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Welsh council workers turfed out over eBay addiction

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I Wonder

I wonder how many warnings they got befor getting fired?, you still have to give warnings right?

Premium rate Virgin Media cuts tech support jobs

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to be fair poster.

When I rang tech support at the weekend regarding no service I was told VM were having a problem in my area, so I said to the 'support associate' "I take it you will be crediting me for this call", to which he replied "I don't have the authority to do so". So stick that in your VM loving hat and eat it.

Court junks $11m judgment against Spamhaus

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@ Keith Doyle

Are you crazy?. I suggest you publish you're email address on 10 random forums then try to stop any resulting spam using a system that doesn't use blacklists. Good Luck.

Sage goes after the little people

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In a previous life I had the misfortune of having Snowdrop forced upon my 200 user enviroment (gotta love those HR Consultants), nearly £10k a year for software maintenance on the basic MsSql/VB frontended tosh, If I remember rightly they wanted an extra £250 per user for enabling the employee self service web front end on it. Lets just hope Sage don't try the same upgrade route with their SMB version. Then again, looking back on it Sage hasn't had the best history in developing their non accounting type acquisitions, anyone seriously using Act?.