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Tesla Full Self-Driving fails to notice child-sized objects in testing

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If you are somewhere in between a small child, or huge truck, you may be OK..... Unless your pushing a bike that is.

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Re: assumption

Well as one of his kids has already completly disowned him, for being a complete asshole, I'm sure he can count one off the list.

Microsoft's fix for 'data damage' risk hits PC performance

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Isn't that pretty much every bit of software?

BT demos 4-carrier 5G aggregation – on a live network

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Re: Finish the rollout first....

EE by me is nonexistent in the (large) village centre.

In the huge, empty country park 10 minute walk away, you get a cracking reception

Aussies crowdsource a business case for central bank digital currencies

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Use case scenario

Pretty obvious one. Cut the USA out of the digital money loop (Visa, Mastercard, PayPal) and retain more control of your own countries finances

However, just look at what happens to countries that try and stop using pretro-dollars. /conspiracymodeoff.

Twilio customer data exposed after its staffers got phished

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"the threat actors seemed to have sophisticated abilities to match employee names from sources with their phone numbers,"

95% of LinkedIn users?

China allows robo taxis – without backup drivers – in parts of two major cities

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Re: Shame

They also burn and mine the most coal anywhere in the world.

They also have the largest population by a long why.

Try it by per capita and the results get REALLY interesting.


Enough with the notifications! Focus Assist will shut them u… 'But I'm too important!'

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It's a simple way of geotracking devices.

It seems innocuous, but it is sending back your usage and location on a regular basis.

Bit like stock trackers.

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Re: It's not just the OS...

A "do not disturb, except phone calls" feature would be nice.

It existed, and even better than that, you could set it so only certain people got through, and / or if someone called X times in Y minutes.. it was called a Windows phone, but everyone slagged it off without even trying it.

Still the smart phone design by miles.

Virgin Galactic delays commercial suborbital flights again

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VG announce another delay.

World shugs shoulders and carries on.

Scientist shares spicy pic of 'James Webb' discovery

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The usual complainers will be the ones who fell for it and lack any sense of humour.

Bloke robbed of $800,000 in cryptocurrency by fake wallet app wants payback from Google

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Re: In a way...

For those that are blissfully unaware how corrupt the Play store is, just search for a well known store. I chose Primark, a store that has no online sales options, so easy to spot.

An example.


Look at all the other fake shops they run, and look at the contact details.

Primark is a well established, extremely well known, trademarked company, and yet they let this shit through.

Hope they lose and the floodgates are opened.

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In a way...

.... I hope Google lose.

They claim they need to control the eco system, take their huge cut of revenue and say what goes and what stays.

So they must take responsibility. The play store is rammed full of fake apps.

If this was a bricks and mortar shop, selling known counterfeit and shoddy goods, and as a result someone ended up out of pocket, they would 100% be liable.

Yes, crypto a glorified pyramid scheme, but Google is no innocent party. Remember Google are notorious for running ads for dodgy websites. They don't give a shit, so long as they get paid.

SpaceX upgrades Starlink to reflect less light, can't launch without its Starship

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Blackest paint?

"five-times lower specular peak compared to the darkest available space stable paint," it said.

Isn't one of the main uses of Vantablack being for Satellites?

China-linked fake news site shows disinformation on the rise

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In the UK..

.... we call them "Newspapers"

One to watch: Open-source code that measures your exposure to CCTV

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Take it you've never heard of Open Street Map?

GitLab U-turns on deleting dormant projects after backlash

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Re: Where to go?

Self hosting?

Be careful where you install software, and who installs it

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Re: Those GUIs ARE only frontends!

Oldest trick in the Win95 book.

TweakUI and speed up menu pop up animation.

"There you go. I've ran some clean up tools, freed up space, clicked up the CPU and put the memory into boost mode. Your machine should be running a lot faster now".

"Wow... That's really quick now, thanks!"

GitLab plans to delete dormant projects in free accounts

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Re: Desperate measures

"The disk space is already paid for"

So the disks are ROM now? What about all the back up space? The power to support the disks.

As we don't have the info, the space required couple be hundreds of racks, just sitting there doing nothing.

Pull jet fuel from thin air? We can do that, say scientists

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Did you read the article?

It very clearly states its not new.

It's the process of making it that is the twist.

Lockheed Martin wins $213m contract to update F-35 datacenter

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No, it shows how realistic we've become.

It was ludicrous when MPs were saying the UK couldn't repel a Russian attack.

Guess what, we never could (although Ukraine is showing that its harder than the Russians think)

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On a different note

... What happened to all those fantastic A-10's these were supposed to replace. I Know a country that would love them right now.

UK Parliament bins its TikTok account over China surveillance fears

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Ideal platform.

TikTok is mainly used by kids and brain dead, immature, attention seeking, waste of oxygen, morons, who you just want to slap.

Parliament is full of brain dead, immature....

Strike days should serve as 'wake-up call' to BT's top brass, says union

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Re: Maths

Then you risk run away inflation.

The next step will be a price hike in bills. Then people will want more increases.

I don't know what the answer is as most inflationary issues currently are external, but a 20% increase won't happen.

Linux may soon lose support for the DECnet protocol

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Let's face it.

If your supporting a decades old system, using a year or two old Linux box is hardly getting to be the most traumatic thing to deal with.

I ran a Windows 98 box for 15 years to support a single bit of hardware until it was retired.

People moan about the size of installs, then complain about removing old cruft. Things just need to be pruned from time to time.

Infineon ups 2022 revenue forecast as chip drought persists

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" meet car buyers demands"


You mean car makers demands ramming shit into cars that most don't care for, or don't want.

