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How HashiCorp's license shakeup seeded a new open source rebel

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Opentofu features

I saw recently the ability to do things like removed resource or excluded resource state file. Very nice.

KDE Plasma 6.0 brings the same old charm and confusion


Numbering obsession

What's with the versioning hate? Firefox made numbering literally useless and same thing for chrome and some other opensource software.

Also I do feel the authors pettiness towards KDE not addressing HIS pet peeves while ignoring what a majority of KDE users would consider nothing burgers or actual features that KDE users want.

We need better reviewers and reviews of Linux desktop UI based on different people different workflows.

No joke: Cloudflare takes aim at Google Fonts with ROFL


Static content

So much of the geocache and content delivery requires that html and bits get stored on their edge devices. I wonder how much more optimisations might exist like this. Would love to see some of these stats.

Producers allegedly sought rights to replicate extras using AI, forever, for just $200


Generate Extras for free

Can't AI already generate faces from a collection. And those faces are unique and not same as any of the faces in the collection?

Coat because it seems horses have already bolted.

Electronics market shows US-China decoupling will hike inflation and slow growth


Re: Translation

I learnt that US civil bodies like to let things rot to the point where "emergency" funds will get approved post-haste to fix the "disaster" that they let fester and fail. That way they get to keep and spend the maximum amount that they ever wanted in funding.

Now it is never okay for any government to wait and sit on their hands until disasters are exacerbated and forced into dealing with massive scale catastrophes. If the responsible are never held to account and never called into question, then that is how things will continue to be the norm. It is a crapshoot for anyone caught in the middle when the midden hits the windmill.

Icon for the multiple train derailement and chemical spills poisoning the land.

ChatGPT, write a report about database glitches that crashed you today



Anyone figure out what AI and bot framework is running the Zuck bot?

Chinese defence boffins ponder microwaving Starlink satellites to stop surveillance


Re: Working

CcP and PLA Did break into SpaceX and steal most of the source code but they forgot that MAssive projects have hideous tooling and integration requirements and simply stringing together if_then_else isn't going to cut it for even the start.

With out the scripts and tools a d People in the know how to configure build and execute you are stuck up sh*t creek without any clothes on.

OnlyOffice treated to an update – and fresh plugins


Toolbar or Ribbon

The fact that there is no choice to switch between the two styles in MSOffice tells you all you need to know about it.

These days we are doing corporate docs in markdown and generating either ppt or pdf or xls from those files. Even the sales decks are automated in the same way.

So why pay for Office except for the PHBs ????

How relevant does Office need to be?

Heads to roll at Lenovo amid 'severe downturn' in PC sales


Re: "Now companies including Lenovo, HP and Dell are facing an uphill battle to sell more product"

Most of the situation where hibernate broke was in the corporate windows system. My personal Linux systems happily hibernate or sleep or shutdown on command and never shirk their duties. That is why sudo or doas or root is such a good implementation!

If your Start menu or apps are freezing up on Windows, Microsoft has a suggestion


Replace with ClassicShell

I gotta say that I have been a massive fan of Stardock Windows BLinds and LiteStep and now ClassicShell on Winblows platforms. Rainmeter is another wonderful panacea against some of the bloatware that is explorer.exe Make sure to get Sysinternals tools and Powertoys.

Personally I run GeckoLinux on my experimental systems and Fedora37 that has been dist-upgraded since f32 days.

Sad is the day when corporates decide that they think that they know best and force all employees to run this malware ransomware riddled garbage that is WinDOze.

India uses emergency powers to order takedown of BBC documentary


Whatabout massacres

Why does a state-media company get to put out opinion pieces as if it were fact and not just that, an opinion?

India is not a free-speech state. Free-speech in India is a privilege and any abuses will get the full consequences either from govt or judicial bodies. Problem it's ripe for abuse and powertrips.

Any foreigners or Indians should take note of liberties freedoms and limitations such as foreign persons protesting in India can be subject to arrest and deportation. Only Indian citizens and not even residents have that right. So take care and be mindful of local laws wherever you may be.

Atlassian CEO's bonkers scheme to pipe electricity from Australia to Singapore collapses


Simple solutions

Probably the number one reason lab results never make it to market in the exact same way they tested them.

