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If you suddenly can't print to your HP Printer from your Mac, you're not alone: Code security cert snafu blamed

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not just the utility... installation image also borked

It's not just the signing on the application, if you try to install the HP Printer Utilities 5.1 DMG from the HP website, the installer is signed with a certificate that expired a year ago. You can tell the system to trust it... but it doesn't help -- various bits won't install because the individual executables are borked too.

Relying on plain-text email is a 'barrier to entry' for kernel development, says Linux Foundation board member

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And he also couldn’t do it from Apple Mail.

So, she has an educated partner who can't find the Format/Make Plain Text (shift-command-T shortcut) in Apple Mail? Really.

Your Agile-built IT platform was 'terrible', Co-Op Insurance chief complained to High Court

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Re: Is this normal in the IT world?

Re: your builder example. Don't know what country you're in, but in the USA a subcontractor who is not paid by the contractor can place a lien on the property where the work was performed. You'll have to pay them, even if you *already paid* the contractor if the contractor didn't pay their subs. You then are left suing the contractor to recover the money.

Apple: EU can't make us use your stinking common charging standard

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Re: Hate Apple, love Lightning connector though

Not unique to lightning ports -- I have a microUSB device that behaves that way. If you don't wrap the charge cable around the device to put pressure on it in the right direction it won't charge. It's the socket in the device that's flaky, but can't for the life of me see exactly what's wrong with it.

Traffic lights worldwide set to change after Swedish engineer saw red over getting a ticket

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references for signal timing and signage

For the US, you can download a free copy of the Signal Timing Manual, DOI 10.17226/22097 which presumably will change at some point because of this case. Another generally interesting guide is the Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices which details the US standard signs and road markings and their permitted usage and placement. Some US states have state specific additions to this, but they're generally small. If you're arguing with city government about the idiotic placement of a sign it generally works pretty well to be able to quote the MUTCD section it.

Help! I bought a domain and ended up with a stranger's PayPal! And I can't give it back

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similar problem but with a GMail account...

Got a GMail account that got associated with someone in the UK's PayPal -- except that I've had it since day 1 of GMail when it was invitation only.

PayPal says they can't possibly have associated the e-mail with the account without the user proving they have access, so they're unwilling to do anything about it. And yet...

All attempts to break the association have failed, even invoking GDPR to have them forget any personally identifiable information.

An Army Watchkeeper drone tried to land. Then meatbags took over from the computers

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Re: Watchkeeper...

The Ape Wreck!

Spri-Mobile? T-Print? Time to think of a nickname: The Sprint/T-Mobile US merger is go

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Re: contactless/chip and pin

We had contactless cards, but when you can use a contactless card without PIN or signature it's ripe for ripoffs. Most of the contactless cards went away at the next refresh.

We do have cards that present two alternative authentication methods (1) chip & sign, (2) chip & pin. Most terminals aren't smart enough to use anything but the first method presented. Most European and Australian terminals choke and suggest a signature even when they're unattended and have no mechanism to accept a signature -- some just go ahead without any authentication.

I put the blame squarely on the terminal manufacturers (who seem to be mostly American, so yes, that's the USA's fault)

My iPhone works just fine on the contactless terminals (which are many places now)

Boeing admits 737 Max sims didn't accurately reproduce what flying without MCAS was like

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You know who ought to be on the checkout flights?

Boeing's senior execs, the FAA management and safety inspectors, and the software engineers responsible for the patches should be on all the checkout flights where they intentionally cause AoA sensor disagreements and dual AoA sensor failures.


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