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Upcoming Outlook for Windows app opens to more testers

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Not using Outlook, but are these really earth shattering improvements?

Also added are tips that let users know about new features as they are rolled out...

Yay! Clippy!

...and Microsoft claims that the Outlook for Windows has been given a simplified Ribbon user interface designed to provide a sleeker look and feel that is easier to navigate.

Oh, great, Ribbon </tongue_in_cheek>

These include: the ability to support multiple email accounts within the same app, including both work and personal; support for third-party email accounts such as Gmail; offline capability; search folders; and support for web add-ins.

That is just adding POP/ IMAP data right? I mean, that is already possible for decades, or am I reading this wrong? Then again, it would be great if Microsoft stopped making calendar invites useless if somebody decides to do their email through IMAP (with EWS fortunately not an issue), labeling "new email notification" messages from Protonmail as junk consistently, even after clicking "Mark not as junk" for months, and "See what is new on SharePoint" messages as junk, after they were marked repeatedly as junk by $USER. </grumpy>

Is it a bird? Is it Microsoft Office? No, it's Onlyoffice: Version 7.2 released

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Re: but if you prefer something ... more like Office 365

I also attach a PDF so they have no excuse for failing to read it when their version management system barfs on the source format. :)

Ah, so far apart, but similar minds... ;)))

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Re: but if you prefer something ... more like Office 365

...documents produced by local councils...

Are we talking "just reading" here, or are we talking "collaborative composition"?

All the documents we work with (in healthcare, government aso) by definition are (required) to be pdf. So those can be as baroque as they like, pdf is pdf. Although I must admit the occasional Word file does pop up of somebody doing a rogue low level action...

As for collaborative composition: yeah, well, that ship already left with WP4 and the introduction of the WYSIWYG GUI right? That's when people seemed to get more concerned (and spent days) on the selection of "the right" font" instead of just producing the text that was their core task to begin with. So I do not think that is an issue connected to the choice/ use of a specific office suite...

Removing an obsolete AMD fix makes Linux kernel 6 quicker

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Re: There may have been clues a few years back

Some of you may recall the early Ryzen CPUs had an issue where they would just randomly freeze up after hours or days under Linux.

I remember this too. Deactivating C(6) state was the solution, right? I can remember especially the Fedora people being on it, an early python script deactivating it, and later BIOS settings for it popping up on AM4 mobos.

Update your Tesla now before the windows put your fingers in a pinch

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Considering the "creativity" of the human species, it's the "Fingers, elbows, or worse..." that is really fascinating...

You've heard of the cost-of-living crisis, now get ready for the cost-of-working crisis

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Re: Email remains the most used communication method for work

...that a mere minute of actual effort would get them an answer without bothering you.

Endearing. So you really think this is connected to phone use specifically?

GNOME hits 43: Welcome To Guadalajara

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XFCE Dashboard, most favourite Gnome feature....

We were very happy to learn recently that there's a new dashboard application for Xfce, which gives it a GNOME-like overview screen.

Not familiar with this, but what is this different to the current ALT-TAB option, available since the stone age, to flick through and change of running applications?

Is it just a nice new package of the same old same old, or does it really bring something new and exciting?

Bad UI killed the radio star

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Re: My claim to fame...

What about...

"Can you help us out and install xxx please, because we try to do..?"

"Sure, no worries, piece of cake."

sudo apt update

"Look at that, a new kernel! Let's install that too while we're at it."

Hmmm... Not enough space on the root partition. Jeez, what a mess. Been too busy I suppose...

OK, let's clean it up and start with removing those old kernel images...


I didn't remove the current one, now did I?

Arm execs: We respect RISC-V but it's not a rival in the datacenter

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Re: What goes around comes around

Wasn't it the end of the 80s that...

Yes, that was when we (me) worked with the Acorns... what was it, Archimedes?

Ad blockers struggle under Chrome's new rules

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Re: Easy as solution

Saw documentary on the Beeb...

The people at Google seem to use Qwant... =))))

BTW: startpage seems to have it's best time after they were acquired in 2019...

...by a US company called Privacy One Group, which is a division of System1, a “data science” company that specializes in targeted advertising.




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Re: Advertising weary?

If they rely on me being assaulted as part of their business model, they need a new business model.