Car seat heating subscriptions?

24/7/365 tracking?

Soon to be obsolete dash consoles?

Easy theft keyless entry?

The US grid is ready for 100% renewables, says DoE

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The US

is pretty well known for not being able keep the lights on with fossil fuels, so good luck on this one.

AMD boasts of record sales, says 5nm Zen 4 Ryzen 7000 coming this quarter

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Good, that how things should be.

Google asks workers for ideas on being 'more focused and efficient' in internal survey

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This never work.

Answers such as....

There are too many bloody clueless managers

There are too many pointless meetings

Just let me do my fucking job.

Stop sticking us on pointless courses to tick boxes, instead run useful ones.

... Never get acted upon

Homes in London under threat as datacenters pull in all the power

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I still don't understand

Why they don't mandate that say all 2+ bedroom houses must have solar panels installed.

Doing as they are built is a fraction of the cost of retrofitting.

Indonesia sparks outrage by blocking PayPal, gaming sites, for compliance oversight

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Re: Yahoo

Yeah, it where I send all my junk sign ups to.

Bill Gates venture backs effort to bring aircon startup to market

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Re: aircon

Eugenics was also endorsed by many of the early 20th century great scientists, business leaders and politicians.

Bell, Roosevelt, Keller, Churchill, Kellog and many more.

Being smart doesn't stop you being an assholes.

General Motors goes electric with $2.5b US government loan for battery plants

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Re: 44 against 558

Annoyingly I could answer some of your questions, but confidentiality clauses etc.

However I can say at least a chunk of the final battery system is UK made.

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Re: 44 against 558

I'll just leave this here.


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Re: GOVERNMENT UNION MADE BATTERIES... Don't get one made on Friday!

You are amanfrommars' love child and I claim my £5

MIT, Autodesk develop AI that can figure out confusing Lego instructions

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If you can't build IKEA furniture...

... don't try anything more technical, like making a cup of instant coffee.

Russian ChessBot breaks child opponent's finger

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Re: Questionable Explanation

So how do you remove a piece from play or move a Knight?

Amazon buys US healthcare chain One Medical for $3.9bn

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Playing Devils Advocate

The US healthcare system is just one massive money making scam, where the health provision is owned and funded by the health care insurance cartel.

If a 3rd party can come in and break up this corrupt state of affairs then great.

Just a shame its another company with a dodgy track record.

Russia, Iran discuss tech manufacturing, infosec and e-governance collaboration

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This is nothing new.

"Iran has cultivated close relationships with foreign suppliers that are not allied to the United States, especially Russia, China, and North Korea"



UK chemicals multinational to build hydrogen 'gigafactory'

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Re: This is probably because I'm extremely dumb

NCAP gave 5* safely for the Toyota that is currently available in the UK


And Toyota take.


Thousands of websites run buggy WordPress plugin that allows complete takeover

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The problem is not WordPress...

It's the people that chuck on any random plug in, even if it has no development for years. When they do use current ones, they don't use the auto update features

Then they don't bother putting any security software in place, 2fa etc

And finally, they don't even attempt to lock down the admin area.

Microsoft tests CD ripping for Media Player in Windows 11

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I bought a CD just the other day.

Not available on any streaming platforms and not some butchered version.

SCOTUS judges 'doxxed' after overturning Roe v Wade

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Re: The left no longer understand what democracy means.

"The supreme court removed the law at federal level and put it back to state level."

OK let's throw it back as the laws stand.

Dave wants to fire a gun in X state, but its illegal.

"Hi Bob, where can I go and fire a gun legally?"

That question is illegal to ask and anyone seeing that can effectively prosecute you.

"It's legal in Nevada"

That answer is illegal and anyone seeing that can effectively prosecute you.

"Great I'll look online and find a shooting range"

Anyone advertising this service can effectively prosecute you"

"I'm of to Nevada to shoot a gun"

That is illegal and anyone can effectively prosecute you.

"Well I shot my gun in Nevada where its legal"

That is an offence and anyone can prosecute you.

This is state level law?

Microsoft intros clothing line that is absolutely not leftover conference swag

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Re: Display your ignorance!

Haven't you pretty much summed up every designer label out there.

£5 t-shirt + text in royalty free font = £50 resale price.

Russia fines Apple and Zoom for failure to prove domestic data storage

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Re: Apple and $34,000

Every little helps

Microsoft's July Patch Tuesday fixes actively exploited bug

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Dunno, maybe read the linked article?

Cloudy Chinese word processor vendor denies deleting defiant docs

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And showing empathy.

Fujitsu: Ammonia could power datacenters in the near future

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Re: And meanwhile in Texas...

"ERCOT " Could you please not plug in your electric car or use your air conditioning from 2 till 8 tonight? The wind is not blowing."

If there was only some source of power generation that could be used when the sun is shining.

Florida man accused of selling fake, broken Cisco devices from China to hospitals, schools, military

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Re: Fine American name that

Spoken like a true ignorant twat, utterly oblivious of the US history.

It's like ignorant Brits saying I hate bloody foreigners I'm a real Anglo Saxon!

AI inventors may find it difficult to patent their tech under today's laws

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Who owns IP for art, music etc

Hopefully no one.

The current system is already fucked when it comes to music. We've had cases where they have successfully sued for "the general sound and feel" of a track.

With AI you could simply generate every single possible combination of notes in 8 bars and then sue every single musician on the planet.

You could easily do the same with art work.Just bang out 10s of millions of images and then sue for similar looking pieces.


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