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Mods I have known, Mods I have loved, Mods I have hated: Motorola's failed experiment is now a savvy techie's dream


For just about the last 2 years I've had a Moto Z as a daily driver. The first unit I had was the Z2 play. It was a very reliable phone with the right specifications for the price point. The price of the Z2 force dopped fast enough that after 9 months I upgraded and the play was the birhtday gift for my son. We own a decent selection of the mods. It really works well and I'm happy that Moto is committing (it seems) to a 4th generation. That means that I can buy a new unit i n a year or two and get a decent run out of my investment of mods. The investment was limited, since the most were purchased on eBay for reasonably low prices. The projector was a measly 80 euro's and in an unopened box.

As for the mods themselves, I can agree that the battery mod is an absolute winner. Finding second hand units are virtually impossible. What a pity that is. It works well and is non intrusive. After a heavy day of use one can simply slap it on the back if the power is running low during a Netflix show. My son also has a battery and he uses it profusely. Guess he games more in the breaks at school.

The second great mod is the car dock. It is not mentioned in the article, but it is fantastic. The design is flimsy and the back mount broke during first use, but I fixed it and now it works perfectly. The docking and undocking is very elegant. Pity the design is so flimsy. Most people don't have the skills to fix it themselves.

The projector is the third unit that gets mileage in our home. We enjoy camping, but we do watch movies at night in the tent. We have a white sheet glued to two aluminium poles. This results in a relatively taught screen without creases. This in combination with the bluetooth speaker makes for a nice nightly film. It is a pity there is not a speaker mod that clicks between the projector and the phone to produce sound during the film. The projector is built beautifully with a fan that is so quiet it is not audible in a film.

The camera is the next unit I use regularly. The seamless integration with the storage and social media sinks for photos is the way it should be. In order to make the decision whether the camera is worth it, I compared it to a similarly priced Canon. The picture quality was virtually the same. The Canon had a longer zoom range, but the integration with the telephone was painful and cumbersome. The Camera mod received plenty of poor reviews for the image quality, but compared to a point and shoot with the same sensor size it is much of a muchness. The light balance selection is often a little dodgy and requires manual mode and upping the light balance. This is especially the case with low light photos. Videos are quite good with a stereo mic, but the zoom Is very loud. Using a fixed zoom is the solution.

With the game mod there are a few games that are worth it. I played Abes Oddesey New and Tasty. The interface via the on screen buttons are terrible, but with the game controller it is Tasty!

The mod I most desire is a oscilloscope/multimeter unit. It is a pity that there are not more business solutions such as this. Another option would be a snap between speaker for the projector. This would result in having a movie with sound. Now the choice is movie or sound... At first I also thought a quad DAC solution would be cool, but the internal DAC in the telephone is an HD dac with 224kHz sampling. It is limited by the android configuration to 48kHz, but the capabilities are in the phone. The thing I think that would've slaughtered it, was if Moto brought out the concept for the cheaper phones. Adults are too long term conscious to adopt this tech. Kids however would hapilly snach it up. If they made a cheap version (Mods lite) where a battery and a speaker would be about the price 2 of your friends could pay for 1 birthday gift together, then it would work. All the kids want more sound out of their phones. Parents give the phone and the kids save some money to get a speaker click on. (like the battery free speaker that came out near the end).

I'm looking forward to many more years of this increasingly rare thechological gem. Thankfully I snatched up enough of the hardware before it disappears completely. It is a great pity that this didn't become what it could have become. The only way this kind of tech would survive is if the idea is not a lock in and other brands could adopt it.


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