to be fair are comparitivly faster than "realtime' os's ... as far as ive read (not done any bench marking myself only read what others have done).

For robots printers and the like the paths are all worked out before execution and all that has priority over the rest of the busses and buffers is error correction... so a slightly larger compute before executing and smaller more managable compute during works bettet on a wider section of hardware...

also that might be why intel are interested as far as safe side execution code and pre-emtive exacution.

Internet Society condemns UK's Online Safety Bill for demonising encryption using 'think of the children' tactic

Big Brother

Re: Make the police & politicians an offer...

Yeah this...

I love the way the camera that caught hanncock In the lift with his surname out was disabled for "security reasons" .... this is a missnomer ... who's security? I would sleep alot better knowing that there were cameras watching the clowns in every political circus the world over, why stop there, public office, open to the public comms.

As far as little people being exploited i fail to see how back doors magicaly stop sick people... it's prety much always the people close or who have acces to them that perpetuate the evil. The web just does what it was designed to do move information.

If a youngster is bullied online, block them, change profiles, or just don't use it. Suicide is not a response from bullying but a much deeper emotional truma... again perental issue not somthing a clamp on encryption is going to solve.

It takes more clicks to reject their cookies than accept them, so France fines Facebook and Google over €200m


Re: Reject all

National geographic....

Fucking ludacris 46 trackers alone ....

Heart fm (rubbish radio station).... cant remember why i went there ...gave up ... 52 cookies didnt stick around to check illagitimate "interest"

We care about your privacy and security

Then stop fucking tracking, monitoring and slurping

as much of my usage as possible....

Now that the mood board, kinwah fart sniffing brigade are all earth friendly, would love to know what all this extra commpute does in terms of energy comsumption ?? Since bitcoin gets a rapp why not cookies and tracking and over use of java script

AMD reveals an Epyc 50 flaws – 23 of them rated high severity. Intel has 25 bugs, too


Re: unauthorized SPI ROM modification.

SPI is a trasmission standerd....from wiklpedia

The master (controller) device originates the frame for reading and writing.

Presumably it could be sent a an authenticated and compromised instruction thus routing to a very different memory (ram) address...

...eprom is a missnomer these days it related

to physically earasing the chip with ... a coded die and the re-imaging it with uv light ....now days they can be re-flashed in situ with sofrware (hopefully from a trused authentication point ) so two fir two in this case

UK Treasury and Bank of England starting to sound serious about 'Britcoin'


Re: National Infrastructure

The treasury used to actualy make some money back from the cost of producing notes and coin ...

However as you say it's only 10% of all money, could this be the treasury looking to turn a profit again?