Like someone mentioned use the solar to make ammonia hydrogen store it ship it and use a smaller solar farm insite to release the hydrogen.

Or just setup pumped storage since you have lots of land and might need water during dry season and test the limits capacity the system generates stores and handled. Then later figure out the buyer seller etc once it is actually functional.

Small steps and all that.

Russians say they can grab software from Intel again


DeepState intel

If you are Russian and downloading software from commercial entities not on Russian soil I think you should be ready for some kind of "malware" to get you somewhere down the line. It would be funny if Putler runs Windows and MS patch Tuesday nukes his PC

SpaceX tells astronomers: Fine, we'll try to stop Starlink spoiling stargazing sessions


UNSpacey gimme Gundams!

I want my transformers VariableFighters and Gundams NOW!Please!

Version 5 of the Endless OS enters testing


Gnome and systemd

It's all wishful thinking for the return of CDE and OLVWM or even KDE3.x

Fvwm is still around and switching to it is like a fresh breeze what with its rootless desktop and pager and right-click menu.

We don't need fancy, we need customisable and functional. Simple text config files and we are done.

What goes up must come down: Logitech sales tumble amid PC slump


Forced market dump

If Logitech made their products backward compatible like they always used to maybe existing customers will boost sales.... Or you lose the existing base as well.

IBM shifts remaining US-based AIX dev jobs to India – source


Redundancy relocation

When there exists SLES ppc64le and RHEL ppc64le .... Why Why would anyone want to continue with AIX ???

Is it such a big impact if 80 AIX Dev positions got offshored?

If you had said Redhat Devs' positions were moving to India that would ring alarmbells.

Pirate becos it is offshore where bribery .... ahem..... I mean corruption .... errrr .... piracy.... arrr..... abounds.

New York gets right-to-repair law – after some industry-friendly repairs to the rules


Oreo Cat iZ Famous now!

Look at the kittie ! So gentlemanly and comforting the owner on a real shitty day!

Also the other kat idiot guvnor of NYS sure stuffed that bill real good and real hard!

NASA may tap SpaceX to rescue ISS 'nauts in Soyuz leak


Doubtful Evil or Insane Evil

Russia has always claimed it would oppose the West as the other axis of power. Obvious Putin has been the next Evil Guy (tm) for the longest time probably since first appearing as a notetaking Lackey of Gorbachev or Kurushchev or some Russian head of state. Crazy then, crazy now.

FTX CTO and Alameda Research CEO admit fraud, pair 'cooperating' with Feds


YouTube debunkers

Surprising to hear Reg talk about youtubers as reliable sources. I've always watched coffeezilla and upper echelon regards to gaming scams and on the side nfts scammers. It was mostly for entertainment and not real FBI and most wanted stuff going down

Xen project goes for VM Hyperlaunch with version 4.17


wait redundancy is not colocation

usually a canbus connects multiple systems. so you want is active standby and even a backup canbus. not cut costs by centrally locating all control systems.

Amazon to spend $4.4b in India as it adds second AWS region


Job cuts or offshoring

Hasn't it been happening for the longest time? US company offshores jobs to some 3rd world low cost location and rehires a few "managers" or "directors" for oversight and remote management back in the US.

With CoV19 and WFH becoming the norm, this has to have been accelerated beyond belief.

Also IT support isn't the "sexiest" job right? Crypto bros and influencers and ahem OF and the gig economy are at their peak right right?

Elon Musk to abused Twitter users: Your tormentors are coming back


Morality lessons

The beatings will continue until morale improves!

Tormenting victims by boosting abusers back on the platform and allowing existing convicted abusers exploit the platform even after repeat violations and perma-bans is a very Jerry Springer style of management.

Wonder who taught Elongated Muskrat these abuse techniques...

Nononono I'm sorry come back allisforgiven

Punch you in the mouth calls you an old fart

Falsely accuses others of the crime they themselves are actively committing

I believe the above is how sociopaths and psychopaths usually behave. No blame lies with them and always others.