That is the thing of course. I'm afraid we are (all?) hopelessly old fashioned when we refer to the "magazine ad on page 20" and think that it is about the woolly sweater or dog food advertised there. Of course selling advertisement has always been a biz and line of income for publications, but now it has come to a point where the ad on itself is insignificant. The whole "real time bidding" model shows you that there is absolutely no relation any more to trying to make you buy something. It's all about conquering and renting out that piece of web page space, and then, like a good landlord, with your data in hand, convincing the person renting it "why it is ideal for $USER" and "it's value for money".

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It seems like most of what they're doing is taking stock Firefox and cranking up the privacy and blocking settings, and there's nothing wrong with that. It seems like the developers could solve most of the problem by distributing a custom configuration file, though.

...and they still maintain a ppa, which is a blessing for those who don't want or like the Canonical snap force feed and still want to enjoy a convenient and timely update of their browser together with their other software.

A refined Apple desktop debuts ahead of Wednesday’s big iThing launch

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Re: Similar to ...

Ahhh, thanks for bringing back that memory! I did whole theses on GEOS, which worked (grumpy alert!) better than some of that new stuff we have nowadays...

...and then had to let an OKI (8 pin, 9 pin?) matrix printer run all night so I could submit it on time. As a student on an "economically compressed" living space, that sound through the night didn't really rock you to sleep.

No, Apple, you may not sell iPhones without chargers

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...to allow people to present a receipt, serial number, or some other single-use validator for an iPhone to receive a free charging block.

I came to the same conclusion. After all, they have stores full of Geniuses, so it should be a plan easy to implement.

And Apple will probably like it. After all, just as with insurance, if people don't make use of it, and don't pick up the charger, it is money in the bank. Then again, the way things are going nowadays: before we know it, they will introduce a subscription fee to charge your iThing at all...

Nadine Dorries promotes 'Brexit rewards' of proposed UK data protection law

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Re: "Look at me legislation"

Winter of discontent is coming.


EU proposes regulations for tablet battery life, spare parts

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It isn't as bad as you make it look to be.


These guys seem to make it work. Pitty they don't do AMD (yet) though...

Windows 10 business refresh will revive PC shipments

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Re: Mandatory upgrades

True, although there might be more to take into account there. If that environmental aspect is considered, you should also factor in that on the other side of that wire there is a massive data centre to make that stuff in the browser happen, on average gobbling up enough power to keep a couple of small cities happy for a year. I know humanity has the tendency to not look further than the fence of their own garden, but their behaviour and impact does stretch a bit further than that fence. For example, in pre-internet days, we watched whatever was on the Beeb. It was a passive experience with a certain energy consumption. Now we got the streaming services, that let everybody, everywhere see what they want, when they want it. To accommodate that, we require huge amounts of energy. Any time, all the time, any where. And much more than we ever did before in those "just the Beeb" days. So yes, if you watch e.g. yesterday evenings news during your morning commute on your phone, your (really?) Facebook feed or Twitter, your action looks pretty innocent. But if you think about the whole infrastructure and energy consumption behind that, the tally might look shockingly different. And then look around you and see how many are fiddling with their phone...

So yes, sure, the browser platform might be a solution on the user side. But if we are doing this for the trees, we might find that SaaS and cloud and stuff is just a human way to make more money, as always, without little consideration for that environment we started this comment with.

Astronaut blood reveals genetic mutations for cancer and heart disease

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The Earth is a very, very nice place to live

So perhaps the remaining question is why humans succeed to make such a deteriorating mess of it....

LastPass source code, blueprints stolen by intruder

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Re: Just the FAQs, Ma'am

No experience with LastPass here, but isn't it a "web thingy"? Call me geriatric or tin foil hat, but I always had some problems with the concept of keeping your critical passwords in a (software) vault, and then storing "the vault" on somebody elses hard drive/ computer...

Janet Jackson music video declared a cybersecurity exploit

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Re: I smell a hoax.

Perhaps El Reg could do a community-service poll - provide a link to the video...

Great idea!


Mozilla finds 18 of 25 popular reproductive health apps share your data

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Re: Women as breeder cattle, rights

Spoken like a true man who knows nothing about the female reproductive system.

@AC: Sorry, but please read the comment again: I spoke about on the breeder cattle side of the divide.

So female here, although that seems to be the exception here. And no, I didn't throw a fit about being labelled like that, because I think we all know this is ElReg and we appreciate tongue in cheek.

