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Customers furious over days-long outage as A2 Hosting scores a D- in Windows uptime


Yeappp.... I agree with you, this is ransomware. I have few clients that files renamed to .lock too. I want to move to new provider? Any recommendation? My friend recommend me to use asphostportal. Anyone?


Re: Servers is still down right now

It seems they are compromised. My site already down for 1 week, very sad situation.... Hope they can recover my files. I want to move as soon as possible...

A2 Hosting finds 'restore' the hardest word as Windows outage slips into May


Re: i've said it before .....

Yes, I agree with this opinion. We can't always depend on hosting backup. This is lesson to us, we must always have backup too. All my files also gone... My clients are really mad with me, I don't know what to do. Just pray for the best.