Intel plans to cut products — we guess where they’ll happen



When I prefer NUCs for running VMware and any other Hypervisor solutions in my personal "lab" over anything else tells me Intel are truly dropping the ball when it comes to business. I guess I need to rethink buying couple of R-pi boards and some other mini PC brand and really start building my own management io and solutions. So far I ignored since NUCs seemed likely to stay but Intel is pushing me towards other vendors.

Starlink decoded for use as GPS alternative – without Elon Musk's help



Musk PROFITEERS 400 Million dollars for receivers in Ukraine paid by volunteers and users while he "Donated" 3000 units one time.

He egotistically threatened to cut off Paid Subscription service and asked DoD to gift him almost 900 million fot a Paid Service!

Billionaires and MultiNationalCompanies need to be taxed at 75% gross and anyone below 10% of what the CEO is making gets compensated to meet the company mean wage. Rest held until the company or top mgmt eventually messes up and then boom dissolve and payout all impacted.

Everything goes public domain after 50 years. Billionaires dont get to trickledickdown or hold economy hostage.

This is the Nukeclear option. only way to be sure.

India to lead drive for global crypto regulations to bust money laundering


Party cuckatoo

Previous govt had the CBI parrot and current govt has this "Finance" cuckatoo in charge.

My fellow ethnic origin statesperson has been in my opinion responsible for "arranging" fast track money laundering using Stooges in banking orgs and officials double printing and double destroying new minted currencies and "losing" truckloads of newly minted currencies at local bank branches "accidentally". The entire charade of demonetization was looting public coffers and establishing an aboveground fastlane for money laundering in the country with zero public oversight . All this is in my opinion.

Neither party has a future that is corruption-free and it is business as usual with free corruption thrown in no backsies.

Oracle VirtualBox 7.0 is here – just watch out for the proprietary Extension Pack


Steam Deck

The need for VMs is fast disappearing as more and more stuff can be run inside "containers". There is a place for VMs and a place for containers. VMs are slowly going away though so is the need for a full VM.

IBM's 'bare metal' LinuxONE push: Did somebody say OpenShift?


suse on Z

i cant comment much on rhel or openshift on z but suse has been around longer with mature packages which would contribute to stability and less drastic changes. Just my 2p.

It's 2022 and there are still thousands of public systems using password-less VNC


XRDP or VncOverSSH

There are free implementation of RDP now on Linux servers. No need to have VNC exposed.

And VNC is not designed for security! So securing it properly is an important house cleaning

China seems to have figured out how to make 7nm chips despite US sanctions


Chess is from India

You know India is buying Dino Juice from Russia using Chinese RMB?

Also the CCP is notorious for claiming and demoing things that are patently false.

So take it with a pinch of salt and a pound of skepticism if the CCP says anything through any of its domestic and foreign orifices.

India lets Mastercard issue new cards again


Re: India is the new China

Let's not whataboutism. A dysfunctional democracy with loads of corruption is waaay better than a dictatorial communist regime that can weld you shut at your home or arbitrarily cut up your passport and prevent you from leaving.

India allows foreign companies to either bring or take out their earnings in USD just try that in China I dare you.

How one techie ended up paying the tab on an Apple Macintosh Plus


Re: Manual page numbering

Do it in LibreOffice master document.

Msoffit definitely not meant for large multi-chapter books.

OMIGOD: Cloud providers still using secret middleware


It is normal in every Cloud

If you wish to monitor and log your cloud resource using the cloud providers services you get to install their agent . in azure its called omsagent.

I gotta say if u go "cloud" it does have advantages. Without good architects and support staff you won't get good results in ANY platform.

IT is not for idiots to implement. That includes "cloud"

Microsoft accidentally turned off hardware requirements for Windows 11


Treacherous Platform

Long ago when microshit called Linux cancer ... TPM was relabelled correctly by the OSS community.

Broadcom to 'focus on rapid transition to subscriptions' for VMware


SuSE and others

Rancher and SuSE are making improvements to KVM and containers has been making strides to convert traditional shop customers and if VMware goes mstax that will drive customers to other pastures!

381,000-plus Kubernetes API servers 'exposed to internet'


K8s are u okie Annie?

Right so scanning /version or /status or just / will result in 200 OK ... Why troll ?