But if you want to be condescending, please don't prove it by being a typical male by only listing (reading) marginally (oh dear, yes, that was a stereotypical remark too!)

And FYI, although I have so much "female experience" that I can tell you what happens after your hormonal levels drop indefinitely, I seem to have enjoyed an education which qualifies me to treat people like you when you come into my practice with a question mark on your face.

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Re: Women as breeder cattle, rights

Being on the breeder cattle side of the divide, I keep coming back to this:

Why FFS do you need an app? Has the human species become so "lights on but nobody home", so "can't think if it isn't thumb scrollable on that thing that is grown to my hand" that they lost the ability to count days? Count back from 30? (I know, am pushing it, please forgive me, am on a rant here).

Let me give you a clue: start counting when find something weird in your knickers.

Deluge of of entries to Spamhaus blocklists includes 'various household names'

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Re: IT much?

Getting myself removed was relatively simple.

With everything said about Spamhaus, it is good to highlight this too.

Then again, let's also make a remark about the other side of the coin. Every noticed that, if you mark these annoying emails from Microsoft (or something similar, hotels, car rental, Amazon) about "Hey look what the others on SharePoint have been saying" as the junk it is, it never is blocked or send to your Junk folder?

We tested all the Ubuntu remixes for resource usage so you don't have to

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Re: Keep it up fella!

And a big "Thank you" from this side of the globe too, Liam!

Really curious what the picture will be if we go into slightly more diverse comparisons.

With the danger of starting a ranting flame war: curious to see how the sysD and sans-sysDs of this world compare...

For what it's worth: I agree on the locale settings BTW. It does require some fiddling if your location, linguistic abilities and prefs, and hardware aren't bog standard. But then again, just leave it to users to find a way to mess up something in ways never imagined (moi included). Am amazed every time however how many locale variations of en_** there are...

Software developer cracks Hyundai car security with Google search

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Re: Hyundai used a public-private key pair from a tutorial, and placed the public key in its code

Indeed. And then don't forget... In the modern world we live in, you do have to pay a monthly subscription fee, otherwise the whole thing stops functioning to begin with...

Report slams UK plan to become 'science superpower' by 2030

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Re: Pariahs

The Germans are very defensive of their qualifications.

Indeed they are, and there is no doubt there's a cultural element to it.

However, do not forget that titles in Germany also have legal significance. That's why they have it on official documentation, e.g. your drivers license. That's an important difference to other countries where those titles are just academic qualifications, with absolutely no relevance to every day life.

Major IT outage forces UK emergency call handlers to use 'pen and paper'

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Re: To doctor or not to doctor...

I'm sorry too, but no American passport or location here, nor meant in the comment. Just Bologna Process, which is Italy ;)

But having said that it is also fair to say that the UK isn't the only one. That is the thing with human beings. Always looking to have something that distinguishes them from others. That is for example why some of my German colleagues (not that passport too before somebody thinks so ;) find that their biz cards are too small to fit all those prof. habil. dr. dr. dr. med. on there. Which is certainly not Bologna too. And since Bologna is in Italy, I am still surprised to see that there (not that passport too) people award me dott.ssa...

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To doctor or not to doctor...

Publication Pulse Today said yesterday a letter from NHS England's regional team warned General Practitioners – doctors – in London ....

Sorry, but "doctors" are people who have PhDs, and I suppose we all are not looking forward to being treated by a doctor in <fill in your personal favorite non-medical discipline>.

With that definition, and considering the El Reg commentards, we have some here who would be qualified to give you that prostate check up...

Then again, "title creep" seems to be wide spread. Even dictionaries seem confused...


noun [ C ]

mainly US or formal /fɪˈzɪʃ.ən/

(UK usually doctor)

a medical doctor, especially one who has general skill and is not a surgeon

The latter addressed correctly as "mister" and not "doctor" of course...

I paid for it, that makes it mine. Doesn’t it? No – and it never did

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Re: Waste of money

When I worked for the Beeb it was already clear that there was enough talent in the UK to support no more than four TV channels...

That was before the invention and implementation of "reality TV", right?

Reg readers tell us what they wanted for SysAdmin Appreciation Day

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Re: What do I want?

"Can you tell me where "any key" is, because I have a message on my screen that says "To continue press any key", but I can't find it."

