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Windows 7 Update May issues


this is 10000% the issue we saw - i should get a mention


Windows 7 Update May issues

Hello all,

Is anyone seeing issues like those last month with Windows 7 desktops? We have seen a number of machines over a number of sites sat at "installing updates" for 2-3 hours.

Once they go through this cycle they do appear to be fine however it is very reminiscent of last months issue.

We have one of the three affected A/V vendors in use over all of these sites which where affected by last month issue.

Any assistance on where to look would be helpful.

We have gone through one of the machines and removed the following patches which where installed prior to the issue, but the machines are still trying to install them.

wusa /uninstall /KB:449164

wusa /uninstall /KB:449175

wusa /uninstall /KB:448206

wusa /uninstall /KB:445606

wusa /uninstall /KB:449558


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