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Japanese girls taught English by Nintendo DS

Aidan Heather
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DS Teching Software

I use some of the higher level English Teaching software for Japanese students to work on my Japanese, as it also teaches correct kanji stroke order via the touch screen. It is very handy as a dictionary, even though a lot of it is well beyond me at this point.

Texas Instruments stands out with 3D TV

Aidan Heather

3d has it's place.

Of course not everyone is going to wear stuff like this for everyday TV watching and yes, the tech has been around for a while. But that's hardly the point is it? This technology works fantastically well on Imax (to Daniel B-T: Have you seen the cyberworld tech demo?)

And at some point soon, in a similar way to the 'Wii', someone is going to introduce a 'killer ap' on this type of hardware and suddenly we will all be eager to look like prats wearing the goggles. But nobody is suggesting a television *replacement* here.

That Elza stuff was really poorly implemented it's true, but think of the possibilities for gaming with even a subtle 3D engine. Some will vomit, others will become more fully immersed.


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