US net neutrality bill is only two pages long. And that's potentially a good thing

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Re: Wouldn't it be nice

It might also be more fundamental than that, i.e. the 2 party Anglo Saxon political model needs a much needed reform. Colonial nostalgia is endearing, but not very effective as we can see, and a bit backward TBH. Enhancing partisanship, pigheadedness and grid lock, and not the essence of politics (yes I know, I apologise) negotiating consensus, problem solving, solution finding. Just like it's easier to, if you loose a PM, look for a new one in a "democratic" process, involving just 0.2% of your total population. So yeah, let's talk about the problems to solve (cost of living any one?) which no doubt is troubling this 0.2% very much. ***

*** Nope, don't hold passport of, nor live in these countries (any more), just commenting without being a part or product of it. So I suppose that kills the patriotic argument...

Nearly all protein structures known to science predicted by AlphaFold AI

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Re: AI

Although the <sarc> tag was certainly noticed (and enjoyed!), it does go to the exact heart of the matter: designing proteins like this is all very good and nice, but this is just such a small step in the complete life of proteins and the processes they trigger and influence. And this is just for the part that we know about. So sure, let them have their minute of lime light with their marketing press release because it helps their bottom line. But please, let's hum Public Enemy while reading it. Fiddling behind your screen to simulate real life is nice, can help, but please do not forget to get out sometimes into the real world.

Did it get those weird bent ones that used to be found in British Beef at the turn of the century?

For example, nobody even knew that prions (those weird bent ones) could be transferred between animals "effectively" (not in the AI). We did find that out though when British farmers (and regulators) thought it was a good idea to mince dead cows (including their BSE brains) and feed them to other cows. Not in the Ai too. Cheap human behaviour however. And then it turned out these prions also worked pretty well in humans. I can remember watching the news on the Beeb at that time, noticing that the meat industry was working hard on their messaging through the royals, who stated: "There is nothing wrong with our excellent British beef! I had some this morning!"



Yes, indeed. A shiny endorsement.

But more to the point: the structure of a protein is just such a minute part of what a protein does, doesn't do, could do, or should. In addition it is subject to many interwoven processes, that might not even seem that important. Just one is what medicine/ pharmacology/ toxicology/ science calls "PK" or pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, which tries to capture how that (in this case) protein is introduced, absorbed, and worked on on its way to the other end of the human tunnel. Going into it here would be excessive (and for some no doubt boring), but imagine this: we are going to make a protein tablet to treat that cancer right? OK... So how to we make sure your stomach, which is very efficient at digesting protein to generate energy, doesn't break it down together with the protein of that fry up you had this morning?

How to get Linux onto a non-approved laptop

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There's a very good reason to wipe out Windows and isolate it in a VM...

I agree, and for very simple reasons. And that while it's so flexible and easy...

[] VM >>> Network >>> None

[] tools.syncTime = "FALSE" [...]; date ... >>> autoexec.bat

[] tar -I pxz -cf ...

Therefore, I don't get people going on about the need to dual boot. Of course everybody has their own specific use case, but let's get silly... Act like it is my HW and I can do with it as I please...

What are server makers really doing to and for the climate?

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Re: Futile?

Indeed. And Marketing does what Marketing does best: take something small and insignificant, and blows it up to be front and center life essential.

Meanwhile, numbers also show that society, so humans, keep on consuming more and more energy like there is no tomorrow. And yes, that's you and I...

What this story, and many/ all environmental stories seem to pass over is that the human species is the only species that destroys its own living environment consistently, fails to live in harmony with its surroundings in any kind of way, and ignores/ doesn't care/ ignorantly considers it somebody elses problem. In the end it comes down to that the smart ape, which considers itself superior to all other species, is sitting with a plastic bag over its head, being smug, not even noticing that the oxygen is running out. Sure, do a(n other) conference. Buy tokens. Go on the streets and protest! But then, on the way back home (bet you're not walking, right?), you figure out that the slogan on the banner was kind of wrong. The planet doesn't need saving. It was here long before you came down from the trees. And it will be there after the last human perished. Maybe it's the humans that need saving. But I suppose that conversations with those other humans showed you that... well troublesome. They all seem to have issues, like yourself to be fair, why that doesn't work right now. But we're working on it! For your grand children! Because of course it are those stupid other people who are messing it up. Hmmm, better check your (energy consuming) phone what the others in your bubble say about the best ethical (uniquely human of course) approach while you consume your (sold as) ecological balanced nourishment...

