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Larry Ellison tiers Amazon a new one: Oracle cloud gets 'always' free offer, plus something about Linux


Re: Always free services

All the big cloud players offer access to their stuffs up to a certain limit, for free, to attract all the folks out there. Oracle is just doing the same for the same purpose. I don't see why Oracle, who is still catching-up, would ask people to pay for something they provided for free ?, just like the Oracle Database Express Edition 18c which is actually free, with no support and restricts itself to a certain capacity limitations.

By the way, well done for the 'unlimited time'.

Oracle co-honcho Mark Hurd can't wait to turn your $1 of IT support spend into $4 of pay-as-you-go cloud revenue


Re: license audit/support strong-arm tactics

Yes, I can easily imagine, one of the cloud providers currently involved in the fierce battle to win this cloudwar, will behave just like Oracle, once that fortunate company will have achieved, in the cloud market, a position equivalent to Oracle's position in the database market today.

Indeed, the thing is that, this time, that company will have what it takes to shut down your business.

Believe me, when that will happen, what Oracle has done to its customer would be insignificant compared to the nightmare its unfortunate Customers will experience.


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