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Apple's Safari browser runs the risk of becoming the new Internet Explorer – holding the web back for everyone

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I have encountered specific instances of Safari not implementing certain standards correctly…

Lots of words used without saying anything meaningful.

Wall Street analyst worries iPhone is facing '2nd recession' after 2019 annus horribilis

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Re: Saturated Market

Nice of you to assume he’s on a 3 year contract when it’s most likely 2 years

Four words from Cisco to strike fear into the most hardened techies: Guest account as root

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What are you even talking about?

Huawei new smartphone won't be Mate-y with Google apps as trade sanctions kick in

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I think you’re reading too much into something insignificant.

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Re: Things that weren't mentioned by most news about this

Not having GApps should be the least of any potential buyer’s worries. Without the play store, essential apps like banking, health/fitness, education amongst other apps will make things cumbersome for users and side loading apks could lead to malware exposure.

It’s a mucky situation and wouldn’t recommend anyone purchase this device unless Huawei can come up with convincing user friendly alternatives.

News aggregator app Flipboard hacked: All passwords reset after hackers pinch user data

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Seriously? Used to come pre-installed on Samsung devices. No idea if they still do as I haven’t owned a Samsung device since S4/Note 3.

We ain't afraid of no 'ghost user': Infosec world tells GCHQ to GTFO over privacy-busting proposals

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Don’t worry mate, as long as we can spy on the terrorists, you’ll be safe to post your memes in peace.

Might as well rid off the “encryption” as this whole shenanigans defeats the purpose.

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“Ghost user aka spanner”

The ghost user nonsense is the equivalent to the spanner and password analogy.

These guys know how long it will take to break the encryption so they come up this lazy solution as an excuse to spy on dissenters while dressing it with paedos, terrorists etc. who will use more secure alternatives.

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Re: Here we go again...

> Before we know it you'll need to be using AV to access anything online and suddenly they got a system of digital ID cards in place without needing to do it through parliament.

Most horrifying thing I’ve seen all day.

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But… but you might put explosives in some Big Mac and fries…