60 million in the Matrix as users seek decentralized messaging

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Re: Tox

Same thing here. I used it a couple of times in the past when it first popped up, and it was rough around the edges, but worked OK. This was (I think) on 16.04 LTS, so about 5-6 years ago. Then internal ripples in the dev team happened and, as more frequent with these kind of endeavors, everything stagnated into a non-functioning quarreling hole. Also I remember that there were some security issues with the toxcore, which by now seem to have been solved. After that, for some time it just sat out there, probably not picked up by the fact that the devs just dumped the code out there, not really facilitating "lower-level-easy-to-install" options. Recently, installing 22.04 LTS for somebody, I saw that it is now in the *buntu base repo. Haven't tried it yet though.

I haven't looked at it in a long time, but I understood Tox to be P2P without any intermediary...

Yes, that is the nice thing about it. However, as so often, a great idea doesn't always give perfect code. Especially when there is "nothing in it" for somebody. Let's be honest, that's why we have all those MITM subscription services, right?

That emoji may not mean what you think it means

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Re: Smiley

I think you'll find these days it's a smartphone. s meaning "it's" + mart meaning "a place where you spend money" + p meaning "piss" + hone meaning "improve"

I would argue the s stands for "shit" or "shitty", and hone for how the device has improved the method for far away people to reach into your pockets (and life).

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Re: Eggplant

I agree! Aubergine! Aubergine! Aubergine!

Since when did eggs grow on a plant? Had to do something with coming out of chickens right?

So basically that means that not only emojis can be wrongly understood, even people claiming (yes, I know) to speak the same language have that problem with text. So words. Writing stuff down.

Hmmm, I think agree with the comment made here: better stop communicating at all. Is rubbish to begin with any way, so better avoid.

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Re: Eggplant

Which brings a whole new dimension to being shitfaced...

Linux laptop vendor Slimbook updates its ranges

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Re: Is there anything out there under, say, £500?

On a related subject, what's happened to all the "good enough" cheap processors...

I agree fully, but we seem to be old remnants from a time and thought long gone.

However, initiatives like this (https://frame.work) might bring that possibility back... sort of. I mean, if we go to a sensible period again where things aren't soldered and/ or glued together because that is good for somebody elses bottom line, and stuff is constructed from parts that are/ can be put together, when that all heralded free choice comes (back), then you can put it together as you desire.

Not holding my breath though. Shook my head when I read that even the seat heating in BMWs now seem to be an "on subscription" item. Yes, I know... I'm a grumpy old person... still wondering why DMs cost me a kidney these days. And then last me as long as Louboutins...

Google location tracking to forget you were ever at that medical clinic

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"Old Nokia anyone?"

Indeed. Mine seems to be labeled as a "pensioner phone". Good on pocket space and battery life though.

Then again, as shown frequently before, that "old fashioned thing" most likely is tomorrows fashion. Platforms and bell bottoms any one?

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Re: Google's minimum viable response

And that is exactly why Germany has its strict privacy laws (Datenschutz). Although crumbling nowadays because many experience it as a PITA for their personal (financial, national security, what ever) interests.

The more things change...

Ah well... Where IBM "helped out" in the past to e.g. make sense of peoples ethnic origins and "usable" connections, nowadays we luckily have the streamlined DYI ancestry.com.

Engineer sues Amazon for not covering work-from-home internet, electricity bills

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Re: UK isn’t EU

Maybe taxed, but also compensated.

I don't understand why this was downvoted here, because this is indeed true (Dutch HMRC info in Dutch). Looks like there is a bit of Dutch wishful thinking going on here claiming a simple no. From my (limited) time in NL, I do know that all cloggers were always hunting for a company car, and then were pissed off if their government saw that as income and taxed them on it. And thus, many do all kinds of creative book keeping to show that they just used it professionally.

Then again, it is the only country I know where HMRC sends you an already completely filled out tax declaration, with all amounts, including income, property valuations, savings, other capital of you and your partner have, asking you to just sign it and move on. "Resistance is futile" apparently. Relieved it doesn't apply to me any more, but do feel for my (former) Dutch colleagues who decided to work outside NL, and seem to be tracked and hounded by Dutch HMRC continiously.

