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The .amazon argy-bargy is STILL going on – and Uncle Sam has had enough with ICANN

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Re: Oh for God's sake

Why not change the application to .amzn? It's faster to type and everybody knows which company it belongs to

Quick!! The! top! five! things! you! want! to! see! from! Yahoo! – what! are! they!?

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Quite honestly, I couldn't wait to scroll past the animated GIF (or whatever that was) to read the article's text. The loop of that purple monstrosity was sooooooo annoying I couldn't wait to get it off my screen. Of course, the change in design will make all the difference in Yahoo's fortunes, to the negative I imagine.

AWS still a cash machine for Bezos, Intel is down a 5G modem biz, and Google is on Tulsi Gabbard's bad side

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Re: "among the most-searched people on Google"

I don't know. I know who she is because I got added to one one her mailing lists a few years ago. Went the "unsubscribe" route because I didn't understand why I was getting mail from a congress member from Hawaii. I have never had any desire to research her or read articles about her because she has no chance in Hades to be President of the United States. If anything, I look forward to headlines announcing that she is stepping out of the race. Give it up, Tulsi. You're wasting time and money with your bid.

More households invite creepy smart speakers indoors: Arch-slurper Google top dog for Q1

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Hey Google, What's The Point?

I had a Google Home speaker. I turned it off as I couldn't think of anything to ask it. I didn't use it for music as I had an ample collection of music and a system way better to listen to it (plus I make my own and tend to listen to that mostly). I didn't use it to work a calendar as I don't have enough events in my life to track. I didn't use it to control home appliances or a TV because I hardly have any smart devices. I suppose I got bored and tired of asking it what is the temperature outside. It finally got annoying because it started occasionally talking on its own without anybody or anything intervening. The fact that this happened in the middle of the night prompted the unplug.

Google keeps sending me suggested questions I can ask but none of them appeal to me: (Google, call me an Uber. Ah, no thanks Google.) For a company that is supposed to know everything about me, Google seems to have no idea how I should interact with it via voice. Maybe something like "Hey Google, I'm going out for awhile. Read War And Peace to the cats in Fran Drescher's voice." If I actually had a compelling use for it I would use it, but I don't.

This weekend you better read those ebooks you bought from Microsoft – because they'll be dead come early July

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Re: DRM should be banned

+1 for mentioning Usenet as a source. The selection may be spotty at times but it is always interesting. Media companies have never found a way to make it go away because of its decentralized nature. I find Usenet useful (Usefulnet?) mostly for out of print materials I couldn't buy anyway.

I'm one of those people who still prefer physical media because I can watch or listen to something without (I hope) being tracked. I hate the idea of watching a Thor movie and being bombarded with messages telling me I should watch the entire Marvel Universe set of movies because I had in interest in one of them. I believe I'm enough of an adult to know what I want to watch or listen to or read on my own. Discovery services are designed to get individuals to buy more media. No thank you. I can decide for myself.

Wholesome: Waste heat from coal power station turned data centre to help grow veggies

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Thanks El Reg

I never expected what to me is a local project -- I live not far away from the site -- and see a picture of it here.

Tesla driver killed after smashing into truck had just enabled Autopilot – US crash watchdog

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Re: What's the point?

"[*] Not aimed at Char Gar Gothakon, unless CGG is one of those who whinges just because a truck caused them to briefly slow by 3kph or change lane."

I assure you that I am not that type of person. I drive pragmatically/defensively. If I need to slow down or take other action to prevent injury, then I'll happily slow down.

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Re: What's the point?

I don't know if it would have done any good, but I would have engaged the brakes instead of the autopilot 10 seconds prior to the crash.

Apple won't be appy: US Supremes give green light to massive lawsuit over App Store prices

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These Aren't The Antitrust Violations You Are Looking For

Perhaps Google's lawyers have a better grasp of antitrust law than Apple's, who seem to rely on Jedi mind tricks in an effort to persuade the Court that its position is correct.

Key to success: Tenants finally get physical keys after suing landlords for fitting Bluetooth smart-lock to front door

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Re: Terms and Conditions and Conditions and Conditions...

I've always used R.M. Nixon when I've had to sign in or sign for something.