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Splunk sales ace wins sex discrimination case after new boss handed her key accounts to blokes deemed 'flight risks'

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if only...

...there was a program you could run through your HR databases to pick up obvious data like this.

What looks like a global pay freeze, sounds like a global pay freeze, but isn't a global pay freeze? Ask IBM

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No pay freezes for us at the top as well. We're in this together.

Our multi million dollar bonuses?

As we said, we are not taking a pay rise. We're all suffering together.

Sent from my iYacht.

Some lucky web developer just scored $20k to scour Facebook out of Neil Young’s website

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The Reg will follow....when?

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I'll donit for



Softbank confirms talks to offload Arm as it posts rebound profit

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A bidding war...

.between the Chinese and the US methinks.

I can't see ARM being allowed to go to the Chinese, but it wil shove the price up nicely (for Softbank)

China now blocking ESNI-enabled TLS 1.3 connections, say Great-Firewall-watchers

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Re: Own goal?

"Is that every Windows box in China knocked off the updates bandeagon, with new exploits being revealed each month?"

Yes that would be brilliant, several million more bots on the net.

Huawei Matebook X Pro 2020: Nothing too crazy but at least it's more fixable and cheaper than comparable Apple wares

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"because I did that already to change the Wifi/Bluetooth and the NVMe's."

So you bought a new laptop, but instantly found it lacking.


UK utility Thames Water splashes cash as host of IT consultancies appointed to handle £100m worth of deals

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Re: Digital Thirst

"If you want to reduce electricity usage, you put up the tax on the energy supply. "

Yes that will stop me leaving the oven on 24/7

Police face-recog tech use in Welsh capital of Cardiff was unlawful – Court of Appeal

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weasel words

"a full review of the legislative landscape that governs the use of overt surveillance."


Putting a sign saying "We are recording" after they have already got your image or "We are going to be recording at xyz venue" is not overt. It's restricting your freedom of movement without being recorded with no opt out.

Uncle Sam says it's perfecting autonomous AI-powered drone, vehicle swarms to 'dominate' battlefields

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Re: Inevitable

"I predicted long ago that autonomous killing drones and robots are an inevitability."

You and several million other people.

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The problem comes when you have nothing to lose, then war becomes an easy option.

Why bother talking, when you can wipe out a country without a single loss of life.

Toshiba formally and finally exits laptop business

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Re: I always hated them after the mid-2000s

I'd forgotten about that WiFi helper...thanks for the nightmares I'll no doubt start having again.

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Laptops pretty good.

Desktops bloody appaling.

We rolled out a load of P4s that ended up being slower than the P2 compaqs they replaced, despite having more RAM.

Apple's at it again: Things go pear-shaped for meal planner app after iGiant opposes logo

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That is all.

Whoops, our bad, we may have 'accidentally' let Google Home devices record your every word, sound – oops

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Re: Switched off? for now, possibly.

You sir are a liar!

It was an accident.

This feature was not due to be released until the next update.

NASA to stop using names like 'Eskimo Nebula' and 're-examine' what it calls cosmic objects

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Re: Languages

Yup, that's the French screwed.

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banning siamese twins. Is this because it's degrading to "siamese", to conjoined twins, or because the ones this term was named after, were slave owners who saw black people as sub humans?


With this Uber get-to-work-safe app, you are really spoiling us, ServiceNow

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Re: Do I understand this correctly?

Yea, but those that LIKE ServiceAnytimeNow, are the sort that need a PA, because they can't operate a kettle.

No doubt it requires a 15 menu, 20 step process to do it...but it will make a pretty pie chart.

Also, if you get done over by the Uber driver, does this make the company liable?

Just like when you 'game over' two seconds into a new level... Facebook launches Gaming app without games on iOS

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Re: Time for Zuck

The HTC One.

It was a complete flop.

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Facebook are correct.

Facebook Games is not a gaming platform, it's an advertising and data havesting platform.

India awards apps that offer citizens Microsoft and Google alternatives

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NATO Spending.

I'm pretty sure this is why Trump wants everyone to increase NATO spending, because the main supplier would be the US. So good for India choosing to spend more on homegrown kit.

Just wish we would do the same.

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Is there going to be a new term..

"The Trump Effect"

Def. In order to protect your own self interests, create an aggressive stance, forcing others to back away and no longer work together, thus undermining your original intent.

Search for 'things of value' in a bank: Iowa cops allege this bloke broke into one and decided on ... hand sanitiser

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I always found it funny...

when I hear of the bog roll and hand sanitiser shortages.

Never had an issue.

Was it a town and city thing?

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Re: Hand sanitizer chasers

Not sure the joke icon. The boggest chsin smoking, drug taking alcohlics I ever met were doctors.

Android user chucks potential $10bn+ sueball at Google over 'spying', 'harvesting data'... this time to build supposed rival to TikTok called 'Shorts'

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Re: Lawyers gotta feed their families

Who cares. If it costs them £20 million in legal fees, fine by me.

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Re: I've been using lockbox ...

Two minor questions.

1. Do you often us software that has received no updates for 4 years.

2. What the fuck has it to do with this article?

USA decides to cleanse local networks of anything Chinese under new five-point national data security plan

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Re: Failure to compete

"Look out any European company that starts to make headwinds in the tech infrastructure field!"