Elon Musk 'violated' Twitter NDA over bot-check sample size


Musk mush

Elongate is definitey going to happen but twatter legal and CEO sound like spineless yes-men doing someone elses bidding

GPL legal battle: Vizio told by judge it will have to answer breach-of-contract claims


Buy monitors not TVs ?

I dunno but bought an LG monitor and connected my digibox to it just fine. No OS nothing.

VMware reveals a swarm of serious bugs – some critical


Bugs or CVE

Did VMware manage to fix their SSD issues yet? Still haven't seen that bugfix vulnerability patch released by VMware yet. What does it matter if VMware fixes most of the serious flaws but leaves the functional issues since esxi v7 was released.

Dunno about you, but we're seeing an 800% increase in cyberattacks, says one MSP


Re: Never been a better time to lock down

I dont let anyone run windblows on my home network. Its all linux or android devices or nothing.

More people should do the same where possible. Replace windows with linux and android at least.

Where are the (serious) Russian cyberattacks?

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Russian bots are down

Got geoip and ban lists active. Mostly blocked






Attacks are waaaaay down to about 100 unsuccessful per week now compared to about 1000 attempts per day just a month back!!!!

FreeDOS puts out first new version in six years


Virus with your DOS sir?

Please sir? Are you good sir? Running DOS and Dr Norton or Dr Solomon sir? Suits you sir! Just faffing about on DoS for a laugh is okay for a few brief moments but i should think it will need to be firewalled and bricked off for constant use.

Dark-mode Task Manager unveiled by original's creator


Re: Task Manager?

Sysinternals make wonderful tools. Now part of microsoft i guess.

Open-source Kubernetes tool Argo CD has a high-severity path traversal flaw: Patch now


Helm is vulnerable how exactly ?

If you mount secrets external to helm and dont need it to decrypt any secrets or provide the secrets .... Wouldnt banning any "unknown" helmchart that does not pass first inspection of this vulnerability and banning them and their source also be good practice ... Just like how disabling jog4j jndi functions did not default sanely to disable???

Lost your mouse cursor? Microsoft's PowerToys 0.55 has you covered – with a massive crosshair


Re: Can't find it

WinGet a stolen product that MicroShit failed to pay up to the developer and actively poached his ideas by falsely interviewing and stealing all his ideas.


Linux h8rs gonna hate

KDE has had these features for who knows how long. Microshaft releases a Terminal and the world goes mad.

Beryl and emerald and other window compositors too have had these features far longer and unreported by theRegister.

Windows box won't boot? SystemRescue 9 may help


Sysinternals on WinPE

Sysinternals is one of those better than microsoft tools that MS purchased. WinPE is probably an alternative SysRescue.

And those who suggest Ventoy should be careful if the ISO supports dynamic or Label UUID disks. I have run into some ISOs that dont like the "Virtual" ISO boot media but will boot fine when taking over the entire USB.

They see us Cinnamon Rolling, they're rating: GeckoLinux incorporates kernel 5.16 with familiar installation experience


OpenSuse 15.3

Im currently running Opensuse 15.3 with KVM modules for nearly 6 months ? Maybe? I dont remember when i shut it down and boot it up and keep messing around with it. It has been solid to my tampering and copying stuff and installing and uninstalling ... Compared to a similar headless with Fedora was .... Lets say erased from existence after couple of days and week of frustrating problems.

I am pleasantly surprised by the stability and availability of certain packages which were nuked from RHEL and Fedora repos.

A very long time back i was a Slackware fan but Opensuse is something i might consider a secondary goto OS for experimenting with less worry.

VMware fixes vSphere release it pulled, sorts out Log4j while it's at it


SSD patch?

Have they addressed the excessive SSD writes that were killing certain drives yet?

European silicon output shrinking, metal smelters closing as electricity prices quadruple, trade body warns


The North African

Wasnt there some scheme to use the Sahara desert sun and heat to produce the entirety of Europe's power demands and have excess energy to boot while giving those pesky African immigrants cheap jobs in their own backyard while wholesale shipping the power back to Europe ?? Whatever happened to that? I wonder ... It sounds like now would be a good return on investment if that had taken off.