NATTtrash Silver badge

Re: The law is the law, hurrah hurrah

"What about use of their domicile as office space?"

Please do not assume your own national situation as default.

In my local situation this can be answered legally and financially with a yes, as are other costs connected with the execution of ones profession/ assignments as described in the article. As has happened before here on El Reg, there are more sides to a coin, and we do not all live in the country that invented Uber...

Ubuntu Unity desktop back from the dead after several years' hiatus

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"The Unity remix is progressively replacing GNOME components, such as the text editor and file manager, with ones from other desktop projects, in order to get back features which GNOME has removed – notably, menu bars."

Hurrah! Although not a Unity person myself, I do slowly get fed up with this GUI "inventive", "modern", "re-imagined", <INPUT>FILL IN YOUR CREATIVE MARKETING HOT AIR ADJECTIVE</INPUT> fiddling that seems infect all (productivity?) environments more and more.

What is regrettable though is that it takes a 12 year old to push back on the GNOME "improvements" everybody is moaning about, they (succeed to) push though no matter what, and few do something about.

So good on you Rudra...

Watch out for phishing emails that inject spyware trio

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Paris Hilton

Re: It's not just Excel

And with that, keep in mind that nowadays software isn't really helping. I mean, look at the way that MS is blocking IMAP access/ use of their whole Outlook/ Calendar/ Teams invite system. If you have somebody on IMAP, they don't get a workable invite, but just a silly message to go "change your settings". No details of the meeting/ call, you know, your actual work. And god forbid, no compliant ics. Nooooo, just "use our eco system". Ah well, productivity software...

Reg hack attends holographic WebEx meeting, blows away Zoom fatigue

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Head sizes

"This was not an intuitive thing to do, as my head is substantially larger than the model I was shown."

You're in management, right?

Linux Lite 6.0: It's quite pretty, but 'lite' it is not

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It pains me to say it, but I did give Edge a go on *nix. And it isn't bad. Really, it isn't. If you look past all the fancy "let's interact" social screens: "So what are you trying to do today?". FFS, FO

I agree with Liam that the Firefox Snap is force feeding that shouldn't be allowed to exist. Then again... Chrome? Really? I'm surprised not more are going for Librewolf. After all, it's still Firefox, but it has a ppa, so no "please use me so I'm (still) relevant" Snap, install it and it's updated automagically, and... with rsync between different distros, still has compatibility between (old <22.04) ppa Firefox and (new ≥ 22.04) Librewolf for e.g. your bookmarks (places.js). Although that last one will probably be beyond the targeted users.

Sick of Windows but can't afford a Mac? Consult our cynic's guide to desktop Linux

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Re: Control Your Own Upgrades

Normally, I too wait a bit before stepping up my Xubuntu LTS install, but this time my production box' system SSD died on me. In a "clear" moment I decided that, if I had to install any way, it might be less of a hassle to go from 20.04 to 22.04 immediately, and weather the early hiccups.

After a month I must say that 22.04 is pretty OK. Yes, there are small annoyances, but I have been able to work undisturbed on a daily basis. Sure, it has these small issues, scanners requiring root (no, permissions are all OK, it's something with sane most likely) or the apparmor profile of evince locking it down so much that it doesn't regard/ save user settings. Annoying but workable. Biggest pain I suppose is that on the software side not everybody is always ready when the version release happens. Like for example that wine stable isn't there (yet) for 22.04, although their instructions say it is.

Dutch public sector gets green light to use Google Workspace

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Yep, following previous and typically Dutch standard operating procedure: discount price hunting, least effort solution, and no regard for consequences (for others). Until stuff goes catastrophically wrong, followed by an "independent investigation", a "shrug" conclusion, and "it wasn't me" and "doesn't affect me so nothing wrong" living on. Been there, done that...

Microsoft points at Linux and shouts: Look, look! Privilege-escalation flaws here, too!

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Which makes you think. Isn't it more about:

"The growing number of vulnerabilities on Linux environments emphasize the need for strong monitoring of the platform's operating system and its components," wrote Jonathan Bar Or of the Microsoft 365 Defender Research Team".

Maybe an obligatory MS account login when you boot, continuous monitoring when you use the OS, and forced updates without pesky user interaction or interruption?



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