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IBM, PGP fill Bletchley Park's rattling tin

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Well done PGP, IBM

I visited Bletchley Park a couple of months ago and although they're doing sterling work with Colossus the place is obviously in desperate need of a bit of money spending on it. Congratulations to these companies for helping out. Perhaps they could help spread the word to The Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA? I visited it yesterday and they're still peddling the ENIAC as the world's first programmable electronic computer.

Bletchley Park really should be a national museum and receive government support though. It's an incredibly important part of British and the world's history and shouldn't have to be begging.

Eurostar inaugurates UK high-speed track


Not just 20 minutes!

It is the second section of the line which opened today. Section 1 has been open since 2001 and 5.8bn is the total cost for both sections. When section 1 opened it also saved around 20 minutes off the journey, so the total time saving is over 40 minutes.

Section 2 was the most expensive though. It included the tunnels under London, two new stations and the renovation of St. Pancras


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