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C++ still rules the Chromium roost though Rust has caught our eye, say browser devs


Re: Kinda sad.

You say you *won't* learn rust. You then proceed to say why other languages are better than rust, a language you won't learn. I wonder what makes you believe you are qualified to make comparisons between things you do know and things you refuse to know? For a start, your statements about rust's type system are totally incorrect and made me wince.

Dart 2.8 is out with a Flutter as Google claims to have solved the cross-platform dev puzzle


Dart is such a boring and conservative language, and like most things google make for developers, moving along at a glacial speed. No wonder their own developers wrote Angular in Microsoft's TypeScript rather than choose Dart. The community have been requesting null-safety and unions for years now. Looks like we'll eventually get null-safety, and then maybe in another few decades it might finally have half of the features of modern programming languages.

Microsoft, GitHub staff tell Satya Nadella: It's time to ice ICE, baby. Rip up those tech contracts


Re: Everything under control

Wow, 5 whole bots in support of Microsoft who are downvoting you. Are theregister stepping up their bot detection game or do Microsoft just not care that much about us?

NPM apologizes for ham-fisted handling of recent staff layoffs


Re: wtf

It's not laziness, it's pragmatism that makes me stand on the shoulders of others rather than spend my time reinventing wheels.


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