Just look at the steel tarrifs. They UK mainly exported EXPENSIVE high grade steel to the US. They still couldn't comptete, despite lower wages , lower energy costs, lower land costs...so lets hit them with tarrifs to push prices even higher.

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Re: Still kicking the Chinese

I thought it was because they smoked opium and corrupted white women...am I a bit behind the times?

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"and part state owned/controlled, in China. "

Wrong China.

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You'll be mentioning Saudi Arabia next....or even Turkey.

Trump administration labels WeChat, TikTok ‘threats’ to national security, bans transactions with both

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Re: Trump is a moron

"It's Nero playing his fiddle while Rome burns."

Love that phrase as it's so incorrect. He actually was reputed to play the Lyre. Playing the fiddle would of been a tad difficult, considering it wasn't invented for several centuries after his death.

Geneticists throw hands in the air, change gene naming rules to finally stop Microsoft Excel eating their data

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Right click, format as text.

Intel NDA blueprints – 20GB of source code, schematics, specs, docs – spill onto web from partners-only vault

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If he releases this...

He can expect criminal proceedings with a healthy case of bankruptcy.

Swiss law allows discovery in criminal cases to be used in civil and I believe it works the other way as well.

China slams President Trump's TikTok banned-or-be-bought plan in the US

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Your pulling the "look over there" routine.

You can't take moral high ground if your being an asshole yourself.

The USA makes out it's a defender of freedom, justice and democracy, but it's as corrupt as most other nations.

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So you've missed out the big detail.

Trump has demanded a cut for the treasury of any deal, due the fact he is forcing the price down.

Its gone from protectionism to racketering.

And remember, this could easily happen to ANY non US company he feels threatens the USA in competitiveness.

National Crime Agency says Brit teen accused of Twitter hack has not been arrested

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Re: Walk in to a zoom meeting just like that?

The judge didn't set a password.

Mozilla warns more Firefox website breakage to come because devs just aren't checking for SameSite snafus

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How about...

...if it doesn't work, a big red banner comes up saying "This site is using out of date trchnolgy. Be careful using it"

Then the problem would be fixed pretty quickly.

Aviation regulator outlines fixes that will get the 737 MAX flying again

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A hummingbird? Is it carrying his suntan lotion as well?

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Re: the plane may find eager customers

"In all the years of 737 Max flights two crashed"

What all TWO years of service?

UK data watchdog having a hard time making GDPR fines stick: Marriott scores another extension, BA prepares to pay 11% of £183m penalty threat

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Re: Fine negotiation

No problem, you just need a £1000 p/h lawyer to write the letter.

Apple re-arms the iMac with 10th-gen Intel Core silicon

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ARM desktops are some time off. It wil be the laptops first, as they require less brute horsepower.

Virgin Media CEO says Brit broadband biz 'performed well' in Q2, which is a weird way to say losses almost tripled

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Re: wat

Yeah, a lot of the losses will be paying the beared tax dodger thevrights to use the Virgin brand name

Hint: look at how the Virgin Group "helped" out Virgin Airlines by not demanding their 30 pieces of silver.

Mozilla doubles down on anti-tracking tech: It'll be tougher for wily ad-biz cookie monsters to track Firefox

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Re: Wait a minute

Because it's default.

No need for a plug in...so will cover everyone that uses it.

Google reveals washable phone case, plus the new midrange Pixel 4a that goes inside it

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Why put you phone in a washing machine?

If you're that worried.

Remove case.

Dip in disinfectant for 30 seconds.



It's as bad as resturaunts giving you paper plates and disposable knives and forks, because all of a sudden industrial dishwashers are unable to clean properly.

Society is becoming more stupid by the day.

Linux Foundation rolls bunch of overlapping groups into one to tackle growing number of open-source security vulns

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...does it mean they are going to help unpaid devs support projects by giving them cash?

Or just come together to bitch and point out the flaws?

In the halcyon days before Brexit, takeover attempts, and COVID-19, HP made 1.3% pre-tax profit on sales at UK limb

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Here's an idea...

Stop flogging those utter piece of shit Streams.

All their low end stuff is just utter crap. Compare them to say an Acer or Lenovo and they are just landfill junk.

Struggling company pleads with landlords to slash rents as COVID-19 batters UK high street. The firm's name? Apple

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Re: I am not an economics professor but...

Mortgage holidays are offerred on many loans, but guess what, your still accumulating interest, which means you'll end up paying thoudands more in the long run.

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"Rather like the breweries over-charging their pubs for rent, and then wondering why they keep going bust."

In many places (escepcially London) this is deliberate policy.

Get a few 10's of thousands profit a year, or sell the plot for a few million.

In other areas, they diliberatly build houses right next to pubs, knowing they will be able to fend off the complaints of noise from the new assholes that move in, therefore forced to close. This is most common for music venues or ones with outdoor spaces.

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Primark is a poor comparision...

They continued to pay the rents and supliers, haven't used goverment money for furlough and have no online sales presence.

Kinda makes Apple look even worse really.

Apple's big trouble in not-so-little China – culls 30,000 apps from its Middle Kingdom App Store in legal crackdown

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Re: Apple cares?

I think.you'll find Apple has stood up to the US goverment on many occassions.



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