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Fujitsu pulls ProjectWEB tool offline after apparent supply chain attack sees Japanese infosec agency data stolen

Ted Glenn

Re: A Change is as Good as a Rest and Much More Engaging

Now wouldn't it be nice if they apologised in the same way to Horizon victims or is that asking a lot ….

39 Post Office convictions quashed after Fujitsu evidence about Horizon IT platform called into question

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Re: And still...

The remarkable piece here is that a number of people who have left fingerprints at the crime scene continue to work in Fujitsu and yet have refused to comment . Behaving honourably is something that is supposed to run deep in the culture of Fujitsu and it is a shame the current leadership appear to have forgotten this , especially when you see the wrongful convictions, lives lost and reputations left in tatters.

MPs to grill Post Office and Fujitsu execs on Horizon IT scandal after workers jailed over accounting errors

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Re: Surprise surprise

Not sure they can just shred docs and then proclaim to know nothing when giving evidence . The Horizon system was ran and managed by the apps team (BAS) with accountability sitting on the UK board and then into Japan. Minutes of UK board meetings would need to be destroyed and that is unlikely .

Post Office coughs £57.75m to settle wonky Horizon IT system case

Ted Glenn

The supplier..

Be interesting to see if there is any flow down to Fujitsu who wrote the code in the first place. They used to use Horizon as a singular cred ( they only had one..) in the application development space so I guess that goes out the window now..

Fujitsu 'continues to bludgeon through' UK, Ireland job cuts – union

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Re: Shame

you are correct sir and the COO

Ted Glenn


Shame to see this once great company going the way of Unisys , for a long time legacy revenues from streams such as VME have held the organisation up with little or no effective investment...Common Denominator anyone....anyone...?

Blighty's most trusted brand? Yeah, you wish, judge tells Post Office in Horizon IT system ruling

Ted Glenn

Re: Epic fail.

Most of Dev owrk was still completed out of Bracknell along with fixes its was only 1st and second line that was off shored


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